Paytunes takes momentum in productivity with myHQ workspaces

Testament Of Success

Working out of myHQ workspaces helped us pave the path to our summit. The morale-building and productive workspace offered utmost flexibility and completely suited a sales-oriented company like us. Rather than wasting hours of time in travel, It gives our team options to work comfortably from one of the coworking spaces near them. Our team can now spend time between meetings, work and other sales operations towards inducing productivity” – Gaurav Tiwari, CEO, PayTunes


Audio Advertisements At Glance

Audio advertisements are no surprise to the marketing industry. But the scope of its reach has now attained unprecedented levels. With the rise of audio consumption on streaming platforms such as Spotify, Amazon Music, Gaana, etc, we can now tap on most of the untouched masses and clientele. It’s not just music that people listen to on these platforms, they knowingly, arguably, deniably get to a number of ad contents as well. Making the most of which, many content providers have moved to podcasts as their primary source of content distribution. Something that PayTunes has wisely capitalized upon. 


The Concept Of Paytunes?

For advertisers and media agencies, PayTunes Audio ad exchange enables programmatic sales & distribution of the vast audio ad inventory of Music Apps. It gives advertisers a wider reach across demographics and targeted pinpoint ad delivery. Eventually, deriving effective results from every single Audio ad campaign.


Weathering The Weather

PayTunes started operations in 2015 out of a shady basement. A dull space devoid of natural light and an appearance more akin to an underground bunker than an office. The dissatisfaction of employees was apparent to all and their morale was seriously impacted.

Redecorating the space, buying furniture and improving decor would have resulted in an economic disaster as Paytunes had just started serving clients back then. Budgeting was a concern, revenue was far from sight. Given the volatile nature of startups and changing team sizes, investing that kind of money never makes sense in such stages.

Adding to these concerns, dealing with brokers, contracts, maintenance personnel and auxiliary staff prove distracting. The higher management couldn’t afford to divert any of their competences elsewhere and reduce their output in terms of their core business. They had to allocate a significant amount of time tackling a number of operational issues at hand.

Being a sales-oriented company, employees at PayTunes were travelling for client meetings all across the NCR. Reporting back to their headquarters after every meeting proved to be highly inefficient in terms of time and productivity. Even while working from a restaurant or a cafe, the absence of basic office amenities such as consistent internet connectivity, printer and stationery caused hindrance to their operations.


A Blessing Of Solution

Mr Gaurav Tiwari came across myHQ while browsing through yellow pages online. For a way to solve the space/time inefficiencies posed by his conventional office space, he was quite impressed by the affordable plans and lowest price guarantee offered by myHQ.

He visited one of the myHQ spaces, Garage Society, and at the first sight he knew that coworking was the solution they needed. To maximise their cost savings and boost the slumping morale of employees, the innovatively designed and beautiful spaces were just perfect. The open vibrant, breezy, colourfully decorated workspaces made him think about his inefficient, dull, mundane basement, and the decision was made. 

After moving into a coworking space, the employee morale has been in good health and the resultant increase in productivity has been undeniable. The coffee brewing machines and the coworking corporate ensembles of productivity ease up the time at work. These spaces came out perfect for Paytunes employees. Adherence to work has increased substantially and comparatively, we yield more productivity every quarter.

Another thing the team at PayTunes didn’t have to worry about after moving into a myHQ space was dealing with clerical tasks. Renting/buying an office space and then dealing with maintenance personnel, maintaining an in-house inventory, setting up stationary supplies etc. increase the expenditure of capital and time that could be spent on their core business.

In the course of time, their strength increased, headcount rose and to suit up in a better workspace, PayTunes chose myHQ Corporate Flexi Plan.  Simply perfect for their employees, they can now work out of 160+ spaces across Delhi NCR. Switching meetings or to entertain their employees at top tier restaurants partnered with myHQ, everything was possible with a single subscription. The corporate dashboard provided added tracking and structure to their operations. An excellent overview of the spends of all employees and their reservations by greatly streamlining the tracking of employees was all that was needed in a flexible coworking plan like this. 



“Wasting time on the commute, stuck in traffic congestion, being inefficient and tired when you reach office, is never productive. Instead, we now work from places that are walkable from where our employees reside. And all of which was possible with myHQ, kudos to them and us for this prolonged nurture and support for each other”

After associating with myHQ, Mr Gaurav Tiwari cannot imagine himself or his team working out a traditional office setup or deal with the hassles involved with one. 

With timely expansion in Mumbai, Bangalore and Ahmedabad, PayTunes has come a long way since 2015 and myHQ is extremely proud to have been a part of their journey.


The Final Cumulation

“The cumulative association of efficient housing logistics has been the key element of our success. Our team now works seamlessly from spaces and locations most comfortable to commute and which in inturn has ten-folded our productivity”. Undeniably, this association has been fruitful for the two names involved. With Paytunes now a well-recognised name in the audio advertising world, myHQ has profiled its community in this domain. myHQ’s wide spectrum of resources and knowledge is now more competent for dedicated members and daily users alike.  

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