Finding The Right Mentor For Your Start-Up To Accelerate Your Growth

A top business school graduate or a drop out of college, entrepreneurship is a game of the mind. One who has an understanding of what his immediate surroundings need and in how many creative ways can that be made available wins the game of entrepreneurship since the beginning.

In a fast-globalizing world where everything one needs or rather wants is a click away, online food delivery start-up ideas have taken the market by storm for instance. Zomato, Food Panda, Swiggy can all be looked upon as the perfect example of understanding the need of the hour and devising innovative ways to deliver it.


We all need a ‘Guru’:

mentor for startups

However talented, smart and hardworking one might be, that fact that we all need a mentor to learn from, to look up to, to draw inspirations from remains. And entrepreneurship is no different. Every start-up idea when mentored by the right person has the potential of growing beyond leaps and bounds.

While one can survive without a mentor in the start-up world, with someone around the journey is all the more wholesome. But what is important is to find the right mentor for startups. While there’s no set norm to finding the right mentor for your start-up, there are certain unwritten, unsaid rules that one should adhere to when either taking advice or seeking a mentor for startups.


Effortless Communication:

Each person has a distinct way of thinking, perceiving and understanding. The most important thing when seeking a mentor is to find a person who not only understands your ideas but also keeps an open mind about the manner in which you perceive those ideas. A mentor need not be a stalwart from the same field, or an extraordinarily learned human being out there to spread his knowledge. The frequency of your meetings with your mentor for startups doesn’t matter. A mentor can be anybody you look up to. Anybody who inspires you. It could be a family member, a friend, a teacher, a colleague, or even someone you have never met but whose ideas inspire you greatly. What is important is to have a level of understanding where communicating ideas comes effortlessly.

It is a universally accepted fact that all those engaged in start-ups have tons to learn about their field, about the world they are catering to, and the nuances that hold the capacity of making their ideas either a complete hit or an absolute flop. With the right advice chances of your start-up succeeding only get brighter and those who understand the market and your ideas closely have the power of aiding you to think beyond what even you perceive the best for yourself.


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Hesitation Kills:

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. A mentor for startups can be found all around you. You never know where you find that one person who can completely change your life for the better. Talk, talk, talk. Talk about your ideas. Make them heard. When you do find the one who understands your thought process, the exchange of ideas will seem surreal. Your ideas will echo with the advice of your mentor and your instinct will tell you that this is the person you’ have always been looking for. It is tough to imagine such a miracle happening in reality, but that’s the magic of connection. The person you truly understands your ideas and appreciates them will give you solutions to your entrepreneurship problems before you even discuss them with him. And once you find such a person, never let go.


Excitement engenders growth:

It is important that your mentor shares the same excitement for your ideas as you do. Not only does that show his interest in your idea but also keeps you motivated through your struggle for recognition. A mentor will not always praise you. He will be your harshest critic but only for the best. He will pull you back when he feels you’re heading in the wrong direction. And most importantly he will be the one to raise your spirits, every time you think of giving up. So just go out there and accept help unhesitatingly.

So, what are you waiting for? Go out there, make your ideas heard and win the world.


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