Curated List Of Blogs That Every Freelancer Should Follow In 2022

India is emerging as a hub for passionate freelancers and bloggers. Blogging is looked upon as a platform to freely express your views and also share experiences across different genre right from food and fashion to travel and technology. The shift from the boring 9-5 job to being-your-own-boss has been phenomenal. Freelancing as a career seems extremely lucrative in India’s gig economy, with even better times in the coming years.

As a freelancer you need to be updated with the current trends, improvise your writing styles on a regular basis and keep looking for job opportunities.

A freelancer’s job can be challenging considering you need to individually deal with all administrative and financial issues. However, being aware of these hardships and staying apprised with proper information can make the journey more fulfilling. There are myriad of websites that feature some of the best blogs for freelancers that assist freelancers to grow in their respective genre. Moreover, these freelancing websites also unveil substantial clients and rewarding jobs.

If you have just kick-started your freelancing career and are looking for some of the best blogs for freelancers that you should follow in 2022, you have landed yourself at the right place.

Here is a compiled list of best blogs for freelancers that will be extremely helpful to you:

1. UpWork

When it comes to looking for resourceful information about freelancing, UpWork is the ultimate source. They have the most relevant freelancing news, blogs, support and countless actionable tips for anyone managing their own business. UpWork blogs are informative and at the same time easy to read, making you want to come back every time. They also have a community of freelancers who meet, share and discuss strategies on freelancing.

2. Fiverr

Fiverr helps you to live your dream as a freelancer in the most fulfilling way. The website features thoroughly researched posts on website development, digital marketing, promoting your brands, creating robust content, retaining clients, implementing creative marketing strategies and a lot more. What makes Fiverr unique is that they feature blogs from successful freelancer and entrepreneurs who share every bit of their success story, without holding back anything.

best blogs for freelancers Fiverr

3. Millo

If you are looking for ideas to help you grow in your freelancing career, Millo is the right place for you. They have a dedicated team of entrepreneurs and freelancers who present their knowledge and experience in the form of blogs, which turn out to be an excellent tool for beginners in the field of freelancing. Whether you are looking for new clients, digging in freelancing information or looking for ways to manage your finances, Millo has it all for you, right here.

4. myHQ Digest

myHQ Digest has come out to be one of the most sought-after online platforms for freelancers, bloggers and creative writers that are escalating to new heights every passing year. They are the new flag bearers of this digital marketing space and social entrepreneurship. myHQ blogs are focussed on providing freelancers with meaningful information that they can apply in their work arena. The main topics here include freelancing tips and advice, finding your own co-working zone for dealing with freelancing hurdles and managing your finances independently. Don’t forget to subscribe to the myHQ newsletter to get top hacks every week.

5. Freelancers Union

The idea behind the creation of Freelancers Union was to provide a platform for freelancers and creative writers to share ideas, work experience and co-exist harmoniously. The website features the top blogs with advice on freelance writing, work-life balancing tips along with doing’s and don’ts of freelancing. The new initiative at Freelancers Union known as the ‘Spark’ allows freelancers to interact with each other in their community. The meetings are held on fixed dates every month and turn to be a fun, interacting session.

best blogs for freelancers union

6. Double Your Freelancing

Do you desire to double or even increase your freelancing income to three times your current earnings? Simply hook on to Double Your Freelancing, an online blog, and community created by Brennan Dunn. The website features in-depth posts and best blogs for freelancers to enable those in the creative workforce to excel financially. Double Your Freelancing blogs offer the crucial bit of information about challenges that you face freelancers, including help in being an entrepreneur, business branding, project management, extending client-base and much more.

7. 99U

Facing troubles in your freelancing career? Access to right information is your only rescue in this crisis moment. 99U features powerful blogs from established freelancers and solopreneurs from around the world that are worth a read. Established as a media company from Abode, 99U has propitious content and engaging interviews of the creative people, which are meant for the creative people.

8. Craigslist

Last on the list, Craigslist turns out to be a treasure trove for freelancers. It is one of the biggest online classified sites that offer both local and global locations for bloggers to work on. Craigslist blogs are informative and give access to resourceful information for freelancers. On Craigslist you can also conveniently find a client locally, meet them and start with the project remotely.

These best blogs for freelancers are more like a learning tool for upcoming content writers and bloggers. Reading through these blogs will also present you with ways to extend your existing client base and bring in more business. It certainly worked for me. Do let me know which one of these you follow.

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