Top 20 Free Job Posting Sites in India for Employers to Hire the Best Talents

Finding the right candidate for a role can be a daunting task for any employer. An important part of recruiting is getting candidates to apply for the job. With almost everything now available online, even jobs can be posted online to invite applications. This is done with the help of job-posting websites. Any company can opt to post jobs online, irrespective of their nature or size.

An employer can choose to post a job either for free or by subscribing (paying) to the plans of the job-posting websites. Small or even medium-sized enterprises can opt for free job postings. However, it should be noted that free job postings have their limitations when compared to the subscription method.

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Here are the Top 20 Free Job-Posting Sites in India

Here are the Top 20 Free Job-Posting Sites in India

1. Indeed

The world’s largest job website, Indeed, was founded to help people find jobs. It offers both free and paid job postings. However, free job postings move down the list as more and more new or paid job postings are made. But this does not affect the purpose since job seekers apply for multiple positions as per their needs.

2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the largest professional networking website in the world. It has both free and paid job postings. However, an employer can post only one free job at a time, but we can always subscribe to a plan when there is more than one job needing recruitment. Employers with a LinkedIn profile can form a user group and post jobs for free.

3. Glassdoor

A US-based organization, Glassdoor, offers free job postings on its Indian portal. It offers a “Glassdoor for Employers” feature for recruiting and employer branding solutions. Its massive database helps employers promote their brands and post jobs to find the right candidates.

4. Placement India

With some of India’s top companies and employers as its clients, Placement India offers both free and paid job postings. Paid postings get promoted automatically, but employers can always benefit from free postings if there is no hurry to hire. With its huge job seeker database, it would only be a matter of time before someone was recruited for the job posted.

5. National Career Service

The National Career Service Portal, an online recruitment portal run by the Ministry of Labor and Employment of the Government of India, is part of the Skill India and Make in India Initiatives.

Offering free job postings in India for all kinds of businesses along with job matching services, it is one of the best websites for employers to post jobs and choose candidates from. It also delivers career counselling content through multiple platforms.

6. Aasaanjobs

Mainly focused on India, AsaanJobs is becoming popular as a job portal in India. An employer can post jobs for free under specific categories for a limited period of time. It is ideal for posting jobs in any place in India because its primary focus is India.

7. Freshersworld

Ideal for employers looking for freshmen or interns, Freshersworld is a platform for fresh graduates or job seekers searching for their first job. Job postings on this free job-posting site are possible after registering with the platform. This is an ideal place to find budding talent.

8. Quickr

Quickr is a free classified website offering various services, including job postings. Postings for common jobs, such as handymen, electricians, etc., are also made.

9. Career age

CareerAge offers free job postings for a limited period for any level of the candidate, i.e., be it a fresher or an experienced senior manager, be it a handyman or an IT professional. It is a great place to find job seekers from any place in India, including rural and semi-urban areas.

10. Bayt

Bayt helps recruit candidates from India, the Middle East, and various other countries. It calls itself the premier job-posting website in the Middle East. Free job postings are made after registering the company on the website. It connects job seekers from various countries who want to work in India.

11. Craiglist

This American classified website is widely followed in India and abroad. Due to Craiglist’s huge following, it is recommended to use keywords carefully before posting a job to prevent it from being buried among many other job postings.

12. ClickIndia

ClickIndia is one of the best free job-posting websites in India. It is best for small businesses or startups looking to hire anyone from freshmen to experienced personnel. The employers are required to register on the website and provide a postal address or mail ID to enable job seekers to send applications.

13. Grabjobs

Offering simplified and cost-effective recruitment services, Grabjobs is a website where candidates’ sourcing, screening, and interviewing are automated. It has become a popular job-posting website all over the world. Employers can post up to five jobs for free for a limited period and can subscribe to any of the plans whenever required.

14. Internshala

Internshala is an ideal place to look when hiring freshmen or interns. It offers free job posting services for a recruiter. It is a popular choice among students and freshly graduated candidates. It offers various other career services to the candidates, enabling an employer to hire job seekers who are properly equipped.

15. IIM Jobs

IIM Jobs is an ideal place to hire professionals from sectors like banking and finance, consulting, etc. It is more focused on recruiting for management positions and providing premium job opportunities.

16. WorkIndia

WorkIndia is another free job-posting website where an employer must register as a member and post the jobs. Because WorkIndia does not accept applications on behalf of employers, a postal address or mail ID must be provided to receive applications from job seekers.

17. PostJobsFree

PostJobsFree is another free job posting site where job ads are displayed for 21 to 28 days according to the job category. An employer might have to repost after a week to ensure maximum coverage since the old ones are pushed down the list of job postings. It is an ideal recruitment place for small enterprises.

18. Indiawalkins

Employers with no time to screen applications who are willing to interview job seekers directly can post jobs for free on IndiaWalkins. A company must provide a detailed description of the job and the requirements of the candidates for direct interviews.

19. CareerJet

CareerJet allows an employer to post jobs for free across 45 categories, including industries like healthcare, legal agriculture, robotics, etc. Its technology lets job offers from various websites be indexed irrespective of the other websites’ structure or design.

20. Careesma

Recruiters can post jobs for free for one month, and after one month, they can post one basic job for free per month in Careesma.

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FAQs on Some of the Free Job Posting Sites in India

Frequently Asked Questions on Some of the Free Job Posting Sites in India

How do I post a job for free on the internet?

You can do so by posting your job ad on any of the free job-posting sites mentioned above. These include Indeed, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, etc.

What’s the best strategy for searching for jobs?

Networking is the most effective way to look for a job. It also allows you to find jobs that are not advertised.

What aspect of the job search is the most challenging?

The hardest part of the job search is getting in front of interviewers since its outcome is completely uncertain.

What are some ways to make job descriptions more appealing?

Listed below are some ways to make job descriptions more appealing:

  • Use gender-neutral titles.
  • Avoid or moderate the use of language that is discriminatory.
  • Reduce the volume of the requirements.

What is the biggest challenge in recruiting via free job posting sites?

The biggest challenge is to use precise filters and find the right candidate for the job. Many prospects apply for jobs on these websites, so selecting the best candidates requires recruitment expertise.


Hiring through free job-posting sites can be time-consuming for receiving and screening applications. But it is suitable for small enterprises or startups with a low or limited budget.

It helps employers find excellent candidates from various locations in India since these websites are visited by millions of job seekers every day from all around the country. These websites are continuously updated with new jobs, so employers should repost the jobs once in a while to remain relevant among the numerous jobs posted by others daily.

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