There has been a phenomenal increase in the number of young professionals in India who are in search of business ideas with minimal investment. They have all the potential and abilities to turn into aspiring entrepreneurs, ready to change the face of Indian economy. Yet, most of the times these talented youth do not have enough capital to kick-start a flourishing business.

Ever wondered what’s the basic difference between a successful entrepreneur and an unsuccessful one? When you choose to break free from the dreary 9-5 job and wish to become your own boss, it’s going to be a long and onerous journey. And this journey of a thousand miles begins with implementing that game-changing idea, which will eventually bring you closer to your dream. A good startup idea has immense potential to give you maximum returns with minimal setup costs, as low as 10k.

Take a look at these top 10 profitable startup ideas with low investment in India that is definitely worth taking the risk.

1. Social Media Management Services

In the current scenario, social media has redefined how business functions. Companies are frantically looking for reliable social media handles to manage their advertising through digital marketing. A good social media service provider is one who targets potential digital users and audience through clever storytelling and promotional techniques. The market is flooded with Social Media apps and the numbers are only expected to increase.

To become a successful Social Media provider, along with a unique idea to bring more business, you need an ability to pick up the trends and roll with it quickly. The startup cost involves minimal cost depending on your scalability. While you can hire a few people to create and curate content, manage social media accounts, this idea requires the least resources. However, one needs to be on their toes to learn new hacks and techniques as there’s always something new coming on Facebook or Instagram marketing. The info graph on social media clearly makes it one of the best startup ideas with low investment in India.

startup ideas with low investment social media


Blogging is a minimum startup business that can be extremely profitable. Over the last few decades, companies are in a hunt for bloggers who help them to create a web-based platform for their business and reach to a global audience through the means of online posts and contents. In this era of digital age, blogging has evolved to become the backbone for successful businesses and bloggers are looked upon as online influencers.

Blogging is a great startup idea that earns you income as well as respect. If you have the keenness to write, a quest for reading and a dedication to never give up, you have the perfect ingredients to become a good blogger. There are countless free blogging guides available online, to help beginners create impactful blogs. With an initial cost of investing in a hosting space and domain name, you are geared up to make your mark.

startup ideas with low investment blogging

Travel Agency

Travel Industry in India is at its peak. While the desire for ‘wanderlust’ is umpteen, there are never enough resources for meticulous packing. So if you have a fervour for travelling, this profession can make you a millionaire. As a good travel agent, you must be able to plan a great itinerary for clients that offer superb arrangements for them on holidays in the most pocket-friendly way.

There is no initial startup cost for opening a travel agency, other than getting a high-speed internet connection. Your job might also require you to function as a tour guide for your clients and travel with them to breathtaking locales around the world. Isn’t it exciting enough to get started?


Photography is a business in itself. A photographer is always in demand in personal as well as professional life. Whether there is a corporate seminar, wedding functions, promotions, book launches or exhibitions, it is important to be clicked.

If you have a passion for photography, then it is the right field for you to invest your time and energy. The initial cost in this startup business is buying a good digital camera and creating a smart portfolio for your business. You can either choose to work as a freelance photographer or tie up with reputed photography organizations.

startup ideas with low investment photography

Tiffin Service

Tiffin Service has turned out to be a profitable startup with low investment, especially for women. The ‘eating out’ trend has been replaced with ‘eating in’. And whilst most of the young Indian couples are working, the demand for tiffin service has increased manifold. People are willing to pay well for healthy tiffin service delivered at their workplace or even homes. Tiffin service requires no startup cost as it can begin right from your home using the ingredients in your kitchen shelf. A right mix of taste and healthy ingredients can turn it into a highly profitable business.

Fruit Juice Kiosk

The urban Indian crowd is becoming more conscious of what they eat and drink. Staying fit and healthy is a top priority now and this turned the idea of opening a fruit juice kiosk into a lucrative business. Nothing can be more refreshing than a glass of fresh fruit juice on a sultry summer afternoon. There has been a rapid increase in the number of fruit juice kiosk popping up in metropolitan cities across India.

To open a kiosk, you first need to seek a permit in your chosen locality and rent a small space. Other than the monthly rent you only need to invest in the purchase of raw materials and basic supplies for the kiosk.

startup ideas with low investment juice kiosk

Online Fitness Instructors

In the 21st century, being fit is highly crucial. While most of us desire to stay healthy, there is never enough time to visit a gymnasium or attend fitness classes. Wouldn’t it be convenient to have someone visit your home to help you get in shape or get fitness classes online, any time of the day? That’s exactly what an online fitness instructor does for clients.

Becoming an online fitness instructor is a new rage today. If you are a fitness freak, you simply need to upload your fitness tutorials on social media and get people following you there. If you are good at your work you can easily make a strong online presence and become a great fitness instructor without renting any studio space.

Event Management

The ‘big fat Indian weddings’ have made event management one of the most profitable startups with low investment. Planning an event, either on a professional or personal scale requires looking after minute details to make it super successful. People involved in these mostly do not have the time for execution and hire event managers to take charge of the situation. Panache for creativity and the right networking can take you places in the event management business without making a big investment.

startup ideas with low investment event management

Tuition and Coaching Centres

This is another lucrative business option for those with capital constraints. Tuitions classes or coaching centres can begin right from your home, eliminating the need for any rented space. The classes can be taken individually or in larger groups. With a strong knowledge in the field, you excel will help to spread your popularity by word-of-mouth. Slowly, as the business grows you can hire professionals in other field and start working from a rented place.

Food Trucks

The concept of healthy food on wheels is working well in the urban cities of India. Food trucks are the new-age ‘thellas’ that serves hot, delicious and healthy food. These mobile eating joints present you with delectable cuisines from around the world at a fairly reasonable price. The USP of food trucks is their mobility; you can conveniently park them outside the school during the afternoon and later travel to office areas during the late evening. Opening your food trucks is an ideal business startup if you have the budget of 10k. With no real-estate investments required, you only need a functional truck, basic equipment and few staffs to get your business kick-started.

startup ideas with low investment food trucks

The current trend in the Indian economy makes it an ideal ground for ambitious entrepreneurs. These remarkable startup ideas with only 10,000 budget will enable newbies to turn into flourishing entrepreneurs. These startup ideas with low investment prove that capital can never be a roadblock on your journey to achieve BIG in life!

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