7 Things No One Told You About Being A Freelancer

Going big AND going home is a big step. You need to prepare so much before taking the decision of freelance, you need to be stable for at least two months before thinking about going all free yay! The job of freelance does not come without its own cons and yes that is how it proceeds. Feel the freak in these strikingly similar patterns for all freelancers.


1. Persistence is something your acquire

With the repeated changes and abrupt alterations on your design of work, persistence and patience become a trait for freelancers. It is only viable for this kind of an employment structure where at times creativity is on the last leg and market requirements bereave the first priority.

2. You begin to understand the client’s language

Yes, clients have their own complicated language which is understandable once you have heard enough of it. A work is sourced to a freelancer when the office team is unable to procure that amount of work. The client’s work remains at approval only, thus the language of alteration.

“This is an amazing work but I don’t think it goes with our brand identity.”

“Oh much fabulous work but you need to change the visuals, fonts, add content and use more layman words.” Rings any bell?

3. Your home looks like a dilapidated office

Ah well, what more do you expect from a hard worker/coffee drinker/laptop’s bff? A freelancer’s house is arranged in a way that everything is reachable by the stretch of the hand. This does not apply to you if you have a cleanliness drive, but trust me freelancing is something that makes your home look shabby beyond your wishes. (Until you have your house-help shouting at the peak of his/her voice.)


4. Weekend? Wossthat?

I hear a familiar sigh here! If you are a freelancer, you very well know that weekends are just buzz and important for people with formals. For you, you create your own holidays and that is amazing! “Today, I do not at all want to work- the morning was friendly enough let us make this Tuesday a weekend!” (This is true only when you aren’t receiving unending calls from your client!)

5. The money never stays

When your money comes in stalls according to the project and clients you have undertaken, the flow is uneven. It is not a regular salary or retainer most of the time, thus this uneven flow affects the tab on expenditure. Some days you are a piece of “Let us buy this mall, today money has arrived.” The other days be like- “Today is the day for chai and bread“(looks blankly at the laptop screen).


6. Nobody really understands your job structure


By nobody I mean nobody! Well except your freelance fraternity of course. The concept of freelance is very behind the doors idea still, people fail to acknowledge the pressure, the incessant time stuck in that chair and irregular working hours. If you are a freelancer, prepare to be questioned in layers because ‘office’ is still a most sought terminology if you belong to the working clan.

7. Your problems are out of the world

The first issue that every freelancer faces is that initially you have to say yes to all kinds of work to spread the foot in the industry. Then there are wannabe know-it-alls who know nothing about the work in process but have opinions on even the full-stop that you wrote with. The other big challenge that a freelancer faces is the ‘block’. Creative block is worse than many other kinds of diseases, I tell you.



If you are a freelancer, you must be nodding in every point with complete affirmation. And that is what makes you belong to the hidden creative community. Have better ideas? Share it in the comments below!

The author is a writer and artist at one of the most creative myHQ Spaces in Gurgaon, a creative cumulative- Studio ASOT.

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