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Pay Slip Format: A salary slip is a document that will be issued by the employer to their employees. The salary slip contains a detailed breakdown of the employee’s salary, a list of deductions made from the salary, and the contribution of the salary to various sources such as PF, EPF, etc. Usually, the salary slip is shared in soft copy format with their employees, who post the credit of their salary in PDF format.

Each organization follows a different salary slip format as per their organizational guidelines. All companies that are established legally as a company are bound to provide salary slips to their employees periodically. This salary slip acts as proof that the employer has paid the salary to the employee.

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Simple Salary Slip PDF Download

A “salary slip” which is also known as pay slip is a document issued monthly by an employer to its employees. It contains the employee salary details, like the basic pay, bonuses, deductions, and more. Click on the following links to download free sample salary payslips.

Salary Slip Download

Apart from the above links, one can also download the online salary slips from the table below:

Payslip Format FilesPayslip Download PDF
Simple Salary Slip Format PDFDownload Here – Link 1 (Google Sheet File)
Download Here – Link 2 (Excel File)
Simple Salary Slip Format in Excel FileDownload Here
Simple Salary Slip Format in Excel with Formula – Sample 2Download Here
Simple Salary Slip Format in Word Doc – Sample 1Download Here
Simple Salary Slip Format in Word Doc – Sample 2Download Here
Simple Salary Slip Format Word Doc – Sample 3Download Here
Simple Salary Slip Format PDFDownload Here
Salary Slip Format Download

The recipients of a payslip receive either a hard or soft copy of the same. Although it is generally large or medium-sized organisations that provide a salary slip to their employees, most startups and small organisations shy away from doing that.

That is why employees of such companies have to request their HR managers to get monthly salary slip. Hence it is important for entrepreneurs and small business owners to provide monthly payslips to their employees.

Salary slips are useful in many aspects. People usually preserve their salary slips for the following reasons:

  • Employeement Proof – Salary slip is the legal employeement proof of your job. 
  • Income Tax Planning – Salary slips are useful to calculate taxes, TDS returns, and income tax returns. It is important to keep track of the payment breakdown when dealing with income tax.
  • Future Employeement – Salary slip is proof of how much you are getting in your current job and will help you negotiate for your next job.
  • Loans – Salary slip will also help in availing of the loans when you apply for them. The salary slip is proof that the candidate is able to pay back the loan or not.

How To Download Sample Salary Slip from Google Sheets?

When you click on the first 2 links, you will be promoted to Google Sheets. To edit and optimise this company Salary slip format according to your needs, you can follow any of the two ways:

  • Step 1: Click on the following link: Salary Slip Download.
  • Step 2: Now the Google Sheet will open on the screen. Now click on the File tab in the menu bar.
  • Step 3: Choose “Download” from the drop-down menu, and the salary slip will be downloaded to your device.
Simple Salary Slip Format in Excel with Formula

Now you can make the necessary changes to the salary slip as per your organization’s needs.

Alternatively, if you have signed in, click on the File tab and choose “Make a Copy“. When you do this, the original document copy will be created on your system. Now that you have the copy, you can modify the cash salary slip format as per your needs.

How to Create a Salary Slip Format for Employees?

In order to create a salary slip for employees, one will have to involve the following components:

  1. Company Name and Logo: A salary slip or pay slip should have the company’s name and logo on it.
  2. Employee Information: Next, the salary slip should contain all the employee details, such as the employee’s ID, department, designation, and other important details.
  3. Earnings: The salary slip should have details on the employees’ earnings. This earnings should be divided into multiple components, such as allowances, overtime pay, allowances, medical insurance, and any other benefits that the employee is receiving along with their salary.
  4. Deductions: Next, the salary slip should also show the employee’s deducted salary. As with deferred wages, HRA, basic pay, and so on,
  5. Net Pay: This is one of the most important components of salary slip an employee should have. Once all the above things are declared, the format of the salary slip should have a box that says the net pay of the employee. The in-hand salary of the employee

Here is an example of an salary pay slip format.

Company Name and Logo

Employee Information
Name: ____________
Employee ID: ____________
Department: ____________
Designation: ____________

Basic Salary: ____________
Allowances: ____________
Overtime Pay: ____________
Other Benefits: ____________
Total Earnings: ____________

Taxes: ____________
Social Security Contributions: ____________
Health Insurance: ____________
Other Deductions: ____________
Total Deductions: ____________

Net Pay: ____________

Salary Slip Format for Contract Employees

It is important for companies to issue salary slips or wage slips to their contract employees. The salary slip that is issued to the contract employees should be issued as per Form XIX. The form XIX covers all the important components of a salary slip, which include employee details with reference to their salary cycle, meaning if the salary is issued monthly, weekly, or fortnightly, contract employees nature of work, wage rates, overtime work details, gross wage, deductions if any, and the actual wage paid.

The overview of the contract employee salary slip is as follows:

Wage Slip – Form XIX

Name and address of contractor:
Name and father’s/husband’s name of the employee:
Nature and location of work:
For the week/fortnight/month ending:

1. Number of days worked:
2. Number of units worked in case of piece rate workers: 
3. Rate of daily wages/piece rate:
4. Amount of overtime wages:
5. Gross wages payable a :
6. Deductions, If any:
7. Net amount of wages paid:
Initials of the Contractor or representative:

Salary Slip Template Excel Free Download

The sample salary slip template excel files can be access from the following page. Everything can be downloaded just in a click:

Sample Salary Slip Format in Excel File Free Download 1Download Here
Sample Salary Slip Format in Excel File Free Download 2Download Here
Sample Salary Slip Format in Excel File Free Download 3Download Here
Sample Salary Slip Format in Excel File Free Download 4Download Here
Sample Salary Slip Format in Excel File Free Download 5Download Here

Salary Slip Format in Excel

Microsoft Excel is capable of performing difficult calculations, computations, pivot tables, and much more. Most of the companies plan to prepare a salary slip using Microsoft Excel, since it is one of the most widely used tools. Most people use the Excel file for dealing with huge datasets. Most companies make use of Excel to automate the monthly salary of employees. The steps to create a formatted salary slip format India in Excel for companies are explained below.

Before creating salary slip, keep the following things handy.

1. Employee Database and Salary Structure Format

The first step towards creating a salary slip in Excel format is to establish the employee database. This database should include all the necessary components of the employee, such as name, employee ID, basic salary, and the detailed salary structure. It should also contain information such as which allowances are deducted from the employee’s salary and a list of deductions that are made from the employee’s salary.

2. Gross Salary Calculation

The formula to calculate gross salary is as follows:

Gross Salary = Basic Salary + Allowances

In the gross salary portion, the allowances of the employee are calculated. The allowances in gross salary refer to things such as house rent allowance, transportation allowance, disability allowance, flexible plans, etc. Hence, the basic salary and the allowances are added to calculate the gross salary.

3. Calculation of the Deduction

The next and most important part of the format of the salary slip is to mention deductions. Many organizations have various deduction policies such as PF (provident fund), insurance, medical insurance, and tax deductions that are deducted from the salary. Under this section, the deductions of the employees are calculated on the basis of their basic salary and the database deduction percentage.

4. Net Payable Salary

The last and most important component of a salary slip in Excel is the net payable salary. Net salary is the salary that is credited to employees after all deductions are made. The net payable salary is calculated on the basis of the gross salary minus all deductions. Hence, the formula for the net payable salary is as follows:

Net Payable Salary = Gross Salary – Deductions

Advantages of Creating Salary Slip Format in Excel

Excel is one of the most popular spreadsheet programmes, and it is widely used for creating salary slips by individuals, small businesses, and also large organisations.

Excel has various advantages when compared to other spreadsheet software that make it a preferred choice for creating salary slips. Some of the advantages of creating salary slips using Excel are as follows:

  • Flexibility: Excel allows users to customise the salary slips as per their requirements. When creating salary slips, they can add or remove columns, rows, and formulas based on their needs.
  • Ease of use: Excel has a user-friendly interface that is used to create and modify salary slips, even if the user doesn’t have advanced technical skills.
  • Accuracy: Excel has built-in formulas and functions that can perform calculations accurately and quickly, minimising the chances of errors in the salary slip.
  • Cost-effective: Excel is more affordable when compared to other software solutions. Hence, Excel can be accessed and used by anyone with a basic understanding of the software.

Overall, creating salary slips in Excel is a practical and convenient way to manage payroll and salary-related information, especially for small businesses or individuals who may not have access to more sophisticated payroll software.

Salary Slip Format in Word Free Download

The various employee salary certificate slip word format have been tabulated below:

Simple Salary Slip Format in Word Doc – Sample 1Download Here
Simple Salary Slip Format in Word Doc – Sample 2Download Here
Simple Salary Slip Format Word Doc – Sample 3Download Here
Salary Receipt Format

Salary Slip Format in Word

A salary slip, also known as a pay slip, is a legal document or certificate that is handed out to employees by their employers when they receive their salaries. It is a detailed document containing components of an employee’s salary and certain information regarding their employment. An employee receives it every month along with their salary, in the form of a printed copy or a soft copy. It works as proof of an employee’s monthly salary and deductions. 

It is always important to keep one’ salary slip because it can be used to apply for a bank loan or mortgage, as it proves that the person is financially stable and will be able to pay back the loan. It determines how much tax one is liable for and guarantees access to certain government-provided facilities and schemes. One can also use the salary slip from their previous employer to negotiate a proposed salary by their new employer. 

The salary slip is usually divided into two halves, and each segment represents the financial details of an employee. These different yet equally important segments include the income, expenses, obligations, gross earnings, and net pay of an employee. 

Salary Slip Format Without Deductions

If you are based in India and earn a salary below Rs 3 lakhs, then there will be no deductions made from your salary. If you are looking for information on how a salary slip looks without deductions, then here is a sample example of a salary slip without deductions.

salary slip without deduction
Salary statement format

Importance of Salary Slip for Employees

Original salary slips pays a major role for a salaried employees. A few points why salary or payslips are important for employees have been listed below:

Importance of Salary Slip for Employees
  1. Apply for loans and credit cards: A salary slip will have all the detailed information about an employee’s designation and his or her salary. Knowing the employee’s salary will help the bank determine if he or she is capable of paying back loans and credit card bills.
  2. Prove that they are salaried employees. It is important for an employee to have the last three months’ salary slip. If an employee is applying for a VISA or admission to a foreign university, he or she should prove that they are salaried employees, which can be proved using their salary slip.
  3. Determine your income tax payment: In order to file your ITR, it is extremely important for you to submit your payslip to determine how much salary you are earning and under which tax bracket you will fall.
  4. Future pay should be negotiated: When you are applying for new jobs with an incremental salary, you should be able to submit your previous salary slip. Based on your previous salary slip, the employer will decide how much of an increment should be given to you.
  5. To Avail Government Subsidies: The employee’s salary slip is also required if the employee wishes to receive subsidies or enroll in a government scheme. Hence, for an employee to prove that he is working, he should submit his payslips.

Read on to learn about the essentials of a pay slip format for salary.

Basic Template of a Salary Slip 

The payment slip format of the salary slip is more or less the same at different workplaces. Here are some of the important factors that a payslip should include. 

  • Company’s name
  • Company’s logo 
  • Name of the employee 
  • Employee’s ID number 
  • Designation of the employee 
  • Employee’s PAN number 
  • Leaves took by the employee 
  • Employee’s Bank Account details 
  • Operative workdays of the employee
  • Employee’s PF Account number 
  • Earning and deductions 
  • Gross payment 
  • Net payment 
Simple Salary Slip Format For Small Organisation , Pay Slip Format Excel
Basic Salary Slip Format

Components of a Employee Salary Slip 

In order to understand the components of a payslip, it’s vital to divide them into two parts: 

  1. Salary & Allowances 
  2. Deductions 

Let’s talk about these components in detail. 

Vector banner of payroll, salary payment

Employee Salary and Allowances 

Here are the payslip components that appear under “Salary and Allowances” in a standard salary slip format. 

1. Basic Salary 

A basic salary is the amount employers pay their employees before any deduction or increase occurs. The reason for either could be overtime, a bonus, or an allowance. Also known as “base pay,” “basic salary” is the initial compensation rate. 

2. House Rent Allowance (HRA) 

Employers pay HRA to meet the employees’ accommodation requirements while they live on rent. 

3. Leave Travel Allowance 

It is that allowance that employees receive for travel. Such an allowance covers all the travel costs within the nation. 

4. Conveyance Allowance 

Also known as “transport allowance,” “conveyance allowance” is provided to the employees of a company for travel. However, this allowance applies only from their residence to the workplace. 

5. Variable Allowance 

Employers issue employees a variable allowance when the latter reach their goals or fall far behind them. 

6. Medical Allowance 

This one is a fixed allowance given to employees to meet their medical needs. It is provided to workers irrespective of the fact that they submit medical bills for reimbursement or not. 

7. Personal Allowance 

It is the amount of income that an individual is entitled to receive free of charge every year. The calculation of a personal allowance is based on these: 

  • Gross pay 
  • Gross salary, CTC, total deduction, and net pay 
  • Basic salary (40% of CTC) 
  • DA (50% of basic) 
  • HRA (20% of basic pay) 

8. Special Allowance 

Most organisations pay a special allowance to meet their employees’ unique demands or needs regarding their work performance. That is, it is the fixed amount paid above the basic salary to the employees by their employer. 

Deductions in Salary Slip Format

A standard format for a salary slip contains the following deductions: 

1. Provident Fund (PF) 

It is a savings tool for a company’s employees. PF is a scheme that most organizations handle under the Employees’ Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provisions Act of 1952. 

As per this scheme, an employee has to deduct a fixed amount from his salary. The employer pays an equal amount of the PF. This amount earns interest and allows the employee to create wealth over time. 

2. Professional Tax 

The next deduction in the usual format of a salary slip is the professional tax. It is the tax levied on workers by the state government. Employees earning through any medium need to pay it from their earnings. Such taxes vary from state to state. In most states, the professional tax is always Rs.200, which is deducted from your salary. However, this deduction varies from one state to another as per the income earned by the employee. Further, the deductions made in salary also vary depending on the union territory where the employee has earned the income. The following table depicts the detailed deduction made in the employee’s salary as per their state and their union territory.

StateProfessional Tax Limit
AssamRs 208
BiharRs 2,500
ChattisgarhRs 1,200
JharkhandRs 2,100
KeralaRs 1,250
Madhya PradeshRs 208
MaharashtraRs 300
MeghalayaRs 750
Tamil NaduRs 208
TelanganaRs 2,500
TripuraRs 208

Also, there are a few states where professional tax is not charged, and those states are tabulated below:

States Where Professional Tax is Not Deducted in Salary States Where Professional Tax is Not Deducted in Salary
Arunachal PradeshDaman & Diu
Himachal PradeshDadra and Nagar Haveli
HaryanaJammu & Kashmir
Uttar PradeshPunjab
Andaman and Nicobar IslandsChandigarh

3. Tax Deductible at Source (TDS) 

TDS is a particular amount that gets deducted from the salary. It is paid by the company that makes the payment. Conversely, the individual who receives the deposit (employee) is reasonably obligated to pay the tax. 

4. Employees’ State Insurance (ESI) 

Another deduction in the salary slip format is ESI. It is a health insurance plan designed to offer cash and medical benefits to employees. The employer must contribute to the ESI fund by deducting the employee’s contribution from his salary. 

5. Gratuity 

It is a monetary benefit given to employees at the time of their retirement. Companies typically deduct a percentage (4.81%) of an employee’s basic pay + DA to pay for gratuity.

Key Pointers to Remember for a Salary Slip Format

  • Always have the necessary information about your employees, like their official names, addresses, contact details, and bank account details.
  • Write the name of your company in the top left corner. Under that, you can enter the name and professional details of your employees. 
  • The majority of people create two columns. You can enter salary and allowances on the left side and deductions on the right. 

Here’s a simple salary slip format to help you prepare payslips for your organization. 

Sample Pay Slip Format for 30,000 per Month

The sample pay slip format for 30,000 per month is given below:

Pay Slip for the Month of Jan 2023
Employee Name: Karthik.M   Bank: Axis Bank
Employee ID: 14567   A/C No: 912534XXX679
Designation: Hardware Engineer   Total Days in Month: 31
Salary for the Month: Jan 2023   Total Present Days: 31
          Amount in Rs:
Twenty-Eight Thousand Two Hundred Forty
Particulars Basic HRA Conveyance Allowances Medical Allowances Other Allowances OT Wages Gross Salary Earned
Gross Salary 13000 5200 1600 1250 8950   30000
Earnings 13000 5200 1600 1250 8950 0 30000
Less Deductions PF ESI Professional Tax Loan Recovery Income Tax Others Total Deduction
  1560   200       1760
Net Salary 28240

Last 3 Months Salary Slip Format

When most of you try to switch jobs, HR will request previous pay stubs. Most importantly, HR requests the last three months’ pay stubs. This is because of the following reasons:

  • To check if you are in the salary range for the position. If your current salary is more than the offered salary, then HR will reject you. If your current salary is less than the offered salary, then the HR department will check on your designation and offer a designation such as senior manager, VP, etc.
  • HR sent a request for a salary slip to check if you were employed for the last 3 months. There might be a few candidates who would have switched companies in 2 months or 1 month. To check the previous background of an employer, ask for a payslip.
  • Additionally, HR will try to make an offer with other compensations apart from the take-home salary. Further, HR will check if you had any other benefits and try to provide some additional benefits.
  • To carefully evaluate your pay stub, HR requests only the last 3 months salary slip. Here is a sample last three months salary slip format that you can use for preparing the salary slip.
Sample Salary Slip Format or Pay Slip Format 1Download Here
Sample Salary Slip Format or Pay Slip Format 2Download Here
Sample Salary Slip Format or Pay Slip Format 3Download Here
Sample Salary Slip Format or Pay Slip Format 4Download Here
Sample Salary Slip Format or Pay Slip Format 5Download Here

FAQs on Salary Slip Format

The frequently asked questions on Salary Slip Format are given below:

What is a “salary slip” for a private employee?
The salary slip for a private employee is an important document that he or she receives month after month from their employer. The salary slip acts as proof of employment for the employee that he or she has been working for a company. Also, the salary slip states the total salary or in-hand salary the employee was receiving.

Can HR ask for a salary slip?
Yes, HR can ask for a salary slip to determine if that particular person has worked for a company or not. Also, check how much salary the employee is receiving.

What information should be included in the format of a salary slip for organizations?
A salary slip format that is created by the organisation should include all the employee details, such as name, designation, employee ID, and period of payment. The salary slip should also include other important details, such as gross salary, deductions, and net salary for the period.

How often should organizations provide employees with a salary slip?
Organizations are entitled to provide salary slips to their employees at least once a month. The salary slip provided by the organization should include all the important details, such as salary paid, deductions made, number of working days, and so on.

Can organizations customize their salary slip format?
Yes, organizations can customize their salary slip format to suit their specific needs. However, even after the customization, the salary should contain all the details required by law, and the language of the salary slip should be provided in an easy-to-understand format.

How do I make last 3 months salary slip format?
You can make a salary slip format for the last three months by using an online template or a software program. Also you can download free salary slip templates from this page. Some of these programs allow you to customize the format and add your required information. You can also find simple templates online that you can fill out manually.

What are the components that I should include in salary slip format for Pvt Ltd company?
For a private limited company, the components usually included on a salary slip format are the employee name and number, the number of hours worked, wages earned, deductions, any taxes or contributions, and the net salary amount.

How can I make a simple salary slip?
You can create a simple salary slip by using an online template or a software program. Most of these programs allow you to customize the format and add the information you need to the slip. Additionally, you can find templates online that you can fill out manually.

What components to include in salary slip format for cash payment?
When creating a salary slip format for cash payment, it is important to include the employee name and number, wages earned, deductions, any taxes or contributions, and the net salary amount. These components will ensure that the salary slip is accurate and that all payments are recorded properly.

How can I get my salary slip?
There are multiple ways through which you can get your salary slip. One of them is by asking the HR of your company for your salary slip. Another way of getting it is through your bank. Since your salary directly gets credited to your bank account, they can provide you with the salary slip.

Can I make or create my own salary slip?
It is illegal to make your own salary slip. Since the salary slip is generated by the employer, employees cannot create one on their own. Both manual and online processes are available to businesses and organisations for creating salary slips.

What is proof of salary?
A salary certificate letter is proof of salary. Basically, A salary certificate letter is a document that serves as proof of your employment and the company that you are employed, and it is provided by your employer.

Should I create salary slip format for small organisation?
Yes, creating a salary slip format for a small organization is recommended as it helps to ensure accuracy and transparency when paying salary to employees. Additionally, the salary slip can help with tax calculations and compliance with legal regulations.

Where is a salary slip required?
A salary or wage slip is an important legal document that acts as proof that you are a salaried employee. Salary slips are requested at many places, such as when applying for new jobs by HR, by banks when you take out loans, by credit card companies, by income tax departments, and many more.

While the format of a salary slip model may vary from company to company, the components stay the same. 

An employee’s payslip can be created using software designed especially for the salary slip. Although you can draft salary slips manually, using an HR/payroll platform is ideal. 

Such tools allow you to create salary slips quickly and with no hassle. Besides, they offer you customizable payroll solutions and minimise mistakes. Some structured salary slip format software that you can rely on includes RazorPayX Payroll, Asanify, QuickBooks Payroll, OnPay, and Gusto. 

However, if you want the freedom to draft an entirely customized payslip, you can use Google Sheets or Excel. 

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