8 Alternatives Apps That Are Like WinZO To Earn Money in 2023

Online mobile games have grown incredibly popular over time due to how easily accessible the internet is. Even while most games are played for fun and relaxation, there are a number of apps like WinZO to earn money available for Android and iPhone that let you make real money either for free or by investing a small sum. The prize money is delivered to the winner via UPI or a digital wallet. 

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What is WinZO

WinZO is a social gaming platform that offers skill based games and formats with all the safety and security. An advanced fraud detection mechanism is there to detect fraud. WinZO is a member of the AIGF (All India Gaming Federation). It was founded in 2018 and is headquartered in New Delhi, India,  by Paavan Nanda and Saumya Singh Rathore.

Payment gateways like Paytm, Google Pay, PhonePe, and BHIM are available for payment processing and the transaction of money. WinZO runs on operating systems like Android and iOS. WinZO offers both free and paid games to its users. WinZO offers more than 100+ games on their platform in six formats and 12+ regional languages.

Best 8 Alternatives Apps That Are Like WinZO

Following is a list of the best alternative apps, like Winzo (winzo jaisa app) for Android and iPhone, that may be used to make money.

1. Paytm First Games

Paytm First Games

A collection of different games and activities have been combined into one app called PaytmFirst Games. This WinZO similar app includes, among many others, rummy, fantasy sports, poker, and ludo.

Since Paytm created the app, customers may redeem their winnings in their wallets immediately by connecting the app to their registered Paytm phone numbers. However, a user has to make at least Rs. 100 using the app in order to withdraw the money. Additionally, it offers rewards for referring friends and has an intuitive UI that makes it simple to use. Click here

2. Zupee


There are many games like WinZO. Zupee is another entertaining money-making game that lets users make real money online. It includes several varieties of well-known and loved traditional games, including Trump’s Card, Snakes and Ladders Plus, Carrom Ninja, Ludo Supreme, and Ludo Ninja.

Additionally, the platform is accepted by many organisations, including the All India Gaming Federation (AIGF), making it reliable and secure to use. The app boasts a good game collection and easy cashing out of winnings through UPI. Click here

3. Aio Games

Aio Games

Aio Games is another WinZO type app and is a multi-game software that includes an 8-ball pool, snake and ladder, poker, rummy, ludo, fantasy cricket, and many other games. In addition to playing these games and earning money, players may participate in daily competitions and weekly leaderboards to earn extra money from the site.

Users may use UPI to withdraw their cash when the points have been converted into cash and linked to a bank account. Participate in weekly and daily competitions and withdraw the winnings easily through UPI. Click here

4. PlayerzPot


Several fantasy sports games are available on PlayerzPot. It is an app like WinZO that includes volleyball, basketball, baseball, handball, cricket, football, and kabaddi. Users may instantly earn Rs. 100 by referring the applications to others using a specially created link, which intrigues the situation. This sum can either be redeemed or deposited to enter matches.

The USP of the game is that you can earn money by playing more than 20 games and referring others to play. Click here

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5. Gamethon


If you enjoy playing WinZO like games (WinZO jaisa game) such as retro video games, Patience, and 8-Ball Pool, this gaming platform is for you. Enter tournaments or online fights; the more wins you get, the more money you will earn from winning the games.

Gamethon is a money earning app like WinZO. Ludo, online cricket, and carrom are some of the new games that Gamethon has recently introduced, making it the ideal online entertainment powerhouse. You may withdraw by visiting the website’s “Withdraw cash” area and following the on-screen instructions. You can play many classic games and climb the leaderboard to earn more points. Click here

6. Rummy Circle

Rummy Circle

Out of many earning apps like WinZO, one of the top rummy sites in India is RummyCircle. To learn the basics of the game, beginners should visit the app’s or website’s “how to play rummy” section. Players can choose to play rummy in a free mode or by using real money to attend live tournaments and matches.

The website also provides various game types, such as pool rummy, deal rummy, and point rummy. The application is WinZO copy app that allows users to withdraw money anytime and from any location. The brand has seen significant growth over time and claims faster withdrawals. Click here

7. Dream 11

Dream 11

Out of many WinZO type games, there is another gaming app that is quite popular for betting on other players’ potential: Dream 11. Dream 11 is an application similar to Winzo that allows you to make real money.

The idea behind this application was to enable users to wager on a few secure sporting events. The first plan was to support cricket games. However, the application has developed to include more athletic events, including baseball, football, and kabaddi.

Unlike most online sports games, you are not required to pick the winning team. Instead, you can select 11 players from either team, including a captain and vice captain, similar to MPL and Winzo. After the game, you receive points and money if your predictions are accurate. Click here

8. MPL (Mobile Premier League)


The Mobile Premier League is just like WinZO app. It is often known as MPL and is renowned for its robust gaming environment and real money-earning potential. MPL stands out among mobile gaming applications with several opportunities to play different games and make money. Users stick with reliable gaming applications that are properly optimised and provide a fluid gaming experience.

There are several apps similar to WinZO and game-playing choices available with MPL. In general, fantasy sports games are included, but it also encompasses card games, puzzle games, arcade games, casual games, and brain games. Users can participate in tournaments or games by paying entrance fees, and winners can withdraw their earnings via UPI.

The Mega Bonus, Double Bonus, 8x Bonus, and 4x Bonus are a few of the tournaments you may participate in. The sum you invest and the number of points you earn will determine your returns. Click here

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FAQs on WinZO Like Apps

Here are some FAQs that will help you learn more about game like Winzo.

Is the Zupee app secure?
Playing real money games on Zupee is absolutely safe and authorised. You can play online cash games like Trump cards, Carrom, and Ludo by downloading the Zupee app.

Does a similar application like Winzo exist?
MPL, My11Circle, Winzo, Paytm First Games, Dream11, Rummy Circle, 8 Ball Pool, MX Player, Rozdhan, and PokerBaazi are a few of the money-earning applications that accept real money.

Which Winzo game is the easiest to win?
A multiplayer game that is simple to play with friends is online pool. You will receive free coins at the beginning of the game, and the winner will receive the opponent’s coins. It is a simple game with a great chance to earn cash rewards.

Can players on different gaming platforms win cash prizes?
Several alternative gaming sites, like MPL, Gamezy, and Paytm First Games, let players enter tournaments or contests to earn cash rewards.

Are alternative gaming applications permitted in India?
Alternative gaming applications are permissible in India if they have a licence and adhere to laws. However, confirming that the platform you are utilizing has been approved and granted a license by the relevant authorities is crucial.

There are several Winzo alternative applications and money earning apps like WinZO that each provide unique games and features. There is an app for everyone, whether you are searching for rummy, fantasy sports, or online multiplayer games.

It is crucial to check many options and choose the one that matches your gaming interests and mannerisms so that you can enjoy the game to its fullest. You may enjoy playing games, participating in competitions, and earning cash rewards with these alternative applications. 

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