How myHQ Adds More Flexibility To The Way Millennials Work

In the post COVID scenario, the increasing urgency of social distancing constrained companies to deal with their employees working from home, and remote working often resulted in lower productivity. This resulted in the rise in the search for better communication mediums, alternative project execution methods, and so on.

Companies started seeking solutions for their remote employees, measures to boost efficiency while trying to ensure flexible plans for all. Meanwhile, emerging businesses looked for small office spaces for kick-starting their growth in a professional set up and ensuring their camaraderie does not get hampered. Freelancers searched for closed office spaces, bloggers looked for peaceful and ambient places. One key solution to this problem was found in one of our recently launched products called flexi cabins by myHQ. 


What is a Flexi Cabin and Why Do You Need One?

A flexi cabin is a private office space that serves as the perfect spot for team discussions, small teams working together, impending new businesses, and some more. It is beneficial for people wanting an isolated working environment while seeking easy access to their teammates. 



With flexi cabins, employees from one region can sit together for projects while maintaining social distancing. myHQ onboarded exclusive workspaces especially to serve this purpose post COVID. The personal cabin space is more secure, and the frequent sanitization and safety measures help clients work efficiently without any COVID stress.

The flexibility permits users to come work to their nearest myHQ and pay only for the days they visit the workspace. These plans may vary from a day plan, a five day plan, a 20 day plan, a team pass and so on. This allows users to work in a professional environment and work at home as per their comfort. At the same time, this feature provides workspaces with the opportunity to rent out the same cabins to different users on different days and thus utilize any vacant inventory. 


Mediating Between Workspace Providers & Users

myHQ has assisted all its partnered spaces to stay informed of trends, changes, and projections made by the industry and business specialists. It also made sure the partner spaces were well updated on all government guidelines and safety protocols. To ensure all sanitization procedures being followed, and to take into account all spaces, myHQ was able to acquire the recurring stock of sanitizing equipment and thermal guns at discounted prices which was an added benefit to all partner spaces. 

The need to re-establish growth and customer trust was important now more than ever, and myHQ restored and expanded that trust to a customer base of 10,000+ users. With the flexi plan, we were able to help spaces revive and increase occupancy up to 90% along these lines boosting the number of visits and increasing revenue.


Post COVID Launch Of Spaces With myHQ 

Re-opening spaces came with its own challenges and obstacles, and we helped every one of our spaces cut down major operational expenses while continuing to increase sales for them. We worked at higher capacity and pushed at minimizing costs. 

“myHQ has been a great trusted partner. Being on myHQ has increased our brand visibility and has improved our capacity utilization. Highly recommended!” 

– Rahul, Director | Spaced Out


To get the spaces up and running in the market, myHQ provided offline branding in the form of standees, posters, stickers, and proper communication for covid safety practices ensuring thorough inspection and checks.  We further went for online branding for spaces through social media promotions via different marketing channels for each space, space launch and marketing mailers, and weekly newsletters to our entire customer base. 


Mr Umesh Uttamchandani, Managing Director, Co-founder DevX , said, “Our alignment with myHQ meshes smoothly with our growth plans. Being a Managed Office Space provider, our 80% revenue comes from Enterprise Clients. myHQ’s technology-driven e-commerce capability to connect with our inventory results in generating an additional 20% revenue by virtue of promoting the Meeting/Conference room, Flexi Desk, and Dedicated Desk.

Even in a pandemic, we helped brands like Garage Society, Innov8, Oyo, 91 Springboard launch more spaces, exclusively with myHQ! We onboarded 80+ spaces during this time with the trust of our partners and our users in providing the best coworking facilities. Their belief in our transparency and professionalism has what kept our bonds strong with all our spaces. With over 400 bookings, the revenues for all these spaces witnessed a spike in a month on month sales. With such success and more to come, we focus on launching 50 new spaces by the next month. 

Revenue Growth In Flexi Cabins 2020-21

The products inaugurating in Delhi NCR have now been launched in Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai as well and are only further expanding not only in metropolitan cities but pan India. Each launch brings in the opportunity for working people in that region to find their ideal office space that best suits their requirements and work at a myHQ.

myHQ is leading the market in providing flexible cabins across the country. When are you deciding to come and grow with us?

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