Managing Your Team Remotely: 10 Websites that Tell You How To Do It Better

We all have a vague idea about how crucial team management skills are in a corporation, but how many of us really grasp its relevance in an organizational setting where one element going wrong can pretty much trigger a domino effect? Whether you are a senior manager, or a newbie just stepping in, team management is never easy. Handling different personalities, resolving interpersonal conflicts, motivating different sets of people in different ways to make sure they are being the most productive that they can be, all while making sure you are getting your own tasks done-team management sounds exactly as important as it really is.

Honing your team management skills becomes all the more important when all your employees are working from home-not only you can’t check on them physically or even at the same time (thanks, different time zones), a remote work environment can also affect your employees either positively or adversely-depending on their personalities and personal goals. Even with all the new improved technologies and tools to connect your workforces, managing remote teams can get exhausting. Here’s a list of 10 websites that can help strengthen your team management skills:



1. Lynda

LinkedIn is possibly the world’s most preferred professional networking platform. But do you know about their online learning platform Lynda that offers online courses curated specifically to achieve/improve business and career skills? The platform has options for both individual courses as well as group courses that companies can utilize to train their employees with specific skills in mind. After a free trial month, you can avail of membership for 19.99 USD a month! The courses cover a wide variety of topics such as team management skills, leadership skills, decision-making, conflict resolution, and soft skills. Check out the website here.



2. Udemy

Another excellent online learning platform, Udemy provides a massive range of professional courses that are developed by career experts and management gurus from all over the world. One of their top-rated productivity courses that can really help you improve your team management skills is How to use SMART goals: Achieve More in Less Time. Curated by Richard Feenstra, this course will help you learn or improve upon skills like establishing structured goals, develop action plans, and develop measures for both performances and outcomes. If you are a business corporation, you can choose team courses for your employees here. All courses have a money-back guarantee of 30 days to make sure you are only learning what you really need.



3. Coursera

One of India’s leading online platforms, Coursera is definitely not lagging behind when it comes to offering productivity courses to help you strengthen your professional skills. This platform has ties with over 100 of the world’s top colleges and universities to make sure you are getting the best education possible, no matter where you are. Coursera offers a plethora of management courses with several different timelines so you can achieve your learning goals at your own pace. If team management is your focus, Coursera has amazing courses for you like The Manager’s Toolkit: A Practical Guide to Managing People at Work offered by the University of London, or, Building High-Performing Teams offered by the University of Pennsylvania.



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4. Skillshare

Another great online platform, Skillshare offers you videos created and uploaded by professional experts if you find that visual learning model suits you better. The videos cover basic skills such as management principles, as well as specific skill sets such as delegation and team management. For example, this class here helps you understand how to productively/strategically prioritize your management goals so not only you know how to check all your boxes, you check the ones that matter the most faster than others! Check out more Skillshare videos here.



5. edX

edX is a very reputed platform when it comes to online professional courses, thanks to its tie-up with leading institutions like Harvard, MIT, Berkeley University of California, and many more. It stands apart from its competitors since it is a non-profit MOOC provider created by MIT and Harvard. If team management is your primary goal, edX has courses like Working in Teams: A Practical Guide offered by the University of Queensland and Teamwork & Collaboration offered by RIT as part of a professional certificate course that you can later upgrade to. Check out more courses here.



6. MIT OpenCourseWare

You can’t be an ambitious working professional and not have heard of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). One of the world’s topmost technical institutes, MIT had an acceptance rate of 7.2% acceptance rate in 2018! While that does sound scary, you can find an impressive number of their undergrad and grad courses for free on the MIT OpenCourseWare platform, including management courses from the Sloan School of Management. Given this world-famous business school’s reputation to match theory with practice, courses like Building and Leading Effective Teams or Team Projects are guaranteed to help you strengthen your team management skills.



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7. Skillsoft

As a platform that has earned its reputation for its corporate e-learning courses, Skillsoft is used by the likes of Fortune 500 companies and offers some of the best courses that you can take to hone your team management skills. Skillsoft is a completely digital platform and all its contents such as learning tools and materials are available on both the website and the mobile application. In 2019. Skillsoft and MIT Sloan Management Review joined hands to offer a leadership development program specifically curated to promote innovative management skills suitable for a digital economy that the world is witnessing today. Although it is not a completely free platform, you can still opt for their 14-day free trial and figure out what works the best for you. Check out their courses here.



8. FutureLearn

This social learning platform is owned by The Open University in England, giving its MOOCs and certificates credibility that you don’t need to wonder about. FutureLearn, among other courses, offers some of the best online management courses that you can utilize to strengthen your team management skills- such as the Collaborative working in a remote team course offered by the University of Leeds, or Career Credentials: Evidence Your Expertise in Teamwork course offered by Deakin University. Almost all the courses are free unless you want to upgrade it for a certificate.



9. Leadership Freak

If the idea of enrolling in a course with mandated attendance does not interest you, check out the blog Leadership Freak by Dan Rockwell. Hailed globally as one of the most popular leadership and management experts, Rockwell’s blog not only offers leadership coaching but you can also go read several articles addressing a variety of aspects of leadership-including team management skills. The popularity of this blog can be easily guessed from his subscriber count which is about to hit the 5 million mark. Rockwell’s talents as an author only accentuate his management expertise, something young leaders from all over the world benefit from, like this article where he explains some fundamental principles of team management through analogies and dialogues.




10. Thin Difference

Another blog that has taken the off-beat path of helping you sharpen your team management skills through a database of shared experiences and ideas, Thin Difference is a great website where you can read about team management and other professional skills through others’ experiences, like Maya James’ blog on how how to leave a lasting impression. The blog allows the reader to connect his/her own experiences with others and figure out where exactly he/she can improve, something online courses do not always succeed in achieving.



No matter how giant or reputed a company is, its success is massively dependent on effective team management because, at the end of the day, the chain of responsibilities can not work if all its links are not intact. Teams are invariably made of different individuals with different expectations and capabilities yet a common goal. Only effective team management can make sure that a common goal takes precedence over the differences, which is why team management skills remain a crucial element in scaling a company’s operational capabilities.


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Q. Are these apps and paid or free to use?

A. These apps are usually free to use and the blogs are primarily free to use, however, some features might not be included in the free versions and you would require to opt for a paid version for the same.


Q. What are the most common challenges of remote team management?

A. Well there are a host of things to look after while managing a remote team. This includes chasing progress, team communication hassles, attendance tracking, etc.


Q. Will remote teams be the future of workstyle in India?

A. Well, given the advent of its need, a number of firms have understood the pros and cons of remote working. So with such a better understanding of this concept, it’s likely that we may come across more and more remote working profiles in the future.



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