How Much Does H&M Franchise Cost in India? | Procedure, Documents Required

H&M franchise cost in India – H&M stands for Hennes & Mauritz. It is a well-known Swedish apparel brand. H&M is famous worldwide and has dominated fashion avenues and made its presence felt in shopping centres and even airports worldwide. H&M makes clothing for almost every demographic, i.e., for men, women, teenagers, and even kids.

If you want to enter the fashion retail business, then considering an H & M franchise can be a good option. This article will try to cover all pieces of information regarding H&M, its franchise, and how to open H&M store in India. Starting with a brief background on H&M, the process of getting the franchise, H&M franchise cost, and things to keep in mind before getting into business with H&M. 

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About H&M

Here are a few important facts about H&M:

  1. H&M was founded as a Swedish brand in 1947 by a Swedish businessman named Erling Person. It started as a women’s clothing store.
  2. After 20 years, when Erling Person acquired a hunting equipment retail company named Mauritz Widforss, he merged both names, and since then the company has been named H&M.
  3. H&M has been ranked 2nd largest clothing brand only after Inditex, the parent company of Zara. H&M and Zara’s global brand values are compared from 2010 to 2022. The Zara brand was estimated to be worth $15 billion in 2022. In contrast, H&M had a brand value of slightly under 13 billion dollars in that year. However, due to aggressive store expansion and cheaper prices, Swedish fashion retailer Hennes & Mauritz (H&M) has surpassed Zara to become India’s top clothing brand by revenues in FY19–20.
  4. H&M currently has over 3800 stores in over sixty countries, including the Asian powerhouse, India.
  5. H&M has a broad and interesting selection of items. A very wide clientele’s various tastes and needs are catered for in the collections. The departments are completed with an extensive range of accessories, lingerie, pyjamas, and cosmetics.

Thus, considering all of the facts mentioned above, the H&M India franchise is a lucrative fashion business to consider.


“HM franchise” is one of the most frequently searched fashion-related keywords on Google.

Procedure to Get an H&M Franchise in India

The goal of getting an H&M franchise is to provide you with quality and fashion at the lowest possible cost. You must fulfil a number of prerequisites before opening a franchise. Additionally, a budget to spend on creating an obligatory training program. Can you start a franchise of H&M? Or does the corporation not make investments in this market? Together, let’s have a look.

Does H&M provide franchising, this should be the first thing in your thoughts. This question does not have a straightforward solution. If you visit their official website, you will notice H&M doesn’t focus on a franchise business model; instead, there are few markets where they collaborate with franchise partners. 

They do, therefore, provide franchise opportunities, but not to everyone. Obtaining an H&M franchise in India can be difficult, so let’s look at some of the key factors that might be helpful.

What Can You Do to Get an H&M Franchise in India? 

Getting in contact with the business can be one of the best ways to obtain a franchise. Writing a detailed official business mail and project ideas with potential market gain and profit maximisation can entice H&M marketers to collaborate in the future. Even though it is not a full franchise, some business opportunities in the form of a business partner can be expected.

Contact Details:

H&M Group

Head Office
H & M Hennes & Mauritz AB
Mäster Samuelsgatan 46A
SE -106 38 Stockholm

Switchboard: +46 8 796 55 00
Fax: +46 8 20 99 19

Communications Director
Andreas Eriksson
+46 8 796 55 00

Corporate Governance
Henrik Lundin
+46 8 796 55 00

Investor Relations
Nils Vinge
+46 8 796 55 00

Product Regulatory Compliance
Contact for authorities

If you succeed in getting the franchise approved, let’s see how much it will cost.

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How Much Does an H&M Franchise Cost?

Depending on size, the average H&M franchise price can cost $1 million or more. If you want to open a store in India, then it (H&M franchise price India) will cost you between 50 lakhs and 1 crore for 1000 square feet of infrastructure for the shopping unit.

H&M Fashion Franchise Infrastructure Requirements

H&M franchise infrastructure requirements are as:

Shop / Unit Area1000 Sq. ft.
Employee headcount6 to 15
Computer / Internet ConnectivityCompulsory
Billing CounterCompulsory
Product Display AreaCompulsory
Trial RoomCompulsory
CCTV Set-upCompulsory
Delivery ServiceOptional


H&M franchises work on a profit-sharing and commission model. It is based on revenue sharing, with 96% going to the franchisee and 4% going to the franchisor. Apart from the infrastructure costs, the franchise fee is the application fee. Its cost can range from 2 Lakh to 5 Lakh.

HM Franchise Cost Business Opportunity – Snapshot

Line of BuisnessClothing
Unit / Shop Area1000 Sq. ft
Commission% / Revenue Sharing96% to franchisee and 4% to franchisor
Infrastructure InvestmentRs. 50 Lakhs – Rs. 1 Crore
ROI Timeframe1 Year

Things to Keep in Mind While Applying for an H&M Franchise in India

Here are a few of the things you must keep in mind before applying for an H&M store franchise:

1.Age Limit21 Years & above
2.Business ExperienceRequired
3.Academic QualificationGraduate
Documents Required
1.Franchise AgreementRequired
2.Proprietor Aadhaar CopyRequired
3.Proprietor PhotoRequired
4.Proprietor / Business PAN CopyRequired
5.Business TAN CopyRequired
6.GST Registration CertificateRequired
7.Proprietor / Business Address ProofRequired
8.Unit / Shop Address ProofRequired
9.NOC of Unit / ShopRequired
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FAQs on H&M Franchise

Being such a big and global brand, opening an H&M store is like a dream for people. Most frequently asked questions about H&M and H&M franchise cost in India

Does H&M provide franchises?
H&M does not provide franchises. In a globalised world, all H&M stores are run and managed by H&M itself. But in some of the countries, it also provides franchises, but they have full control over all the franchises.

How much investment is required to open an H&M outlet in India?
The initial level of investment required to open an H&M store is 50 lakh to 2 crore.

How can I become a supplier for H&M?
To become a supplier for H&M, you have to visit the H&M website and fill out the supplier registration form. If the company likes your application after reviewing it, they will surely give you a chance if there is any opportunity.

Is there any career opportunity at H&M except franchising?
Fashion designers, salespeople, sales consultants, assistants, store managers, etc. are the career opportunities provided by H&M.

What are the 8 type of brands of H&M?
There are 8 brands are – H&M group: H&M, COS, Monki, Weekday, Other Stories, Cheap Monday, H&M Home, and ARKET.

Can I open an h&m franchise in India?
H&M maintains that its “general expansion strategy” does not include franchising. With the exception of a few regions where it works with franchising partners for regulatory reasons, the majority of its locations are managed directly by the company.

How to get h&m franchise in India?
You need to get in touch with the brand’s marketing team. Writing an official business mail and project ideas in detail with potential market gain and maximizing profit can interest H&M marketers towards a future collab.

How much does the h and m franchise cost in India?
The following are the approximate investment and fees for an H&M franchise: 
Franchise Fee: 2 Lakh – 5 Lakh;
Infrastructure Investment: Rs. 50 Lakhs – Rs. 1 Crore

Who is bigger H&M or Zara in India?
In India, due to aggressive store expansion and cheaper prices, Swedish fashion retailer Hennes & Mauritz (H&M) has surpassed Zara to become India’s top clothing brand by revenues in FY19–20.

Is H&M profitable in India?
The Swedish brand, Hennes & Mauritz (H&M), had a profitable maiden year in India, clocking significantly higher sales than its largest rival, Zara, according to a report in the Economic Times.

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