Top 10 Email Marketing Tools to Save Your Money and Time

Want to expand your company? One of the most effective methods is to use low-cost, user-friendly email marketing software to nurture leads and convert subscribers into paying customers.However, searching for the finest email marketing software for your organisation might be difficult with the overwhelming 670 options available. We are here to make that search a little easier for you.

We have identified the benefits and drawbacks of these well-known email marketing platforms in nine crucial categories: price, deliverability, integrations, usability, reporting, security, cutting-edge features, CRM, and support.

Continue reading to eventually identify the best instrument for your email marketing campaigns.

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Top 10 Email Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business

Here is a list of the best email marketing tools on the market at present. With this narrowed-down list, you can find the one that best suits your requirements.

1. ActiveCampaign 

ActiveCampaign was the most often named tool in a survey of email marketing software alternatives for 2023, which is not unexpected given that it has more than 150,000 customers. By focusing on developing a world-class product that offers a variety of solutions for B2C, B2B, and e-commerce enterprises from all over the world, ActiveCampaign has established itself as a top marketing automation tool.

ActiveCampaign, which is frequently credited with developing visual marketing automation, is remarkably easy and simpler to use than some other products on our list.

Additionally, ActiveCampaign has above-average delivery rates (>99%), interacts with more than a thousand third-party applications, and takes extraordinary security and compliance steps.

You could assume that all of these features are expensive. However, ActiveCampaign’s beginning price of $9 per month makes it more inexpensive than many of the products on this list.

2. HubSpot

HubSpot is a well-known and respected product offering specialised CRM landing page building, online chat, and form administration.

When HubSpot is the foundation of your marketing and sales efforts, you can more easily link income to the advertising campaign, newsletter, or blog post that impacted each transaction. In this regard, HubSpot functions more like a CRM that provides automation and email marketing.

You may send email campaigns directly from WordPress using the HubSpot WordPress plugin. Without ever leaving WordPress, the plugin enables you to use a HubSpot form or chat widget to instantly add contacts to your CRM.

3. Sendinblue

Sendinblue provides a variety of nurturing features, such as easy sign-up form options, a landing page builder, and an intuitive and responsive email editor, to help you easily convert leads into customers.

With SendinBlue, you can easily develop an email marketing strategy, manage SMS and site chat messages, connect with Facebook ad management, and easily keep track of everything thanks to a built-in CRM.

Because all your digital marketing campaigns are centralised in one place, SendinBlue is a wonderful strategy for attracting and retargeting all your leads. You may send emails to an infinite number of recipients, so you will not have to pay more as your mailing list grows.

4. Klaviyo

It makes sense to use an email marketing platform with strong integration with your e-commerce software if you operate an e-commerce website.

One of the few email marketing platforms solely dedicated to marketing automation for e-commerce organisations is Klaviyo. The platform offers comprehensive capabilities for e-commerce businesses, ranging from the variety of e-commerce connections to the diversity of automated flows around everything from decreasing cart abandonment to increasing upsells.

One of our favourite Klaviyo platform features, benchmarks, lets you compare your performance over time against businesses in a related industry.

5. Omnisend

Omnisend, created to assist e-commerce firms in personalizing their marketing, is swiftly rising to the top among online shop platforms.

Omnisend has created cutting-edge email templates to encourage repeat business by concentrating solely on e-commerce. The features like “Wheel of Fortune” offers, birthday discounts, and cart reminders all make it clear that the team behind Omnisend is well-versed in e-commerce best practices.

Most e-commerce platforms are compatible with Omnisend. But the advantages go further than that. By connecting with platforms that offer review, loyalty, and support desk services, Omnisend goes above and beyond in providing for its clients.

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6. ClickFunnels

If you can get past the heavily commercialised image of ClickFunnels, you will discover a powerful tool for creating sales and marketing funnels.

The idea behind ClickFunnels is that you can utilise it to nurture your audience via courses, membership sites, information goods, webinars, and more, even though email marketing is a significant component of their platform. All this is centralized by ClickFunnels under one roof, saving you from having to purchase and integrate four or five distinct solutions.

7. Benchmark

Even though Benchmark is less well-known than the other tools on our list, it is still a compelling choice, especially if you want to send polished and expert emails without having to be (or pay) an email designer.

Everything on their platform, including their unique templates, is exquisitely made to provide a fantastic user experience. Even if, to some people, that can appear insignificant, it makes a massive impact in terms of comprehending your facts and impressing contacts.

With memberships beginning at just $10.50 per month, Benchmark is a cost-effective alternative for any small business needing attractive consumer marketing tools and marketing automation software.

However, small firms and consultancies will likely find it a particularly wise decision, as both employee training and the best client experience depend on design.

8. Constant contact

Constant Contact is an excellent place to start if you are new to email marketing and do not want to feel overwhelmed. You can add text and graphics to your emails fast and easily using the drag-and-drop functionality of the incredibly straightforward email builder.

Additionally, users may choose from more than 100 mobile-friendly email templates provided by Constant Contact, which makes creating effective emails faster and simpler than with many other platforms.

With Constant Contact’s automation tools, a lot of the email marketing work is done for you. These features include triggers for welcome emails for new subscribers and associated drip email marketing campaigns, all dependent on user behavior on your website.

9. MailerLite

In contrast to other basic email marketing tools, MailerLite is useful for every business. MailerLite provides all the tools you need to launch mass email marketing campaigns, whether you are launching a freelancing business, a small charity, or a side gig.

A solution like ActiveCampaign might be a better option for your small business if you require more marketing tools like a built-in CRM and sophisticated target segmentation, and it costs about the same per month.

But MailerLite is a perfect (and reasonably priced) option for novices, personal projects, or if you only need to send straightforward email messages to your audience.

10. EmailOctopus

It has long been accepted wisdom in online marketing that sending emails through Google’s Simple Email System is the most affordable option. However, marketing teams cannot create campaigns using the UI.

From Sendy to Moonmail, other email marketing systems have attempted to close this gap, but they frequently failed due to a lack of capabilities or a focus on developers. EmailOctopus‘ creation of an email marketing tool has perfectly achieved this balance.

Every campaign, typo correction, and email sequence must be pitched as a development assignment, diverting resources from design and development to what is, to put it mildly, a gross waste of developer time—a gap that is closed by EmailOctopus. EmailOctopus, built on Amazon SES, provides the infrastructure benefits of AWS while allowing you to create email campaigns in a user-friendly interface.

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The following are some frequently asked questions about email marketing tools to give you a better understanding of the products and their concepts.

What are the benefits of email marketing for small businesses?

Email marketing helps establish trust with your clients (and prospects). More individuals will contact you to conduct business; more people will give to your cause and bolster your connections with customers.

Is email marketing effective?

Social media is up to 40 times less successful than email marketing. Using email instead of social media speeds up the purchasing process by three times.

What are the best email marketing tools available today?

ActiveCampaign and HubSpot are among the best email marketing tools today.

Are email marketing tools costly?

Most of the email marketing tools on this list are free or affordable; almost all at least let you try them out without paying for them.

What is an email marketing tool with a good template design?

Klaviyo. We have never seen email and form templates with a better design.


Now that you have the list, try some of these out in your campaign to determine which ones work best for your company.

These email solutions are ideal for developing and utilising an email marketing or advertising campaign’s maximum potential, including measuring and enhancing email interaction. For better results, check out the top bulk email services as well.

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