Humans are vastly visual creatures and a logo is a visual representation of your brand. It’s your identity, the one which will be etched in people’s mind — or perhaps becomes a reason why your brand will remain etched in people’s mind for a long long time.

Time to get creative, quirky and experimental if you’re finalising your logo design. Sky’s the limit when we say “get creative”. So while a logo humbly represents your brand’s meaning, a brilliant logo represents your brand’s vision. In business, vision wins.

Here are 21 super creative, super inspiring logos of big baddies in the industry:

1. Sushi

That H with the chopsticks and a brilliant sushi roll in the middle.

logo design myhq image1

2. Le tour de France

France is best done on a bicycle — and that’s exactly what the O U R is.

logo design myhq image2

3. Backspace

Doesn’t this picture make you want to backspace and rectify the spelling?

logo design myhq image3


4. Killed

Oh Damn, that i got killed, and how!

logo design myhq image4


5. Hershey’s Kisses

This American brand has a dimensional kiss hidden between K and I. Tilt your head a bit and watch it.

logo design myhq image5


6. Amazon

Yes, that yellow arrow is a smiley, but it also connects A to Z — which is what Amazon wants to tell you. “A to Z, we’ve got you covered.”

logo design myhq amazon


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7. Bipolar

No definition of bipolar could have defined the essence of being bipolar better than this visual logo.

logo design myhq image7


8. Wine Searcher

Is that a binocular or a pair of spectacles? Probably two bottles of wine.

logo design myhq image8


9. Code Fish

This mobile app and web development company knew how to do fish their style.

logo design myhq image9


10. Diamond Bookstore

Just when you thought old school brands couldn’t surprise you, you’ve got a diamond in the shape of a book. Or maybe, a book in the shape of a diamond?

logo design myhq image10


11. Sharky

Who can possibly make sharks so subtle? Only the Sharky.

logo design myhq image11



12. Beat

Just like its parent company Apple, world’s premium audio brand Beat played its best beat on its logo design. Do you see the headphone there?

logo design myhq beat


13. Freedom

When the top of the ‘m’ breaks free from its rightful place and takes flight as a bird, we know we are talking about Freedom. Absolute simplicity.

logo design myhq image13


14. Arrow

Creativity is boundless, limitless. No one told you A has got to have a horizontal dash. Play around.

logo design myhq arrow


15. Food Writers

The Guild of Food Writers slyly infused a spoon in its nib — just the way they infuse food in their writing. Subtle.

logo design myhq image15

16. Unlock

How does an open lock looks like? The U in Unlock tells you the right way.

logo design myhq image16


17. Tostitos

Two’s a party with Tostitos. Watch the bowl of Tostitos chips between T and T.

logo design myhq image17

18. Eight

An intelligent logo knows no boundary. Bring alphabets and numbers to the same party and watch magic happens — Eight and 8888.

logo design myhq image18


19. Horror Films

That’s horror in the film- literally.

logo design myhq image19

20. Waterfront

You ask where’s the water in Waterfront, here it is.

logo design myhq image20


21. Organ Donation

One of the most subtle and meaningful logos, Organ Donation has hit all the right chords.

logo design myhq image21

Logos define your company. When you’re asking someone to design your logo, make sure they know your brand’s vision, philosophy and positioning. A creative logo designer is equipped with skills and tools to design a perfect logo singing your brand’s tune. Moreover, they have a knack of the offbeat and the consumer’s mindset. We say, you trust them.

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