20 Indian Companies With Work From Home Facility for Employees

Work from home is a rising trend in today’s working world in which employees can conveniently plug-in from wherever they are. A work from home policy is a mutual understanding between the employer and the employees who prefer to have home privileges for the job. While some companies with work from home have a standard remote work option, others initiated it during emergencies like COVID-19 situation.

The coronavirus and subsequent social distancing norms have caused a revolution in the work from home scenarios. As COVID-19 continues to spread, many business houses have already started pursuing work from home quite seriously. In order to make work from home more convenient than ever, tech giants like Google and Microsoft have innovated cutting edge video conferencing tools.

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Companies Offering Permanent Work From Home

Work from anywhere, popularly known as WFA, is one of the best flexible approaches to working. Employees can work remotely under this policy because the company allows them to work from anywhere. Though employees work from anywhere, they will be working only for this company, according to the goal-setting process and company rules. Here is the list of companies providing permanent work from home:

permanent work from home companies in india

Top 20 Companies in India with Work From Home Policy

The list of work from home companies in India, that offers work from home are listed out below:

1. Tech Mahindra

Tech Mahindra was established in the year 1986 and is headquartered in Pune. It is an Indian multinational company that provides consulting and IT services and is part of the Mahindra Group. Anand Mahindra, the founder of Tech Mahindra, stated that his company will honour its employees’ requests and maintain some form of hybrid work from home model.

Even though various companies have asked their employees to come back to the office and work, Anand Mahindra believes that work from policies is the future of India’s work culture and is “here to stay.”

2. Fujitsu

Founded in the year 1935 and headquartered in Tokyo, Fujitsu Limited is a Japanese multinational company that provides communications and IT equipment and is the world’s sixth-largest IT service provider and the largest in Japan. Fujitsu’s offices in India are located in Pune, Bangalore, Noida, and Hyderabad. They aim to make the world a more sustainable place to live by providing a diverse range of products and services. 

The multinational corporation believes that employees should be allowed to work from home if they so desire. Fujitsu has provisioned a flexible work from home model and different types of leaves and time-offs for the well-being of their employees.  

3. HR India Solutions

HR India Solutions was established in 2009 with the aim of delivering effective and impactful workforce solutions to not only organizations but also individuals. They are headquartered in Faridabad, Haryana, and provide recruitment solutions, payroll & contract staffing, HR advisory & consulting services, and more. They also offer campus hiring solutions. According to Ambition Box, around 58% of the employees of HR India Solutions claimed that the working environment and hours are flexible. 

The work from home policy is applied to some of their job profiles. 

4. Wipro

Wipro Limited was established in the year 1945 and has become an Indian multinational corporation. It provides IT services as well as business process and consulting services. It is a well-known company with its headquarters in Bengaluru. They hope that their services will help their clients and communities thrive in this ever-changing world.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, just like other companies, Wipro also allowed its employees to work from home. However, as the pandemic subsided, Wipro decided to end its policy work and implement the hybrid work model. The chairman of Wipro claimed that hybrid work is the future of work culture, and hence, Wipro will be following the same. 

The employees of Wipro are required to work from the office 3 days per week; while some job profiles in Wipro have the advantage of permanently working from home. 

5. Uplers

Uplers was founded in the year 2012, and it is a people-first organization. Uplers is a hiring platform that helps out companies that operate remotely. These remote-first companies get the advantage of hiring faster and more efficient employees with the help of Uplers. It is known as India’s largest talent network and has over 50,000 top talents. As a remote-first company, Uplers allows its employees to permanently work from home and provide flexible work timings, as they do not believe in constraints and being bound by locations.

6. Maruti Suzuki

Maruti Suzuki India Limited is a well-known Indian automobile manufacturer that is located in New Delhi. It was owned by the Government of India, but in 2003, it was sold to Suzuki Motor Corporation, a Japanese automaker. Maruti, along with other companies, allowed its employees to work from home due to the pandemic. It further declared that a section of its employees can work from anywhere they want. According to AmbitionBox, 11% of its employees work from home permanently, while 1% work from the office a few days per week. 

7. Microsoft

Microsoft Corporation is a well-known American multinational company that is located in Redmond, Washington. During the pandemic, Microsoft changed its work policy and allowed its employees to work from home. Over the years, Microsoft has transformed its work culture and provided its employees with the flexibility to work from anywhere they want. In 2020, they established a hybrid work model, allowing their employees to work half a week from home and the other half on-site. Microsoft also declared that employees may have the option to work from home permanently if it is approved by the management. 

8. Salesforce, Inc.

Salesforce is an American cloud-based software company that not only provides software for the management of customer relationships but also provides applications that are mainly focused on customer service, sales, e-commerce analytics, and more. It is located in San Francisco, California. Salesforce was among the first tech companies to allow its employees to work from home. After conducting a survey in which most of its employees claimed that they preferred working from the office, Salesforce decided to establish a hybrid work policy. According to their hybrid work policy, employees are required to come to the office only 1-3 days every week.

9. Quora

Quora is one of the largest companies offering WFH in India. Quora is a Question and Answer Platform based in the United States. People around the world post questions, answers, and comments on this platform. Quora is one of the social media platforms that are widely used by users across the world for multiple purposes.

During the pandemic, Quora offered a remote-first model. Post-pandemic, according to Quora’s internal survey, 60% of their workforce decided to work from home even after COVID-19. Keeping this in mind, Quora announced a “work from anywhere policy, which means one can work from home anywhere. However, Quora has a “camera on policy, which means when employees are logging in, they will have to keep their camera on, and this camera should be on until they log off.

10. UnitedHealth Group

UnitedHealth Group is a popular health company that is into health care operations. It is one of the biggest health care gains in the world. United Health Group has operations all over the world, including in India.It has many products, such as Optum Health, Optum Insight, Optum RX, and United Healthcare.

Currently, the United Health Group is hiring 90% of its roles, such as marketing, technical, and administrative, through a work-from-home model. 

11. Shopify

Headquartered in Ontario, Canada, Shopify is a platform that helps businesses of all sizes to create an online store. The businesses create, design and manage their stores across multiple online sales channels. The company decided to implement the work-from-home policy since the pandemic began. 

12. Atlassian

Atlassian is an Australian development and collaboration software company that provides solutions for Agile teams that want to collaborate better. They aim to unleash the potential of every team and sector through their software. Atlassian allows all its employees to work remotely. 

13. Spotify

Spotify is a top Sweden-based commercial music streaming platform. The company decided to keep the work-from-anywhere policy intact even after the pandemic ended, letting their employees decide whether they want to work from a co-working space, office or their own home. The music streaming service believes in providing employees with autonomy at work. 

14. Facebook/Meta

The social media giant Meta, previously known as Facebook is headquartered in California and has granted its employees the liberty to work from home. The founder of the company Mark Zuckerberg has stated that this shift to remote work will be a long lasting one. 

15. SAP

SAP stands for Systems, Applications & Products in data processing. It is a software system that was developed in 1972 by five engineers and provides software solutions for managing businesses. They announced work from policy for its 100,000 employees around the world after receiving positive feedback on remote working during the pandemic. 

16. Novartis

The healthcare company based in Switzerland offers healthcare and pharmaceutical solutions to customers with evolving needs all over the world. Novartis allows manager-informed work from home policy and has declared that the employees can choose how and from where they want to work post-pandemic.

17. Dropbox

Dropbox is a USA-based company that has declared a work-from-home policy since March 6, 2020. Dropbox has a head office in San Francisco, California, and is a workspace-based company. The tool helps anyone save and share their files securely without any difficulties.

Currently, Dropbox is planning to launch collaborative spaces in their existing office locations. The best part of Dropbox is that employees can decide their own work schedules, which means they don’t need to follow linear workdays that were previously set by their employers w

 18. Slack

Slack is one of the most useful communication tools that allows individuals and teams working in a company to communicate easily. Slack allows not only employees of the same company to communicate, but also employees of other companies that are using Slack can communicate with their company colleagues.

During the pandemic period, Slack offered a work-from-home option to their workforce. Soon after the pandemic was over, Slack decided to give permanent work-from-home to their employees. Slack is one of the biggest companies, which seems to be hiring more remote employees in recent days.

19. Swiggy

Swiggy is a food tech company that offered a work from anywhere policy as of July 29, 2022. Swiiy is a popular food and grocery delivery service company that announced changes to most of its workforce roles under its “future of work” policy. Swiggy employees can work from anywhere, and all the employees will meet every quarter.

Swiggy took this decision after getting feedback from their employees. Currently, Swiggy employees are working across 487 cities, across 27 cities in four union territories.

20. Tata Steel

Tata Steel is an Indian steel manufacturing company that is based out of Jamshedpur. The head quarters of Tata Steel are now located in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Tata Steel currently has operations in more than 26 countries, with an estimated 80,500 employees working for the company worldwide.

During the pandemic period, Tata Steel announced a “work from home model and allowed most of their employees to work from home. Soon after the pandemic period, Tata Steel announced permanent work under the Agile Working Model of Tata Steel. Under this working mode, Tata Steel employees can opt for permanent work from home for up to 365 days. Also, the officers who are supposed to work out of a particular location can also work from home for the number of days specified in the policy.

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Drawbacks of work from home policy

Working from home is a relatively new concept for most Indians but thanks to the pandemic, we have rapidly adapted to it. Though there are several advantages associated with working from home like flexibility and safety, continuous working from home over a period of time may create several issues like:

1. Monitoring performance:

With working from home, monitoring the performance of the staff can be very difficult. Even if the employees are online, sometimes the work may have got hampered because of network issues.

Indian companies with work from home facility for employees

2. Cost of working from home:

The cost of working from home can be very high at the initial level. Managing the equipment, electricity and other expenses can add substantial expenses for the operations.

3. Staff development:

The task of maintaining employees’ growth and skills development can become very difficult with work from home culture.

4. Security of the information:

Maintaining the security of shared information can become a challenge for companies with work from home policy. Since everything is transferred using a public network maintaining the sanctity of the information can become a challenge sometimes.

5. Not all jobs suit home working:

Some jobs are more suitable than others for work from home setup. Working from home may become suitable with certain personality styles, but not with others. Some people prefer direct interaction with colleagues for carrying out their work.

Indian Companies That Offered Work From Home Policy During COVID-19

Larger corporations such as Google and Facebook have publicly announced that workers will be allowed to work from home. Uber has revealed an allowance of $500 under their work from home policy. There are many Indian businesses are likely to allow most of their employees to continue to work from home.

Also, many companies with work from home feel that the existing system works well enough and would not like to endanger the health of their employees. Here are some of the leading Indian companies with work from home policy

1. Hike

Instant messaging app Hike recently announced that it has moved for the remainder of 2020 to a remote working model. It also announced that it will provide a compact office chair and table to its employees at their homes.

2. TCS

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) followed the new standard and in April became one of the first big IT companies to announce work from home for its staff.  Also, the IT company announced that it will have three-fourths of its total working force work from home, by the year 2025.

3. Infosys

IT giant Infosys announced permanent work from home for around 50% of its total workforce. The IT service major is also looking for flexible work from home model for its employees.

4. Unacademy

Unacademy, the Indian online education start-up expanded its remote work strategy until January 2021. It is the first new-age organization to announce such a move.

5. Razorpay

The payment company offers a no-questions-asked allowance for its employees to improve their internet access, setting up work stations, and other expenses for working from home. It has also collaborated with Rentile on office furniture for their employees.

6. IBM India

IBM aims to expand its emphasis on working from home. The organization has agreed to make 75% of its employees work from home. In nearly half of its offices in major cities in India, the tech firm plans to discontinue lease agreements.

7. OYO

Hospitality major OYO also introduced measures directed at employee well-being earlier this month. It stated that team leaders would ensure that teams only work during mandated working hours, take personal time-outs, and make annual holidays available. Oyo also provides its staff with a 50 percent discount for a 12-month membership of cure.fit.

8. Swiggy

The favoured food and grocery delivery service company has extended its “Future of Work” policy and announced on July 29, 2022, that a significant amount of its workforce is allowed to work from anywhere and meet quarterly. The policy applies to most of its roles and was instated after Swiggy received feedback both from its managers and employees.

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FAQs on Indian Companies with Work From Home Facility

Listed below are some of the frequently asked questions on Indian companies with work from home facility:

Which company allows work from home in India? 

There are 9 Indian companies that are allowing work from home facility for its employees. They are:

  1. Infosys 
  2. Oyo
  3. Swiggy
  4. IBM India 
  5. Hike
  6. Unacademy
  7. Razorpay
  8. TCS

Will work from home continue in 2023? 

Yes, the Indian government has allowed work from home of IT units in SEZs (special economic zones) till December 2023.  

Will work from home become permanent? 

Many companies have already opted for the work from home model, and more are making it a permanent policy.

Which job is best for work for home? 

A few jobs best for work from home are: 

  1. Graphic Designer 
  2. Web Developer 
  3. Content Writer 
  4. Freelancer 
  5. Social Media Manager

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