Top 10 Coworking Spaces in Powai, Mumbai for Rent

Powai is an elite suburb situated in Central Mumbai. The area is filled with enthralling charm and a classy ambience. Apart from being popular due to Powai Lake, this suburb is also home to many workspaces. Powai is considered the start-up hub of Mumbai, thanks to the enthusiasm of many young entrepreneurs.

The IIT Bombay campus at Powai has also increased the dignity of the area. Due to the diversification of the working industry, Powai has emerged as a working hub for many business entrepreneurs. If you are also one of them and looking for a coworking space in Powai, this article will help you out. 

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List of Top 10 Coworking Spaces in Powai

A luxurious workspace is essential to increasing productivity. You can take advantage of Powai’s coworking spaces and take your business to the next level.

1. 603 Coworking Space – Symphony IT Park

603 The Coworking Space

603 Coworking Space offers premium interiors with luxurious amenities. It offers dedicated desks and private cabins for 1–50 members. It has both two-wheeler and four-wheeler parking facilities. The wifi connection will also allow you to work productively and efficiently. The printing facility will make your work easier when printing anything essential.

The fancy wall art and wall painting give this coworking space a positive atmosphere. You will get a relaxing ambience due to its cozy interior decoration. 

2. Vatika Business Centre – Supreme Business Park

Vatika Business Centre

The Vatika Business Centre offers a luxurious workspace in a peaceful environment. The centre is open from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. from Monday to Saturday. The gymnasium in the building will allow you and your co-workers to benefit from a physical workout after office hours. The presence of restaurants also helps you taste various cuisines.

The wide meeting rooms will allow you to accommodate your staff comfortably. The beautiful landscape of Powai Lake adds a scenic view to the complex. It will allow you to work in a natural environment. This sophisticated space will give your client a positive impression of your work environment.

3. Regus Alpha


Regus Alpha allows you to work in a cozy environment with almost all the facilities. The timing starts from 12:00 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. from Monday to Saturday. You can enjoy free tea and coffee while working. The wide storage space allows you to store valuable things safely.

The cafeteria facility allows you to take breaks and enjoy some free time with your co-workers. The air conditioning facility will make your space more comfortable and relaxing during the summer. 

4. Awfis – Schindler House


Awfis – Schindler House situated at Hiranandani Market, can accommodate up to 50 members with dedicated desks. You can easily reach the centre due to the good transportation facilities near the railway and bus stations. The opening hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. The premium cabins and fixed desks will help you work with better concentration. The flexible desk arrangement will allow you to use the space according to your preferences. Various hotels and restaurants surround this lavish coworking space in Powai. 

5. Community Coworks

Community Coworks

Community Coworks offers excellent services with good facilities. Its thoughtfully designed interior decoration can create a relaxed atmosphere. The spacious meeting room with ergonomic chairs will boost productivity and save you from discomfort. Its private cabin space has a 4-seat capacity, and the open space allows you to move freely. You can take the preferred space as per your choice and requirements.

6. COWRKS – Prudential Building


COWRKS – Prudential Building is located in the CBD area of Powai. Various IT hubs surround it. Coworks offers spacious seating capacity with 4, 6, and 10-seaters, private cabins, and 500 desks. It is spreading across a 35,000 sq ft area. This workspace centre offers an uninterrupted working environment with wifi, power backup, and a charging facility. 

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7. Innov8 – Kailash Business Park

Innov8 Coworking

Innov8 offers a deluxe work environment with unparalleled ambience. It offers all the required amenities and sufficient facilities. The spacious rooms and cabins will allow you to impress anyone. You will also be able to increase your productivity due to the good working facilities. The luxurious chairs and tables will provide you with relaxation while working. Apart from the existing facilities, you can also add any other required facilities by making a request.

8. WeWork – Chromium


WeWork provides the premium facilities and services needed in a coworking space. This coworking space will make your working journey easy. This working space is easily accessible to the rest of the city. It increases your productivity and provides you with a relaxing work environment. Apart from dedicated open desks, this workspace provides 4- and 6-seater private cabins. 

9. Workamp


Workamp coworking space is well-designed, with a high vaulted ceiling, carpeted floor, pinewood tables, and comfortable chairs. You can work in a peaceful environment due to its luxurious work space. The large meeting rooms will provide a good environment for discussing important matters with your colleagues and employees. You can customise the workspace if your team size exceeds 15 people. 

10. 91Springboard


91Springboard coworking space offers an eye-pleasing atmosphere that will provide a relaxing environment. The availability of air conditioners will allow you and your employee to be comfortable. Lift facilities are also available for you. Private cabins are available with various seating arrangements. This workspace also offers a customizable option; you can make arrangements as required.

What Are the Benefits of Using myHQ?

myHQ can offer you a great working space in Powai. You can get your preferred working space at an affordable price. You can avail yourself of hassle-free booking and operational support from the myHQ team. The myHQ team also offers a 100% money-back guarantee within seven days if you are unsatisfied with the space. It also offers most spaces in an area with good transport facilities. 

If you want to grow in your business or work, you need a good working space with a nice environment. myHQ Coworking Spaces in Powai will provide you with excellent working spaces with luxurious facilities. You can book any of these spaces as required and increase your productivity at work. All of these workspaces are available with high-end amenities. The state-of-the-art infrastructure and uninterrupted facilities will allow you to grow faster in your business.

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FAQs on Coworking Spaces in Powai

Here are some commonly asked questions on Coworking spaces in Powai:

Is there a customizable facility for these working spaces?

Yes, some of the spaces have customizable facilities. The flexible arrangements of these spaces will allow you to design according to your choice.

How are the parking facilities at the working spaces in Powai?

Almost all coworking spaces have good parking facilities with two- and four-wheeler parking areas.

What is the price range of coworking spaces in Powai?

The price range of coworking spaces differs from brand to brand. Visit the myHQ website to get a better idea of the price range of different coworking spaces. 

How can myHQ help me select a good coworking space?

The myHQ team can help you select and book the space. It will also help you negotiate the price. 

Do I need to pay any separate prices for a coworking space after my booking?

You do not need to pay any separate charges, as the booking amount includes the charges for all the facilities in a coworking space.

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