5 PowerPoint Deck Templates For Your Next Investor Pitch

For any startup seeking funding, putting together a sleek and impressive pitch deck is imperative. In the fast-paced world where an investor’s time is of the essence, it is critical for startups to get their investor pitch spot on! An ideal pitch deck should embody an array of qualities. Not only should it be crisp and compelling, but it should also present a comprehensive action plan.

Since not every presenter is a connoisseur of design, often they fail to make it big with their presentations. Worry not! Entrepreneurs and startup founders can use ready-to-use pitch decks to build compelling pitches and bring enormous value to your investor meetings. In this post, we will explore some out-of-the-box templates that can help you close your next investor pitch like a boss!


1. Hot Idea Pitch Deck Template for PowerPoint

Coming up with an extraordinary idea is only half the battle. To transform it into a business reality, you need to nail your pitch as well. The 21-slide Hot Idea Pitch Deck is a popular choice among presentation creators. The template brings aboard state-of-the-art design, diagrams, charts, concept models, shapes, and high-quality visual imagery. Startups can leverage the all-in-one collection of slides such as:

  • Mission & Vision
  • Executive Summary
  • Market Size
  • Business Model
  • SWOT Analysis

The slide deck encapsulates an eye-catching layout that is just perfect for getting hold of your audiences’ attention. Not just that, the template is 100% editable and you can move slide elements around, switch the layouts and alter the default color schemes, fonts, and graphics as per your business requirement.


2. Startup Business Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template

The Startup Business Pitch Deck is the perfect tool to pique the interest of potential investors and stakeholders, thanks to its persuasive slide design coupled with pixel-perfect graphics. Presenters can attain an edge over their competitors by leveraging the template’s colorful and illustrative slides. The template features over 19 exclusive slides covering critical presentation sections such as:

  • Introduction
  • Problem & Solution Statement
  • Business Model
  • Pyramid & Venn Diagram
  • Market Size
  • Timeline Slide
  • Conclusion

Moreover, the slide deck is 100% compatible with popular presentation platforms such as Microsoft PowerPoint, Keynote, Office 365, Google Slides, and more. Startup presenters can seamlessly add the template to Google Slides & effectively collaborate with their peers to create the masterpiece presentation.


3. Big Idea PowerPoint Template

pitch deck template for investors- powerpoint

Now that you have come up with your next big idea, reaching important milestones such as attracting investors and raising capital requires the art of telling a story such that the audience is wooed. The 20-slide Big Idea PowerPoint template enables entrepreneurs to tell the story of their business and bring the real value out of it. The template features lucrative slide categories such as Big Concept, Pyramid Diagram, Business Story & World Map.

Presenters can leverage this creative and organized collection of slides to win the hearts of their investors, secure funding for your big idea that too with minimal content and maximum engagement. The slide deck comes with 100% customizable Yellow & White color aesthetics. Moreover, you can also adjust the typography, backgrounds & visuals to boost focal points and foster a memorable presentation experience.


4. Pegasus Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template

Pegasus powerpoint for template

The Pegasus Pitch Deck enables you to confidently present your business plan to potential collaborators and stakeholders. Presentation creators can save big on time and use this template to map out the startup’s future. Entrepreneurs can transform their long-winded startup plans into a compelling story with the help of slides like:

  • Problem & Solutions Slide
  • Timeline
  • Market Size
  • Business Model
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Strategy & Investment Opportunity
  • Questions, FAQs & Contact Us

The Pegasus pitch deck’s ultimate objective is to offer a bird’s eye view of the startup and how it solves the problem! Presenters can bring out the quantitative value of their products/services, highlight business strengths, showcase client testimonials, and much more. Explore the deck to transform your business ideas into a whopping reality!


5. Business Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template

pitch deck template for investors- powerpoint

Creating a business pitch deck is no piece of cake! Often presenters spend hours fiddling with design and create presentations that foster next to no engagement. The Business Pitch Deck template allows you to deliver an end-to-end, comprehensive presentation experience to the audience. The template consists of a number of intuitive and corporate-grade slides including:

  • Cover Slide
  • Product Demo
  • Milestone Timeline
  • Problem & Solution Statement
  • Global Map
  • BCG Matrix
  • Client Testimonials

With this collection of 19 excellent slides, presenters can identify the problem, offer a potential solution, present the market’s overview, outline their go-to-market approach and close your next VC meeting in no time. Moreover, the template lets you do more with less! Presentation creators often overwhelm the audience with cluttered slides. Well, the template helps you engage your investors with elegant, minimalistic design without a fuss.

Wrapping It Up:

Presenters must realize that a well-crafted presentation has the potential to be a deciding factor between a closed deal and a blown opportunity. The templates mentioned above can help you effectively provide cohesion, clarity, establish business value & transform your investor meet into a compelling and meaningful interaction.


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