Day Pass To Dedicated Office Space – Work Models Change, myHQ as the Space Provider Remains Constant

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Valuefy, a premier investment technology company, that adds value to wealth managers with insights across all stages of the investment lifecycle, wouldn’t want anything less valuable, especially when it comes to their next great workspace.

This reflected in their 6 month-long search period before myHQ helped them zero in on their dream workspace in Goregaon at an unbelievable price point. Why the wait, and how was it worth it, let’s dive right into it.




The Solution

Valuefy was not new to myHQ’s expertise when it came to providing the best workspace solutions at discounted prices. They’d used the platform exclusively for their day pass bookings at premium centers like WeWork.

“We’d earlier used the myHQ platform exclusively for our day pass bookings at centers like WeWork. So when it came to finding a dedicated workspace, we only trusted them to find us an option that had the best of both worlds – Premium spaces & budgeted rentals”

Senior representative, Valuefy

The location they had narrowed down was not just saturated but also had a per-seat price that was exorbitantly high. However, leveraging myHQ’s extensive network, industry expertise, and the dedication of our experts, we navigated this hurdle successfully.

myHQ skillfully negotiated the best possible price and secured a premier workspace in the heart of Goregaon.

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The Result

In no time, and without the burden of cumbersome paperwork, Valuefy seamlessly transitioned into their new office space, benefitting from a 30% discount per seat compared to prevailing market rates.

This substantial reduction in overhead costs resulted in significant savings for the company. Additionally, we ensured there was no compromise when it comes to the experience of the client even with the reduced cost. We delivered a space at par with their earlier workspace at 50% lesser expense.

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If you too like valuefy are on the search for your next great workspace, let us know.

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