7 Mistakes That You Must Avoid If You Are New To Freelancing.

In this new era of pursuing what you love, freelancing in one’s field of interest sounds like an enthralling idea and it actually is. Getting to spend most of your time doing what you love at your terms looks like a delicious fruit basket to all. An abundant amount of people are convinced with this concept and are wanting to be full-time freelancers. Although it is important that one must dig deeper into the consequences and make an informed decision to make the transition period smooth.

As a newbie in the industry it is sometimes difficult to fetch work and build repo as one might have thought initially. An individual can be great in their field but it requires considerable time and patience to make a place for oneself in the market and build up clients.

Listed below are 7 blunders that you dont want to commit as a new freelancer.

01. Letting go of your permanent job

It is advisable to not quit one’s current job solely to start freelancing especially when you have little or no savings. Freelancing is a process that may seem super flexible from the outside but has its own implications attached to it. Don’t let go of your financial security but first, start freelancing in your free time. Gradually, once you get familiar with the work process and have enough clients to get you going then take a decision to devote yourself completely in the field.

02. Starting without a plan

Plan your work and then work your plan, it’s as simple. Jumping into freelancing just because you thought it is fascinating or easier is not going to take you anywhere. One must have a clear understanding on how much time can one devote to freelancing in a week and what volume of work can actually be processed and completed during this span. Calculate the finances by comprehending the industry paying standards and how much will you charge for your work and time.
Curate a monthly budget and plan if the amount of money you are earning is sufficient to cover your bills and savings. Only a proper and well-thought plan can give you the desired output.

03. Ignoring the legalities

Make sure you sign a proper contract with the employer defining the kind of work, rate, deadlines, and scope to avoid any further confusions especially at the time of payment. Without a legal contract, no person is obligated to pay you basis plain conversations or a few emails. While trusting someone is a great practice, do not let your hard earned money go down the drain and regret later. Keep yourself armed and professional at all times.

04. Clutching on overconfidence

Thinking highly of your skill is one thing but overestimating and exaggerating your own work is downright lame. Don’t assume that people will immediately love your work and you will become influential is no time. This kind of approach will only lead to disappointment and low morale. Appreciate the process and always try to learn as much as you can. Incorporate new ideas and styles in your way of working and stick with what suits you and your audience best.

05. Being unprofessional

Freelancing work is just as important as the job you do in your office. Don’t take up a job if you can’t finish it on time and always respect the deadlines. Freelancing may seem a lot more adjustable and mellow from the outside but that shouldn’t let you lose your professionalism just because you don’t have to show your face in the office or meet the boss every day. Take your job super seriously and perform well like a true professional.

06. Holding onto arrogance

At times even the professionals in the field have to share their work samples or pass through a simple interview or test piece to get a good opportunity. Don’t be repulsive when the employer asks for a sample piece he can test you on. Even the biggest of celebrities audition for different kind of roles. There is no harm in being tested. If you are good at your job you will surely get what you deserve. Stay humble and considerate.

07. Working for peanuts

Yes, it is going to take sometime before you get in the game and have some good opportunities in hand but once you do, don’t settle for anything less than what you deserve. Don’t think of yourself as any less worthy just for being comparatively new in the business. Your work should speak for yourself and you must charge right for it.

Freelancing in your field of interest is a fun way of working, being productive and earning all at the same time. You can plan your own work, be your own boss and make the best out of your skill at the comfort of your home in your own workspace. Keeping your self well informed and updated is a wise and practical approach to follow. Proper and strategic planning will prevent poor performance and uncertainty at the end of the day.

It may take a while for you to understand the business and how things work but once you start to become a part of it you eventually grow into it and start enjoying.
Good luck from us !


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