9 Strategies To Create Content On Social Media As A Food Blogger

While good food and good-looking food always catch attention, there definitely will be a time when you run out of impromptu, unstitched ideas. In order to have a constant stream of appealing content, it is imperative that you plan. Click. Crop. Edit. Boom! You don’t think that it is this easy to create content as a food blogger, right? I hope you don’t.

After discovering how you can start as a food blogger in my first article for this series, let’s discover the second most crucial aspect of it- the content creation.
It is going to be difficult to come up with ideas for the posts in an ad-hoc and unorganized manner. Brainstorm and decide a broad structure of your blog and how you want it to be, here are some strategies with their examples for you to begin with.

1. Create a story line – Daily food Journal

Share your meal itinerary in such a way that your audience stays with you. Let them walk with you to the breakfast table, office canteen, the chai wali tapri and the pub you visit. This gives your feed a story line and a certain sequence. The sequence leads to anticipation and excitement of what’s going to happen – that is what goes next in your tummy.


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2. Who doesn’t love DIYs! – Cooking diaries

If you have a thing for cooking, get started and also inspire others to gather courage and do it! DIY posts and videos are always a hit because they teach the reader something. Maybe a new skill, a way to upcycle things, and in this case to cook a lovely meal. As a proof, we can definitely recollect how our mothers used to stay glued to the television when Sanjeev Kapoor’s Khana Khazana was on-air. For a more relatable example, just think about how most of us are aware of what’s happening in Master Chef India!



3. Entertaining trivias – Hidden gems

Trivias have proved to be quite efficient in engaging the audience; lighthearted, fun and informative. Tell your audience about the 120-year-old jalebi shop which sits around the corner, help them find a place which serves breakfast early morning, or introduce them to the first momos point of the city. People love to eat, but people love more things which have a story.

4. Exploring places – Food walks

Every city has food streets or areas known for delicious delights, multiple food outlets huddled together in a small place selling food to too many people. Step into that chaos and give your audience a virtual tour of that hard-to-reach spot, where you enjoy the mouthwatering chaats, followed by spicy chinese, followed by some authentic bakery desserts.



5. Outsource the task – Ask readers

Once you have a decent following, don’t only start taking feedbacks but also ideas. There are a lot of dishes or places people have heard about but have not tried, they nominate you(the special one) to do that on their behalf! And sometimes, your audience wants you to try the samosas of their recommendation. How to do this? Put a question on your Instagram story, or ask them in your blog to DM you what they want you to write or talk or about. Trust me, it is a Pandora’s box you would definitely want to open.

6. Get inspired – Follow the bloggers you like

There will always be people we look up to, bloggers whose content we love, and foodies’ whose research amazes us. Feel free to get inspired by what they did, or their content. Until and unless you are not plagiarizing any content and giving due credits for your inspiration, it is definitely a cool thing to do.

7. External resources – Features & entries

There would be a lot of upcoming bloggers who like you and are looking for a better platform to reach out to a bigger audience, and you could be the one providing them that. Ask in for entries periodically and feature upcoming bloggers. Not only this creates content for you but also be an ecstatic moment for your follower.


8. Give the bait – I love cheap thrills! Contest

Giveaways and freebies are a sure shot way to get more audience and to create content for a food blogger. Make content which you think will bring in more audience – Ex. tag 5 people with whom you would want to share this party pack, ask your crush out and win a chance to get this fancy dinner at 50% discount, etc.

9. Team effort – Collaborations

Brainstorming sessions with similarly or even differently creative people act as a catalyst to your thought process. The to-and-fro inputs lead your idea to a place where you could not have taken it by yourself. When two personalities come together, the juxtaposition is beautiful – and sometimes, cray cray.

And these strategies are not all-inclusive. I have just tried to give a little push to your grey matter by providing these starting points. This is your Bir Billing jumping spot from where you can easily begin your flight!

We are publishing an exciting series of my learnings from my food blogging journey in this new 4 part food blog series, so hope you’ll sign up for more goodness coming your way:
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