How To Avail Offices With Shorter Leases And Notice Period?

Covid-19 has disrupted the entire global economy and organizations across the world. It has also introduced a few substantial modifications to many firms’ work cultures. To mitigate the cost, many of the organizations are looking for office space for short-term rent.

The pandemic was one such catastrophe that trapped every office enthusiast to his or her cramped bedroom office. Morning rush hours, on-time log-ins, coffee breaks with coworkers, conference room conversations, and heading home after a busy day are now a thing of the past. That much-anticipated team outing is now only a name in your office calendar. Employees are increasingly being migrating to work from home mode. Some employees are ecstatic that corporate offices are providing various possibilities for working from various locations, while others miss the good old office days.



Companies with Permanent Work-From-Home Policies

Companies are willing to change and continue working from home as the “new normal” as we settle into the post-pandemic era. Some organizations advise their employees to work from home as a long-term option. Others, meantime, are still figuring it out and developing hybrid work environments in which people can work from home as well as in the office or from co-working space.

Here’s a list of businesses that provide various work from home options.

Amazon: Amazon.Inc has opted to preserve the status quo of employees working from home until June 2021.

Google: Google employees will be able to work from home until September 2021.

Facebook: Due to the outbreak, Facebook has permitted its staff to work from home until July 2021. Furthermore, it is covering the cost of office supplies for the staff by offering an additional $1000.

Microsoft: According to internal hybrid workplace directives the computer giant allows all its employees to work permanently from home. Employees will be allowed to relocate domestically with approval or even seek to relocate overseas if remote working is feasible for that role, according to the report.

Infosys: Nearly 66 percent of Infosys’ staff will work from their offices, while the remaining 33 percent will work from home on a permanent basis.

TCS: TCS employees can now work from home and will do so for the next two months. However, the software firm has no long-term intentions to allow its workers to work from home.

Wipro: Wipro’s remote work has been extended further due to the ongoing spread of the COVID and large parts of its employees are now working from home.

Myntra: Myntra has also adopted work from the home module for its employees.

Other corporations, meanwhile, have laid out similar programs for their employees. Ernst & Young staff will be able to work from home till the end of 2021, while employees at Flipkart, Mahindra & Mahindra, and Tata Power will be able to work from home for another two to three months. Companies such as Twitter, Fujitsu, and Quora are putting out hybrid choices for their staff.


Office Space for Short Term Rent

office space for short term rent

Working from home full-time is not for everyone, and many people will wish to go back to work. However, as the public health problem worsens, office space will most likely need to be changed to make people feel comfortable. This can imply that the open office trend has to move away.

Individuals would like to have more private rooms or personal offices, as well as extra space between desks. A conference room that might regularly accommodate ten people may suddenly only be able to accommodate five. In shared areas like canteen, expect more space and fewer sitting options.

Remember, safety rules that require individuals to be at least six feet apart may increase demand for more space. This may result in an increase in office rental. Also, the coronavirus is likely to have an impact on the type of space people seek. For example, spaces with more private areas that may minimize the spread of germs are likely to grow more popular. While meeting rooms will continue to be vital, businesses will likely rethink the types of meeting rooms they desire. Group initiatives and teamwork will be the focus of these new meeting rooms. This results in making an entirely new layout for existing office space.

In such circumstances, coworking spaces that manage office space for short term rent will be able to weather a downturn. Clients that want to downsize from standard office space with long lease periods to so-called flexible or coworking space might benefit from the services of coworking providers.

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Benefits of Coworking Locations Offering Office Space For Short Term Rent

co-working spaces

Instead of a typical lease, there are various benefits to rent coworking space with facilities like office space for short term rent. Perhaps you’ve been working from home and need to get away from it all in order to recover your work-life balance. Or, you’re going on an unanticipated work trip and need a desk with reliable Wi-Fi and the amenities to stay organized. Let’s look at some of the most important advantages of hiring a coworking space with a shorter lease and notice period.

– Affordability

The most economical way of reserving short-term workplaces that matches your needs and budget is through office space for short-term rent. You may avoid traditional monthly commitments and pay a low price, whether you are a freelancer looking for a walk-in coworking area or you are a huge corporation that is looking for a temporary office for a remote team. Additional costs like security, maintenance, and office supplies are not involved in this model.

While renting meeting space, you can save even more money. By booking meeting rooms for an hour, you may meet customers and coworkers in a professional environment. In this model, you will never have to pay for a space you are not using.

– Location Flexibility

Many businesses are having to swiftly adjust to new ways of working across greater distances. With teams becoming increasingly dispersed, it can be impossible to foresee where you or your employees will be working in the future.

On any given day, you can choose a workspace in a central location at a walk-in coworking space.  This enables scattered teams to remain focused and interconnected in a modern and well-equipped office environment.

– User-Friendliness

You can browse for open coworking spaces near you using the myHQ website, book instantly, and pay as you go. Even if life throws you a surprise, you can find a suitable location and get to work straight away. You can make a reservation as late as the night before you want to use the facility. It’s simple to cancel or modify your reservation if your plans change.

– Productivity

While sitting over your laptop in a noisy coffee shop, you can accomplish very little. With a daily office rental, you may increase your productivity by using a fully equipped, dedicated workstation. The myHQ co-working space services include reliable high-speed internet, printing facilities, well-designed meeting spaces, and endless coffee for your caffeine fix.

You can cut off long commutes by choosing an office near your home giving you more time to focus on important things. You’ll be more motivated and less distracted if you’re surrounded by like-minded experts in a concentrated environment.

– Professionalism

As most of the professionals settle into the routine of work from home, the Zoom conference becomes a norm. If you rent a conference room on an hourly basis, you may offer your customers a lasting impression in a more professional and private atmosphere. With the assistance of a representative of the Community staff at the reception, your guest can also check in and can be guided on their way to the conference room.

– Spaces that Put Safety First

In response to COVID-19, the majority of coworking spaces have incorporated rigorous sanitization measures, as well as behavioral signage to promote social distancing. Members will have plenty of personal space thanks to de-densified conference rooms and rearranged lounges. You can also avoid overcrowded public transport during the rush hour by using the single-day coworking area next to your home.


Driving More Flexibility In Office Leases

office space for short term rent 2

It’s no secret that COVID-19 has thrown the business world into a loop. Numerous offices have gone largely or entirely remote, and businesses of all kinds are going for office space for short term rent. In case you are looking for innovative coworking solutions, then go through the listing of myHQ. With a list of coworking spaces across 8 cities, you can easily get your dream office space with a flexible term.


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