Generating New Revenue Streams For Partners Post COVID

2020 has without doubt, been the most challenging year we have experienced for a generation, causing previously unimaginable impacts on our lives, both personally and professionally.

We look at in the near future with the great wave of digitization. The commercial spaces which were blooming with the humdrum of office gossip and tea sniffles, are they going to die down?

Our team at myHQ has been a close associate with the offline and online office experience and we can safely say that office life is here to stay.

Lockdowns were tough for all the office goers and the office space owners as well. The earning stooped and touched the marina trench. Our team at myHQ has supported all The office place owners associated with us to thrive through the lockdown and maintain economic security for them.



How Do These Offices Operate?

When we think of an office, the first thing that comes to our mind is lots of employees,
hustling and bustling with their coffee and stash of papers. The new age offices feature some
unique features such as individual workers who might not be associated with others at the
same place. This greatly helps those who come to such dynamic offices. They get exposed to
professionals, freelancers from different fields, learn from each other or at times can work in
the solitude just like home in the environment of an office.
When you rent out your place to a single firm, it is that firm which pays for the entire area
under the firm. But with different people using the place, the money is paid by different
people. Having various clients using your space provides different channels of income to you.
It is like having different taps turned over a bucket, even if one stops running, the others will
help fill the bucket. This will ensure that the bucket gets filled no matter what.
With myHQ, we further make this process easier by providing you with a single point of
contact for your entire user database by handling your audience for you and providing you
with the results and revenue for all our products.


Offering flexible area to work for the professionals is advantageous for you as well as the professionals. They get the liberty to choose and decide from a wide range of setups. Do they want to work in a cabin? They have the option for flexi cabin for their discussions and private cabin space. Want to use the conference room? Use meeting rooms by the hour to conduct professional meetings with your clients. Wish to expand and get a GST number in a new state? We got you covered. This helps our users to manage all their affairs at once.
Every time new professionals start using the area you own; a new tap starts gushing with water and filling your bucket. Even in the pandemic, all-new spaces witnessed a spike in their customer base.

The increase in the number of remote workers as both company employees and freelancers has presented workspaces with opportunities to expand their visibility and utilise their previously vacant inventory.

Unlocking New Services & Revenue Streams Post COVID

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. The myHQ team was committed to the growth of it’s space partners. To make sure we made the most of all possible business margins and opportunities, we innovated & experimented with a host of new and different products across geographies.

1. Virtual Office (VO) – This product has allowed companies to expand and get GST
registrations without any rent commitments or actually owning the office space. It
gives you choices of premium addresses which can be used on your website and
visiting cards. The affordable pricing, mailing address and company registration
options, reception services and meeting room access has helped our users grow in new
cities at minimal costs. Office representation at these offices has further helped in the
smooth functioning of companies.
2. Flexi Cabin – These private and secure office spaces can be booked by the day. The
enclosed spaces are an ideal place to have discussions, and give you the option to
work both individually and with a team. The flexible plan provides visibility to the
spaces and attracts remotely working company employees.
3. Flexi – With 150+ places to choose from, it provides users a wide pool of options to
surf from. The premium locations help freelancers and other users network and
socialise. These flexi plans give our users the flexibility to work from anywhere while
giving our spaces visibility in the market. They allow you to sell the same space more
than once at the same time thereby helping spaces utilize their vacant inventory by
renting out individual seats by the day. Nobody is bound to a certain position; the
dynamic setup makes it easier to manoeuvre.
The team flexi option further gives access to companies to run this plan for all their
employees working remotely providing them options to choose their own workspace
each time they decide to step out to work.
4. Dedicated Seats – Most startups and entrepreneurs want their own private office space
to operate business without the commitment of rent, bills and paperwork. With
myHQ, they can work on their projects with this monthly pass. Since COVID, large
companies decided to take small offices PAN india for their employees. This has
helped them function remotely and network in the office environment while ensuring
quality work and good health for their employees.
5. Meeting Rooms – With the option to book by the hour, these rooms are equipped with
various facilities including a projector, high speed wifi, etc. making it the perfecoption to hold client meetings and conduct workshops. It provides the users with the
ideal space to conduct training sessions, host events, or interview candidates from any
geographical area especially now when most offices have shut down and have
remotely working employees.
With all these plans and continuous innovation, our spaces were soon on track with their intended targets. The industry is still reeling from the impact of the lull of COVID but myHQ and it’s space partners are geared for any challenges they may find their way.
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