14 Best B2B Travel Agencies & Travel Distribution Platforms in India

Today, a lot of B2C businesses provide sizeable rebates and other discounts if you purchase your flight ticket and other services through their website. However, because of their unsuitable cancellation and refund policies for business, they are not the best option for travel agents. Everyone looks for B2B travel agencies when it comes to purchasing international tickets and hotels. Also, they can easily book their tickets and hotels this way and can get professional guidance.

Furthermore, the cancellation and change procedures on many B2C websites are not very transparent, and you will feel cheated when you discover the actual cancellation/change fees. Therefore, you must thus utilize B2B travel agencies for tickets and other services.

Let’s look at the list of the top 10 Best B2B travel agencies & travel distribution platforms in India.

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What Is A B2B Travel Portal?

A travel portal is an online reservation and booking system linked to various GDS and travel APIs. It features a variety of user modules including B2C, B2B, corporate, white-label, and services modules including travel packages, hotels, transfers, and sightseeing. agencies with in-house travel site development teams. A B2B(Business-To-Business) Travel Portal is the model of online travel portal. It is applicable to travel agencies that are either OTA or going to be OTA as they realize the impact a B2B Travel Portal has on their business.

So, what are the features of B2B Travel Portal? They are given as follows:

  1. Agent registration/login
  2. Define agent’s type – Cash or Credit
  3. Create sub-agent (s)
  4. Set profile of agents
  5. Build own package
  6. Agent wise mark up
  7. Flexible markup & commission settings
  8. Check Booking
  9. Cancel Booking
  10. Issue online voucher
  11. Invoice & receipts
  12. Payment Gateway Integration
  13. Auto alerts on confirmation, bookings, tickets
  14. Comprehensive MIS reports
  15. Mobile responsive Design
  16. User friendly interface
  17. Real Time Reporting

Best B2B Travel Agent Portals in India

To create a cutting edge B2C, B2B travel portal for them, startup and midsize agencies are engaging the top travel portal development business.

The best B2B portal for travel agencies in India are as follows:

  • Technoheaven

14 Best B2B Travel Agencies & Travel Distribution Platforms in India

The top 10 best B2B travel agencies and travel distribution platforms in India are given below:

1. Travel Boutique Online

travel boutique online- B2B travel agencies

One of the top B2B travel agencies in India is Travel Boutique Online. Since its launch in 2006, Travel Boutique Online has helped agencies efficiently serve their clients by offering clear pricing and promotions. With more than 10 years of experience, they have played a crucial role in offering tour operators and travel agencies across India long-term solutions.

Travel Boutique Online offers dynamic packages, airfare, and hotel booking APIs, mobile app development, and white label solutions. As a result, they have received numerous major honors, including the “Best Travel Portal Award” and “Best Online B2B Travel Portal India – 2016 by India Travel Awards.”

2. Travelpro

travelpro- B2B travel agencies

Travelpro is a specialist travel search engine that excels at connecting several airlines at the most competitive rates. It searches a sizable database for the best results and includes both domestic and international flights. This includes the availability of flights, confirmation of reservations, and cancellations and rescheduling.

It is an all-inclusive flight booking solution that caters to end consumers, businesses, websites, travel agencies, and more. This site is a terrific option if you want to book a trip quickly and works hard to provide the best flights at the greatest pricing.

3. TSI Yatra

yatra- B2B travel agencies

Travel Services International was renamed TSI Yatra and launched in 1999. This B2B travel website is currently run as a Yatra Online subsidiary. It is most renowned for the travel services that it provides.

They contain reservations for both domestic and international flights, vehicle rentals, lodging, etc. Additionally, they offer worldwide excursions, sightseeing tours, and airport transfers. They offer their corporate clients rewards in the form of travel packages, which places them among India’s top B2B travel agencies!

4. Via

via- B2B travel agencies

In 2007, Via was established in Bangalore, India. It is one of the most successful and quickly expanding technology-driven travel enterprises in Asia. Via offers services in the retail and financial sectors as well as ticketing, hotel bookings, vacation packages, business travel, and tour packages. On their platform, Via offers travel products from over 10,000 providers.

The company uses a cloud-based technology architecture to deliver its services, which includes mobile applications, portals, corporate networks, and a centralized, round-the-clock customer center. Via now has a presence in Asian nations like Singapore, Indonesia, and the Middle Eastern UAE. Over 100,000 travel partners make up their network, which spans 2600 Asian towns and cities.

5. Akbar Travels

Akbar-travels travel booking platform

It is certainly amazing how a modest agency focused on Gulf traffic from India in 1978 has grown into one of the most well-diversified B2B travel agencies providing a full range of travel services. Akbar Travels’ growth began in Kerala, a state in southern India. Presently, Akbar Travels has grown and established additional offices in every major city in India, including Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, etc.

Recently, Akbar Travels entered the northern and north-eastern states of India for the first time. Currently, Akbar Travels operates 47 IATA-approved branches and 40 non-IATA offices throughout India. They have more than 100 branches established outside of India in the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. The portal allows users to browse and purchase tickets, vacation packages, visas, and other items. This comes in the list of best b2b travel portals in India.

6. Riya Travel and Tours

riya travels

One of India’s leading B2B travel agencies is Riya Travel and Tours. They started doing business in 1980. It was only a concept and a vision at the time. Today, it is among the top businesses in the globe that offers integrated travel and travel service solutions.

They started out with activities abroad, under the direction of Mr. GMJ Thampy, and now have five locations and more than 50 branch offices in India and other countries.

Worldwide travel services are offered by Riya Travels at competitive prices. They conduct business in the areas of domestic and international ticketing, lodging, car rentals, cruises, etc. Both wholesale and corporate clients can use these facilities. In addition, they coordinate things like sightseeing tours and airport connections.

7. Travelfusion

travel fusion- B2B travel agencies

Travelfusion is a cutting-edge platform for booking hotels, trains, and flights that offers services to people from all over the world. It specializes in offering last-minute flight tickets at the greatest price, especially during ticket shortages.

Travelfusion offers assistance with a variety of business travel management issues, from branded rates to expedited boarding. When making a reservation via Travelfusion, you can alter a number of different features of your flight.

Travelfusion can offer you fantastic rates from countless partner airlines worldwide. It is an excellent option if you’re searching for a B2B flight booking engine that can handle all of your travel needs. The platform has a number of cutting-edge capabilities that companies of all sizes may use and take advantage of.

8. FlightsLogic

B2B travel agencies

FlightLogic refers to itself as an “airline consolidator” and provides a number of booking choices and filters. The platform has suppliers from over 100 countries and an airline inventory of over 900. It also comes with an easy setup and flexible configuration that links you to any flight from anywhere in the world. FlightLogic’s Flight API connects enterprises and businesses with more than 900 travel suppliers from around the world. It is a great b2b air ticket portal.

FlightsLogic also does a fantastic job of bringing all the features that business travelers look for together on one platform.

9. TravClan


TravClan, which was founded in 2018, is currently among the top B2B travel agencies in India. It is also included in the top 100 startup businesses in India. They provide their suppliers and active b2b travel brokers with outstanding value and business. They also provide them with top-notch technological solutions, free websites, and nimble platforms for deals and transactions.

TravClan offers the ability to purchase vacation packages, hotels, flights, and even visas as part of its services. In addition, they offer free access to marketing blogs and posters, as well as live seminars led by professionals in the field and personal account managers.

10. Sabre


Sabre provides an online booking engine that businesses may use to make quick and simple hotel reservations. It also provides a comprehensive range of travel products and technology solutions, It provides a cutting-edge, flexible online B2B travel gateway for companies to handle their hotel reservations.

With Sabre, businesses can take control of their own travel arrangements. Also, Sabre takes a distinct approach as one of the most prominent B2B travel agencies. and B2B travel companies in India.

11. MakeMyTrip

One of the most well-known B2B travel agent portals in India is MakeMyTrip. Since its founding in 2000, MakeMyTrip has established itself as one of the top businesses by offering many of its clients fantastic deals, affordable flights, special discounts, and a smooth online booking experience. The business started off by providing a range of best-value services and products to the US-India travel industry, all the while utilising cutting-edge technology and round-the-clock client support. It was acquired by Busportal on April 2019. 

12. TravelGuru

One of the most prominent B2B travel websites in India, Travelguru, gives you access to the lowest rates on hotels, airlines, and vacation packages both domestically and abroad. Travelguru makes it simple and convenient to plan and purchase a vacation or business trip. They provide access to discounts on more than 60,000 hotels in India and 4,30,000 hotels worldwide, and because of the different partnerships they have forged with top hotels, they are able to provide you with the finest offers that are currently available. In India, TravelGuru is the ninth-largest travel agency.

13. Cleartrip

On the online travel agency Cleartrip, users can search for and reserve flights to any location. To provide you with the finest travel experience, they are committed to clarity, comprehensibility, dependability, and responsibility. Global online travel provider Cleartrip has its corporate office in Mumbai. The business has an online travel agency website where customers may reserve hotels, train tickets, plane tickets, and activities in India and the Middle East. It has offices in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the UAE, and India. It was acquired by Flipkart in the year 2021, and is a fast-growing B2B travel portal in India.

14. Expedia

Expedia is one of the fastest-growing online travel agencies in Asia, offering customers a wide range of hotels, excursions, and other travel services at affordable prices to suit all budgets. Travelers may book whatever they require thanks to the website’s extensive aircraft inventory and network of more than 200,000 hotel partners globally. Expedia.com, Hotels.com, Hotwire.com, and Egencia.com are among its main websites and it introduced Tripadvisor in 2011. Additionally, it provides services for business travel as well as travel services to Asia and Europe.

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FAQs on B2B Travel Agencies and Travel Distribution Platforms in India

The frequently asked questions on B2B Travel Agencies in India are given below:

What is B2B travel platform?
The B2B travel platform is an online booking platform, that provides white label solution. Using this platform, one can get access to real time online bookings and availability of travel agents and tour operators with user friendly booking platform.

What is B2B in travel industry?
The B2B in the travel industry means business to business. Hence they offer business to business deals, rates, offers to the distributors, retailers, and channel partners.

How can I become a B2B travel agent in India?
To become a B2B travel agent in India, you have basically two options.
Option 1: Join any B2B travel companies, that trains and helps you to become a quick travel agent.
Option 2: The next option is to register on IATA (International Air Transport Association) website. Yearly you will have to pay some fee to this website, but you can directly become B2B travel agent through this website.

Which is the largest online travel agency in India?
The largest online travel agency in India is Thomas Cook (India) Ltd, according to the sales in the year 2021.

Which is the India’s first online travel company?
MakeMyTrip is India’s first online travel company which was found in the year of 2000. The head quarters of MakeMyTrip is in Gurugram, Haryana.

How many online travel agencies are there in India?
According to Ministry of Tourism, there are a total of 902 travel agencies in India. The detailed category wise distribution of these 902 travel agencies are below:

Transport Operator TypeTotal No of Tourist Operators
Inbound tour operator434
Travel agent183
Domestic tour operator138
Tourist Transport Operator101
Adventure Tour Operator46


B2B travel agencies

Business organizations worldwide have access to an increasing number of cutting-edge alternatives as corporate travel evolves along with technology. B2B travel agencies are crucial because they put the interests of the customer above their own bottom line. Also, the majority of them devise business solutions for B2B travel agencies and tour operators, which is advantageous to both of them. Their goal is to maintain transparency in their relationships, transactions, and offers that many B2C businesses do not always adhere to.

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