Download Free SMS Bomber APK for Sending Messages

In today’s world online marketing has become the most utilised and successful method of promotion. The probability of finding a large customer base online is much higher than attracting only locals. Using various digital marketing techniques allows you to reach a global market, and it is not only cost-effective but also scalable. SMS is one of the best and most cost-effective ways of promoting your brand and engaging with your audience, and being able to send SMS in bulk within a short span of time, saves time and effort.

SMS Bomber Apk is an app that allows users to send automated SMS messages to any number of contacts. The app is available on various platforms, including Android, iOS, and Windows. It is an effective way to prank friends, family, and colleagues. It has a user-friendly interface, which makes it easy to use. The app is free to download and is one of the most popular pranks as well as digital marketing apps on the market.

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SMS Bomber APK Download Links

The SMS Bomber App can be downloaded from the following links.

Download Links

How to Download SMS Bomber APK App?

To learn how to download the SMS Bomber APK, follow the installation steps listed below:

sms bomber apk download
  • Step 1: The first thing you need to do to use the SMS Bomber APK on your device is, download the APK from the links provided in the table.
  • Step 2: Once the download is complete, go to the settings menu on your Android device and search for Security & Privacy.
  • Step 3: Select the Security & Privacy option and enable the “unknown sources” toggle.
  • Step 4: Once you are done with the steps mentioned above, open the file manager and look for the downloaded SMS Bomber APK file
  • Step 5: Click on the downloaded file to install it.
  • Step 6: Now the installation process will begin, and once it is completed, all you need to do is click on “Open” to launch the app.

What is a WhatsApp Bomber APK?

A WhatsApp bomber is distinct from an SMS bomber yet similar to both. It is an advanced tool made for pranking friends. Their technology allows for limitless WhatsApp calls and messages. It is a free-to-use tool and can be used directly from the website. Users can download the WhatsApp Mod APK and can use it to send mass messages to a single number to prank them.

WhatsApp Bomber can also be used as a smart marketing and advertising tool, similar to the SMS Bomber APK. One can send out promotional deals, new brand changes and more within a few minutes to thousands of people. It also lets you schedule the timings of the messages according to your wish.

WhatsApp Bomber APK can not only be installed on an android phone but also on an iOS.

Some of the features of WhatsApp Bomber include:

  • It is absolutely free to use.
  • It doesn’t contain ads.
  • It is user-friendly and easy to use.
  • The messages that you want to send out don’t need to have a word limit. It can be a word or an essay.
  • The size of the APK is small, hence it does not occupy too much space on your device.

How to download the WhatsApp Bomber APK?

To install and use the WhatsApp Bomber APK, you need to follow the steps listed down:

Step 1: Search for WhatsApp Bomber APK in Google and go to the relevant page.

Step 2: Look for the download option on the page and click on it.

Step 3: Once the download process is done, click on the “Install the APK” option.

Step 4: Next you need to go to your phone Settings and search for Security & Privacy. After clicking on it, enable the “unknown sources” toggle.

Step 5: Open the file manager and click on the downloaded file of WhatsApp apk and tap on it to begin Installation.

Or you can:

Go to any WhatsApp Bomber website and enter the number you want to send texts to in the “enter the number” section. Once that is done, click submit. As soon as the processing is completed, the number you entered will start getting WhatsApp messages and calls.

SMS Bomber Apk Features

The SMS message bomber apk has a range of features, which makes it an effective prank app. Some of the features are

  • Automated Messages: The app allows users to send automated SMS messages to any number of contacts.
  • Customizable Messages: Users can customise the messages they want to send to their contacts.
  • Multiple Platforms: The app is available on a range of platforms, including Android, iOS, and Windows.
  • Scheduled Messages: Users can set up a schedule for when their messages will be sent out.
  • Group Messaging: The app also supports group messaging, allowing users to send the same message to multiple contacts simultaneously.
  • Spoofing: The app provides users with the ability to spoof their messages, making it difficult for the recipient to identify the sender.
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1000 SMS Bomber Apk Download

The SMS Bomber APK is a tool that allows a user to send 1 to 5000 text messages, and the user will be able to send an unlimited number of messages as many times as he or she wants. Thus, one can easily send 1000 message bomber messages to their contacts.

The Bomber app also has a plethora of features that make it useful for messaging. For example, a user can delay the messages by 30 seconds or set no delay for sending out the messages. One can also send the same message an unlimited number of times to a particular person.

To send 1000 messages using the SMS Bomber apk, you will have to select a number from your contact list, select the number of times the message should be sent, write the message, and click on the send button. That’s it; all your messages will be delivered to their recipient.

Advantages of the SMS Bomber Apk

The SMS Bomber App has a range of advantages, which makes it one of the most popular prank apps out there. Some of the benefits are:

  1. Increased Reach: SMS bombing allows you to reach a large number of people in a short period of time. This can be extremely useful for marketing campaigns.
  2. Cost-effective: It is much cheaper than other marketing methods and can be done with minimal effort.
  3. Convenience: The process of SMS bombing is relatively easy to understand and use. It can be done from any location, making it an ideal option for those who need to reach a large audience quickly.
  4. Automation: SMS bombing can be automated, making it easier to manage large campaigns. This saves time and money, as you do not have to manually send out messages.
  5. Targeted Messages: You can target specific audiences with SMS bombing. This helps to ensure that only the people interested in your product or service receive your messages.
  6. Customization: You can customise your messages to include the recipient’s name, location, or other details. This helps to make your messages more personal and can increase the likelihood of them being read.
  7. Fun Factor: SMS bombing can also be used for fun. For example, you can send jokes or entertaining messages to your friends.
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Overall, SMS bombing is a great way to reach many people quickly and cost-effectively. It also offers a range of customization and targeting options, making it an effective marketing tool.

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Disadvantages of SMS Bomber Apk

The SMS Bomber App also has a few disadvantages, which users should keep in mind before using it. These include

  1. Unlawful Activity: The primary disadvantage of SMS bombers is that they are often used for malicious purposes, such as sending harassing or threatening messages. This type of activity is illegal in many countries and may result in severe consequences, including fines or jail time.
  2. Cost: Using SMS bombers can be expensive, as they often require users to purchase credits in order to send messages. These credits can quickly add up, especially if the user sends a large number of messages.
  3. Unreliable: SMS bombers are often unreliable, as messages can be blocked or delayed by network operators. This makes it difficult to guarantee that messages will be delivered in a timely manner.
  4. Spam: SMS bombers can send spam messages to large numbers of people, which can be annoying and disruptive. This type of activity can also result in users being blacklisted or blocked from sending messages to certain numbers.
  5. Security Risk: SMS bombers can potentially be used to gain access to sensitive information, such as passwords or financial information. As such, it is essential to know the potential security risks associated with using SMS bombers.
  6. Limited Reach: SMS bombers are limited in their reach, as they can only be used to send messages to numbers within a certain country or region. This can make it difficult to reach many people in different countries.
  7. Not Anonymous: SMS bombers typically require users to provide their personal information in order to send messages, which can make them vulnerable to being identified by law enforcement. Additionally, messages sent using SMS bombers can be traced back to the sender, which can result in legal repercussions.

A List of Some of the Alternatives of SMS Bomber


The SMS Bomber Apk allows its users to send out over a thousand texts to a single phone number within minutes. This apk was developed for people who would want to play harmless pranks on their friends. It is free to use message bomber apk and has a tonne of features for messaging. But since this is a third-party app and can pose a potential security risk, it can easily be banned. Hence, listed below is a list of alternatives for SMS Bomber:

  1. MyToolsTown
  2. GreatOnlineTools
  3. MessageBomber
  4. Sktechhub
  5. SMSBomber.Online
  6. SMSBomberAp
  7. BombItUp
  8. Freeramble
  9. Flash Bomber
  10. Telcob
  11. Beast Bomber
  12. YetAnotherSMSBomber

What Causes SMS Bombing?

Basically, people use a message bomber to send messages in the form of OTPs, random texts and more, without any limits or restrictions. To conduct these attacks, the attacker incorporates some kind of script or application with weak APIs (without a rate restriction).

These scripts or apps are created using OTP APIs, which are prone to Rate Limiting attacks because they do not check the number of OTPs being delivered.

Is SMS Bomber Safe to Use?

SMS Bomber is an APK through which one can send an unlimited amount of messages to a target number or multiple numbers within a short span of time. The sender doesn’t have to enter the texts manually as the option to duplicate a particular message multiple times is available.

Since the message bomber apk was created with the intention of pranking people, it is not necessarily harmful. Unless you use it to spam someone and cause them to be anxious and disrupt their daily life.

Unfortunately, the APK is being used for harmful purposes and many have filed complaints to the police under cybercrime threat. Though the SMS Bomber APK claims that the sender can send texts anonymously, it has been recorded by a few people that the APK saves your personal data when you use it. Hence, it has a high risk of data breach and should be used with caution.

How To Save Yourself from SMS Bomber Apk?

The SMS Bomber was developed so individuals can prank or annoy their friends. It was made for harmless fun but it can be used to harass a person by sending a large number of messages continuously and disrupting their life and mental peace.

As this is a cybersecurity crime and privacy breach, you can lodge a complaint against the website or apk to the police and file an FIR against it. They can trace the IP and make it stop.

If you don’t want to involve the police, you can manually block the number and report it as spam. This should stop you from getting spammed by the apk.

You can also try out anti-SMS Bombers which is a tool that helps you automatically block incoming spam texts from a particular sender.

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FAQs on SMS Bomber APK App

The following are some frequently asked questions about the SMS Bomber app.

What is SMS Bomber Apk all about?

SMS Bomber Apk is an app that allows users to send a large number of text messages to a single phone number at the same time. It can be used for pranks and to annoy people by flooding their phones with messages.

Is SMS Bomber Apk free to download?

Yes, the latest version of SMS Bomber Apk is free to download and use.

Is SMS Bomber Apk safe to use?

The SMS Bomber Apk is completely safe to use. However, caution should be taken in order to avoid any potential legal issues. It is essential to be aware of any laws that prohibit the use of such apps.

What types of messages can be sent with the SMS Bomber Apk?

SMS Bomber Apk allows users to send text messages as well as images, videos, audio, and other multimedia content.

Can SMS Bomber Apk be used to send messages to international numbers?

Yes, SMS Bomber Apk can send messages to international phone numbers.

Is using message bomber or sms bomber a crime?

SMS Bomber Apk was created with the intention of using it for pranking people, and it has become a new trend in the world of pranks. It is not a crime to use a message bomber but using it to annoy strangers or disrupt their life can be considered a crime.

How can I message bomb someone?

Sending texts one by one can be very taxing and is also a waste of time. SMS Bomber Apk is the new popular tool that helps you text bomb someone with unlimited messages within a few minutes. It was developed for people who want to prank their friends or acquaintances. It is an APK that duplicates messages or creates messages of the same kind, and you can send them to a targeted number within minutes. With this message bomber, you don’t have to do this manually.

Can bombing people with messages disrupt their phones?

Using SMS Bomber to send out multiple messages and bomb someone’s phone with messages can be considered harassment. Sending numerous messages and one-time passwords within a short span of time can disrupt the life of mobile users, as it causes the phones to hang or stop working. This disables people from using their phones properly and also disrupts their work.

The SMS Bomber App is an effective way to prank friends, family, and colleagues. The interesting features of this app make it an effective pranking tool, but users should keep in mind that the app can also be legally problematic, a breach of privacy, and misused. It also has the potential to cause disruption in a person’s life and even get them into legal trouble. Therefore, it is crucial to use the app responsibly and only use it as a harmless prank.

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