105 Best Service Business Ideas In India That Guarantee Profits

Service Business Ideas: Currently, there is a substantially high level of potential for entrepreneurs to leave a mark with new service business ideas in India. However, starting properly is extremely important for achieving continued growth when it comes to start-ups in India. Today, the service sector contributes 55% to India’s GDP. The popularity of the service industry stems from the fact that they are low-investment business ideas.

The break-even occurs comparatively sooner compared to other companies as a non-infrastructure-centered business in the start-up stage. What makes the service business ideas even more appealing is that it may initially involve smaller results, but once it expands, there is no stopping to the scaling of the business. On this page, we have provided 105 service business ideas that you can start from little or no investment. Read further to find more.

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Top 105 Service Business Ideas in India

For aspiring service providers, we have some inspiring business ideas. These ideas are not detailed but are representative of the potential for business in the service sector. Let us, therefore, immerse ourselves in some start-up ideas which you can start with very nominal costs with the best returns on your investment.

Some of the service businesses which are more profitable in India are listed below:

1. Catering Services

Catering Services

Catering services in India have always been popular and are known to be profitable business ventures. There are various events and occasions that take place almost every day, and people always look forward to the good food that is provided at these events. Hence, catering as a service based business is always in demand. Indian catering is known to be diverse and flavorful, and it can cater to a wide range of events such as corporate gatherings, weddings, religious events, and more. 

2. Makeup Services

Makeup Services

Makeup service is one of the most unique service business ideas. The makeup industry is booming, and the demand for skilled and professional makeup artists has been consistently increasing over the years. You just need to find your target market and tailor your services accordingly. The best part of this service based business is that you can explore as much as you want, and there are no limits to it. You can use social media to promote your skills and word of mouth as a marketing technique to create awareness. 

3. Coaching Classes

coaching classes

If you happen to have a passion for teaching, why not use your talents and share knowledge? It’s a viable business model that will provide you with a decent monthly income. It has a starting cost requirement of zero, as at home you can take lessons. That will slash rent and travel costs. You just need to save to purchase a whiteboard and markers.

You can publicize it on your social media, or you can use posters and flyers to promote it.

4. Recruitment Services

recruitment services

Recruitment business can be a very lucrative and high return service business ideas where you help busy clients find the right qualified candidate for their business. Your job consists of matching the profile and conducting interviews with the industry’s best employees. You need to find a suitable person for the job and you can earn bulk fees for services.

5. Event Management

event management- service business ideas in India

This one is particularly for you if you love parties. Event organizers never invest in the office at the time of inception. You need to have great communication skills to become successful as an event organizer. Your role will involve checking out hundreds of venues, sponsoring meetings, coordinating activities, and being 24X7 available on the go.

Coupled with a great digital marketing strategy, you can earn huge revenue out of this business. Also, keeping track of your leads as you plan your event is critical. You need to coordinate with a number of customers by doing follow-up with them. In a case where you have to handle a lot of prospects, a lead management system will come in handy.

6. Real Estate Agent

real estate service business ideas

It can be extremely exciting to become a real estate dealer and earn quick money. You only need strong communication and networking abilities. You can start this business with a small investment as low as a few thousand. Your job would include finding the right property for people to rent or sell. For every sale, you will get a big fee as a charge.

7. Travel Agency

travel agency- service business ideas

The travel industry has seen steep growth in India over the last decade. People, for various reasons, travel the globe. For aspiring travel entrepreneurs, it’s a great time. Opening a travel agency is a low-investment and high ROI business. You should tie-up with a host agency and they’re going to help you get the IATA number quicker.

Even, for you, they will execute all the backend tasks. You just need to collect a charge from the customers.

8. Wedding Consultants

wedding planner- service business ideas

In India, you can make a company of everything. The different festivities associated with Indian wedding definitely gives you an opportunity to earn good revenues. Wedding functions are taken very seriously in our Indian culture. The most significant investment is to launch and maintain a proper website. Your future clients can be approached online very easily.

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9. Online Fitness Instructor

online fitness instructor

In this digital age, fitness has really become an idea of paramount importance. It is extremely essential for the body. But it has been hard to physically go into the gym and start practicing with the fast life and busy schedule. Isn’t it easy to meet someone directly at home to make you fit? That’s what fitness coaches do online.

If you are a fitness freak, you literally have to post fitness videos online on multiple sites to encourage people to follow you. You can easily make a solid online presence and make good money from your work if it is exciting and innovative.

10. Photography Services


If you have an artistic eye and are trying to catch the moment, this one is ideal for you. The individual and technical requirements of a photographer are always in demand. Make time online and on various freelance sites and develop your profile so that you can have leads. You can also tie up instantly with a specialist photography agency.

11. Search Engine Optimization Services

seo service business ideas in India

Why not have a directory service that boosts local SEO by completing business lists in all available directories? Start your own website directory and load companies for listing in your directory. It’s a great way to collect long-term money since you can charge your customer’s listings per year.

To find all local listing choices includes locations in Google, yellow pages, local directories, etc.

12. Cafe


Tea is deemed a must in India. A business like this is also never going to make a loss. It will always be successful in a market like India with a cafe business. You just have to spend money on renting a room and get some basic furniture. Make your cafe a continental one or a tea-joint, whatever you want or think your target market wants.

For a better return, your shop should be near the university or IT park.

13. Jewellery Supply

jewellery designing service business ideas in India

Customized and artificial jewellery has become very successful in recent times. However, a basic understanding and idea about jewellery can help you to start and prosper in this business. You need to find out the best supplier of the item and need to negotiate with them to get the best rates.

It would be a good idea to get started by giving them a cut from your sales. You can then grow by selling them on the eCommerce website.

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14. Food Truck Business

food truck

Even in a competitive market, food as a product can always do wonders. As demand is high and time is less, it is becoming more and more common to open food joints in a mobile vehicle. You can customize and retrofit it as a lovely food truck if you own a four-wheeler or bus. Even if you have no own setup, EMI options as low as Rs. 10000 can still be used to invest in this business.

15. Blogging

blogging- service business ideas in India

Blogging can be highly lucrative and is a low-cost business to establish. Companies are searching for skilled and knowledgeable bloggers who can help them produce web-based content for their website. It has grown to become the foundation for successful companies and startups. Bloggers are known as producers of content and influencers on social media.

This is a really successful business idea in today’s digital age. You just need to book a domain name of your choice and take a space from a hosting service provider to get started. Then social media is your lifeline to promote your content.

16. Mobile Repair & Recharging

mobile repair service business ideas

A mobile repair and recharging business is compatible with all kinds of locations. A universal mobile repair and recharging store is going to be a great low investment startup for you if you have a talent for fixing broken cell phones and can do simple recharges. Also, you just need to rent a room to start this business.

The network providers must be linked and commission rates must be assessed. This business can be easily started without a big investment.

17. Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing

It’s one of the excellent service business ideas that can start without any capital. You only need to become an affiliate of a company or ecommerce market place and promote their products or services to get conversion and better sales. You can receive a fee depending on the items you sell.

This business idea is ideal for someone who knows a little about web marketing and blogging or interested in reviewing products online.

18. Tiffin Services

tiffin service business ideas

People, who can prepare and deliver tiffin services for professional lunch or dinner, can reap delicious benefits. Busy working families in India, who need lunch in their offices or in their houses, would definitely go for your services. Consistency can also get you many corporate orders or clients when they have a party of opportunity for certain special occasions.

19. YouTube Channel

YouTube channel

YouTube as a medium is growing at a rapid pace. It is the best place for innovative individuals looking for huge returns with a smaller investment. You can upload videos free of charge and can be rewarded if your channel succeeds. You can use your specific niche to upload any sort of video you want.

With useful and popular videos, your channels can grow steadily and you can receive faithful viewers and gain revenue.

20. Social Media Marketing Services

social media marketing

One of the best service business ideas with low investment in India is social media marketing. Companies look for experts in social media to support them through digital marketing. You need to have the ability to pick up trends and manage your leads efficiently in order to start a successful social media marketing company.

21. Graphic Designing

innovative service business ideas

There is a strong demand for graphic designers owning to the widespread popularity of digital media. when you work it as a freelancing business,  However, it could become an excellent startup idea, given that you already have the necessary skills and equipment. You can also start your own design consultancy as you continue to have more and more customers.

Remember, you basically have to make sure that your quality is good so that future customers can view your work and interested to be associated with you.

22. Handmade Soaps

service business ideas

It’s a low-investment company centered at home, but if you do it right, it can be massive. Today, everybody is ready for organic skin and baths, which makes an ideal market for bio-manufactured soap. So, advertise it on various social media sites, make authentic videos, have consumer feedback on different platforms.

Also, you need a creative website and good feedback on your products to earn positive word of mouth and to generate more sales.

What Are the Other 105 Best Service Business Ideas in India?

The other 105 top service business ideas in India include the following:

S.NoBusiness IdeaBusiness TypeBusiness Mode
22Bookkeeping ServicesAccounting/FinanceBoth (Online/Offline)
23Payroll and accountingAccounting/FinanceBoth (Online/Offline)
24Virtual Assistant ServicesAdministrative/OutsourcingOnline
25Data EntryAdministrative/OutsourcingBoth (Online/Offline)
26Virtual assistantAdministrative/OutsourcingBoth (Online/Offline)
27Clerical supportAdministrative/OutsourcingBoth (Online/Offline)
28PhotocopyingAdministrative/OutsourcingBoth (Online/Offline)
29Mobile Car-Wash ServicesAutomotive/ServiceOffline
30Auto detailingAutomotive/ServiceBoth (Online/Offline)
31Consulting ServicesConsultingBoth (Online/Offline)
32Logo DesignDesignBoth (Online/Offline)
33Graphic designDesignBoth (Online/Offline)
34DraftingDesignBoth (Online/Offline)
35Online Store SetupE-commerceOnline
36Online CoursesEducationOnline
37Tutoring ServicesEducationBoth (Online/Offline)
38Language tutorEducationBoth (Online/Offline)
39Test proctoringEducationBoth (Online/Offline)
40Voice coachEducation/CoachingBoth (Online/Offline)
41Wedding planningEvent ServicesBoth (Online/Offline)
42Tailoring Service BusinessFashionBoth (Online/Offline)
43Sewing and alterationsFashionBoth (Online/Offline)
44Shoe repairFashionBoth (Online/Offline)
45Debt CollectionFinancial ServicesBoth (Online/Offline)
46Food truckFood ServicesOffline
47BartendingFood ServicesBoth (Online/Offline)
48Nutrition and health coachingHealthBoth (Online/Offline)
49Home Health Care ServicesHealthBoth (Online/Offline)
50Cleaning Services for the HomeHome ServicesBoth (Online/Offline)
51Home RepairsHome ServicesBoth (Online/Offline)
52Handyman ServicesHome ServicesBoth (Online/Offline)
53Pool cleaningHome ServicesOffline
54Lawn mowingHome ServicesOffline
55House paintingHome ServicesBoth (Online/Offline)
56General maintenance personHome ServicesBoth (Online/Offline)
57Junk removalHome ServicesOffline
58Home inspectionHome ServicesOffline
59Carpet and furniture cleaningHome ServicesBoth (Online/Offline)
60LandscapingHome ServicesOffline
61Upholstery cleaningHome ServicesBoth (Online/Offline)
62Blind cleaningHome ServicesBoth (Online/Offline)
63Wood flooring installationHome ServicesBoth (Online/Offline)
64Furniture assembly and disassemblyHome ServicesBoth (Online/Offline)
65Garage door installation or repairHome ServicesBoth (Online/Offline)
66Tree trimming or removalHome ServicesBoth (Online/Offline)
67Electrical wiring, air conditioning and heating installation or repairsHome ServicesBoth (Online/Offline)
68Commercial plumbingHome ServicesBoth (Online/Offline)
69Pest controlHome ServicesBoth (Online/Offline)
70Personal organizer serviceHome ServicesBoth (Online
71Language translationLanguage ServicesBoth (Online/Offline)
73Moving and storage companyLogisticsOffline
74Digital MarketingMarketing/TechnologyBoth (Online/Offline)
75Video Production and EditingMedia/EntertainmentBoth (Online/Offline)
76Video Streaming ServicesMedia/EntertainmentBoth (Online/Offline)
77Music ProductionMusic/EntertainmentBoth (Online/Offline)
78Piano tuning or repairMusic/RepairBoth (Online/Offline)
79Audio EngineeringMusic/TechnologyBoth (Online/Offline)
80Services for PetsPet CareBoth (Online/Offline)
81Pet boardingPet CareBoth (Online/Offline)
82Wedding PhotographyPhotographyBoth (Online/Offline)
83Product PhotographyPhotographyBoth (Online/Offline)
84Digital PublishingPublishingBoth (Online/Offline)
85Home stagingReal EstateBoth (Online/Offline)
86Watch repairRepairBoth (Online/Offline)
87Market ResearchResearchBoth (Online/Offline)
88Web Design and DevelopmentTechnologyBoth (Online/Offline)
89Mobile App DevelopmentTechnologyBoth (Online/Offline)
90Web HostingTechnologyBoth (Online/Offline)
91Computer-aided design (CAD)Technology/DesignBoth (Online/Offline)
92Home automation installation or repairTechnology/Home ServicesBoth (Online/Offline)
93Computer Networking and its ServicesTechnology/NetworkingBoth (Online/Offline)
94Repairing Cell PhonesTechnology/RepairBoth (Online/Offline)
95Computer repair for businesses or individualsTechnology/RepairBoth (Online/Offline)
96Taxi ServiceTransportationOffline
97Travel agentTravelBoth (Online/Offline)
98Content WritingWriting/Content CreationBoth (Online/Offline)
99Copywriting ServicesWriting/Content CreationBoth (Online/Offline)
100ScriptwritingWriting/Content CreationBoth (Online/Offline)
101Web content creationWriting/Content CreationBoth (Online/Offline)
102Senior CareFamily ServicesOffline
103Baby CareFamily ServicesOffline
104Day CareFamily ServicesOffline
105Disabled CareFamily ServicesOffline

What Documents Does One Need to Register Their Service Business in India?

Any individual looking to register their service business must be over the age of 18 because it is the eligibility criteria. The important legal documents that one would require for setting up a their registered service business in India are:

  1. Director Identification Number (DIN)
  2. Certificate of Incorporation
  3. Digital signature certificate
  4. Commencement of business certificate
  5. Registration on the Ministry of Company Affairs portal.
  6. Shop and establishments license
  7. GST registration

FAQs on Service Business Ideas in India

Here are some frequently asked questions on service business ideas:

How do I choose a service based business idea?
Choosing a service based business idea requires taking into account your abilities, knowledge, interests, and market demand. Research market trends and client needs, determine your areas of expertise and interest and figure out the potential profitability of your service business idea.  

How can I market my service based business effectively?
One of the best ways to market your business is through websites and social media platforms. Social media will help you create an online presence and a strong brand identity. Using the word-of-mouth marketing technique is highly beneficial as well.

What kind of services has a high demand in India? 
A few services that are high in demand in India are: 

  1. Coaching Classes
  2. Cafe 
  3. Mobile Repair and Recharging 
  4. Cleaning Services for the Home 
  5. Handyman Services 
  6. Pest Control 
  7. Baby Sitting 

Which service business is highly profitable? 
A few profitable services are: 

  1. Real Estate agents and brokers 
  2. Cafe 
  3. Online Fitness Instructor 
  4. Travel Agency 
  5. Recruitment Services 

What are the business services that I can sell online? 
The best business services that you can sell online are: 

  1. Personal Fitness Instructor
  2. Blogging 
  3. Social Media Marketing Services
  4. Online Tutoring 
  5. Handyman Service 

How can I start a service business? 
Anyone with passion and drive can start a service business, all you have to do is to refine your business idea. Create a service website so that you can promote your business, and level up your skills. Write up a business plan and systematize your capital. Finally, register your business. 

Last but not the least, all service business ideas have got a set of advantages and disadvantages. But you should consider all factors before going for any particular business idea.

Finally, the road to development that you want plays an important role in how you end up. Grow too quickly, and you could stretch too much. Grow too slowly and you never get anywhere at all. So, find a balance, and carefully manage your growth.

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