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After the pandemic, coworking spaces became very popular among professionals and students over the past few years. The demand for coworking spaces is also increasing drastically, especially in cities like Bangalore. with the rise of startups and remote working cultures. More professionals are looking for flexible and comfortable workspaces where they can work efficiently at their convenience. If you are seeking a coworking space in Bangalore near Forum Mall, you are at the right place.

myHQ Coworking Space

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Top 7 Coworking Spaces Near Forum Mall

No matter if you are a freelancer, entrepreneur, or remote worker, these coworking spaces offer a range of amenities and services that can help increase your productivity and efficiency. Here are the seven best coworking spaces in Bangalore near Forum Mall for an inspiring work environment.

1. myHQ


myHQ provides flexible and affordable coworking space options and is a premier workspace supplier in India, with 300+ spaces throughout Delhi, NCR, Bengaluru, and Mumbai. Individuals, SMEs, and companies can utilise their flexible visit-based programs, dedicated seats, private cabins, and fully serviced office spaces.

myHQ offers coworking spaces with unlimited high-speed Wi-Fi, power backup, unlimited tea and coffee, free office supplies, and meeting rooms equipped with a projector and cabins for individuals.

Additionally, services and amenities you can expect to discover at a myHQ coworking space include vibrant design, a pleasant setting, exclusive work zones, food, and refreshments.

2. Smart Cowork 

Smart Cowork

Smart Cowork is one of the best coworking spaces for remote workers in Bangalore, located near Forum Mall. It offers a range of customizable workspace options according to the requirements, including hot desks, dedicated workstations, and private offices that can fit teams of various sizes. Additionally, it also offers high-speed 5G internet, conference rooms, and a pantry with numerous supplies. 

 Smart Coworks provides a thriving community of entrepreneurs, freelancers, and remote employees for many networking opportunities that can benefit their careers. It is an ideal coworking space for anyone looking for a creative and collaborative work environment, with 24/7 access, round-the-clock security and a central location.

3. WeWork


WeWork Prestige Atlanta is one of the luxury coworking spaces in Bangalore, near the Forum Mall. The building, which spans three levels, provides various workspace options, ranging from private offices to hot desks and discussion areas for meetings. WeWork Prestige Atlanta is equipped with high-speed 5G internet, conference rooms, and a stocked pantry, ensuring you have everything you need to enhance your productivity. 

 The space also has a bustling community of entrepreneurs, freelancers, and remote workers, providing opportunities for collaboration and networking that can help obtain fast career growth. With flexible pricing plans and a prime location, WeWork Prestige Atlanta is an excellent choice for professionals.

myHQ Coworking Space

4. BHIVE Workspace 

BHIVE Workspace

BHIVE Workspace is a popular Bangalore coworking space strategically located near Forum Mall. It has many locations across the city, providing various flexible workplace solutions, such as hot desks, dedicated desks, private cabins, and virtual offices. High-speed 5G internet, meeting rooms, and a fully stocked pantry are available in this workspace. The workspace also provides a vibrant community of like-minded individuals, which offers several networking opportunities. 

The coworking space also conducts events, workshops, and regular meetups, giving value to the community and enhancing their career growth. BHIVE Workspace is an excellent alternative for people searching for a comfortable and productive workspace in Bangalore, with inexpensive price plans and a great location.

5. OYO Workflo

oyo workflo coworking space in Bannerghatta Bangalore

OYO Workflo is one of the premium coworking spaces in Bangalore near Forum Mall. The space offers a range of flexible working options, including hot desks, dedicated desks, private cabins, and conference rooms. The interiors are modern and aesthetically beautiful, creating a pleasant and inspirational work environment for increasing productivity. 

OYO Workflo has high-speed 5G internet, a fully stocked pantry, and conference rooms with audio-visual equipment, ensuring you have everything you need to be productive. With flexible pricing plans and a central location like Forum Mall, OYO Workflo is an excellent choice for coworking in Bangalore.

6. Hustlehub


Hustlehub is a modern coworking space in Bangalore near Forum Mall. The space offers various flexible workspace options, including hot desks, dedicated desks, and private offices, designed to accommodate the needs of freelancers, entrepreneurs, and remote workers. The interior of Hustlehub is modern and vibrant, creating a comfortable and inspirational work environment. High-speed internet, conference rooms, event spaces, and a fully stocked pantry are all available. 

Hustle Hub also features a community of like-minded people, allowing for networking opportunities. Regular events, workshops, and meetups are held at the facility, providing value to the community. Hustlehub is a wonderful option for coworking in Bangalore because of its reasonable pricing options and prime location.

7. Grit-Coworks

Grit Coworks

Grit Coworks is a shared workspace provider that provides entrepreneurs, startups, and freelancers with a collaborative and innovative atmosphere. Grit Coworks offers fully equipped workspaces with high-speed 5G internet, printing and scanning services, meeting rooms, and networking events. It is focused on creating a community of like-minded people who can collaborate and support one another in their business ventures for expansion. The company hopes to provide a platform for entrepreneurs and small businesses to grow by offering flexible workspace options and business support services. 

myHQ Coworking Space

FAQs on Coworking Space in Bangalore Near Forum Mall

Please read the following FAQs to learn more about coworking spaces and what they offer. 

What is coworking?

Coworking is an arrangement where individuals from different companies work together in a shared office space, which helps save money and provide convenience through the shared use of equipment, utilities, and services like mail handling. Coworking is particularly popular among freelancers, remote workers, and business owners who seek social interaction and dynamic work outside their usual environment.

What are coworking spaces in Bangalore?

Coworking spaces in Bangalore are flexible workspaces offered to entrepreneurs, freelancers, and remote employees with high-speed internet and a thriving community. They provide an alternative to typical office spaces and offer a pleasant and inspiring work environment. The city has a range of luxury and budget-friendly coworking spaces suitable for different business requirements.

What are some coworking spaces near Forum Mall in Bangalore?

Here are some more coworking spaces near Forum Mall in Bangalore:

  1. WeWork
  2. Innov8 
  3. Awfis 
  4. BHIVE 

What characteristics differentiate an ideal coworking space?

A good coworking space should offer flexible workspace options, high-speed internet, conference rooms, and event spaces for your business meetings. It should also provide a comfortable and inspiring work environment and access to a thriving community of professionals to help you grow. 

What factors should I consider before selecting a coworking space?

When choosing a coworking space, consider your budget, location, amenities, and level of comfort and inspiration. It is also essential to visit the space and speak to current members to better understand the community and the work environment, like what kind of assistance is provided by the host, etc.

Coworking spaces provided by myHQ have grown in popularity among professionals and students in Bangalore, notably around Forum Mall. These coworking spaces are an excellent alternative to typical office spaces as they offer flexible workspaces, high-speed internet, and a thriving community of entrepreneurs, freelancers, and remote employees. From luxury to budget-friendly coworking spaces, this list of the seven best coworking spaces in Bangalore near Forum Mall can assist you in finding a pleasant and inspirational work environment that matches your requirements.

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