How To Get Free Backlinks? | A Complete Guide on How To Get Free Backlinks

A key component of SEO content marketing methods is backlink building. Backlinks are viewed by search engines as gaining votes or trust for your content. The more backlinks you have overall, the higher your search engine ranking will be.

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What Are Backlinks? 

Links pointing to other websites are known as backlinks. Backlinks are also known as “inbound links” or “incoming links,” but either way, they differ greatly from internal links. A page on your own website can be linked to another page on the same website using an internal link. Although sometimes internal links are referred to as backlinks, this is not completely correct.

 When one website links to another, a backlink is created. In other words, if Website #1 has an external link to Website #2, then we can say that Website #2 has a backlink from Website #1.

How to Get Free Backlinks?

Knowing the type of backlinks you want is essential because some aren’t worthwhile. When one of two things occurs, link building takes place: 

  1. Your material is discovered online, and a link is created to it.
  2. In order to get a link to your material, you present it to someone.

7 Ways for Getting Free Backlinks for SEO

Here are a few techniques to get free backlinks and improve your site.

1. Check Competitor’s Website Backlinks

Find out where competitor backlinks are coming from. Then connect with those sites for your own link-building.

2. Guest Posting

It’s a great strategy to reach a new audience and get backlinks for your website by writing guest articles for reputable websites in your niche. Finding the finest blogs to write for as a guest might be challenging. You can look up writers in your niche by searching for their names or “[Name] guest post” on Google to check the publications they’ve contributed to.

3. Link Reclamation

You discover references to your organisation that don’t yet have links to your website. Contact the website owner when you discover it and request a link. You may use tools like BuzzSumo and Mention to identify online mentions of your website, and you can also sign up for Google Alerts to receive email notifications whenever your brand is mentioned.

4. Link Roundups

Link roundups are articles that content producers write to link to other high-quality articles. Search “[keyword] + link roundup” on Google to find roundups in your niche. Pitch a resource you like for consideration when you locate one.

5. Outreach About Outdated or Error Pages

In this case, the plan is to look for 404 error messages or out-of-date web pages in your niche. Then, inform the website that is connecting to that source that one of their backlinks is leading to outdated or broken material. The next step is to offer your material as a replacement.

6. Relationship Building

Ask another business, retailer, or supplier with whom you already have a business relationship to include a backlink to your site on their website.

7. Reviews

Ask influential bloggers or vloggers to review a digital or physical product you want to promote. Just be sure not to provide the product—which you should give them without charging—in return for a backlink. The plan is that they will speak about it and provide a backlink.

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3 Best Practices for Backlinks

Here are the top 3 best practices to gain backlinks and make your website succeed in gaining domain authority:

  • Long-Form Contents are Best: Long-form content is regarded as being more linkable. This could be a comprehensive guide or how-to article, but it could also be an infographic, survey, quiz, or case study type of content.
  • Dofollow Links: The links that matter are dofollow links. Nofollow links won’t be taken into account by search engines. With the “nofollow” tag, the search engine is instructed to ignore the link. This is important for your content’s SEO.
  • Make Use of Your Other Platforms: Add links to your pages from your other platforms, like your social media profiles. Be careful with this, though. Adding too many links can be considered a black-hat SEO tactic. When multiple social media networks have little usage but all connect to the same post or article rather than the platform’s home page, it can sometimes be considered spamming or malpractice in SEO.

What Are Backlinks Used For?

Search engines judge that your material is valuable when other websites link to it, which can improve your ranking in search engine results. Since Google’s first algorithm, backlinks for SEO have been a crucial component of website ranking.

Backlinks continue to be a significant ranking factor, even though the algorithm has undergone significant changes over time. They demonstrate how one website helps another. Website #1 is recommending Website #2. It’s comparable to receiving a thumbs-up from the first website. Additionally, search engines appreciate it when they can tell that other websites support your material. It facilitates their work.

Backlinks are beneficial for user experience in the following ways:

  1. Give the reader extra background information so they can understand the issue better.
  2. Support a statement with some material.
  3. Recommend something, such as the item or service you are researching.
Did you know? 
According to research done in 2020 by “Backlinko” data partner Ahrefs, Pages with lots of backlinks rank above pages that don’t have as many backlinks. In reality, positions ranked 2 to 10 in Google have an average of 3.8 times fewer backlinks than the result at the top of the page.

Before You Start: Things to Know About SEO Backlinks

Everything matters, from the number of reputable websites linking to your content to the actual placement, i.e., location, of the backlinks. Obtaining backlinks from various websites is preferable to a single one.

  • Backlink Placement: Links within blog posts are more useful than those in footers.
  • Relevance of the Linked Content: The website and web page that link back to the content of your website should be relevant.
  • Target Keyword in Anchor Text: The anchor text, which comprises the link, should contain your target keyword for a high-quality backlink.
  • Backlink-Providing Site Quality: Backlinks from high-authority, well-known, trustworthy, and productive websites are regarded as having a high value. However, it is of little benefit if a low-quality website links to you. Depending on how many backlinks your content has, search engines will rank your content accordingly. A website may link to your site with greater authority if it has more authority in its field. The free website “Authority Checker” from Ahrefs allows you to examine a website’s “Authority”.
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FAQs on How To Get Free Backlinks

Here are some frequently asked questions on free backlinks:

Does Google Have a Backlink Checker?

Yes, Google has a backlink checker tool called “Google Search Console.” You can use Google Search Console, a free backlink checker tool, to raise the position of your website in search results. You can keep an eye on and maintain the visibility of your website in the search results with this tool. You can check if Google can crawl your site using the Google Search Console.

How to Get Backlinks From Quora?

The use of Quora for backlinks requires this crucial step. Link back to any relevant pages on your website. Make sure to use relevant anchor text when linking to anything, whether it be a blog article or specific product information. Remember to include the most crucial section in your Quora answers!

Are Backlinks Beneficial for SEO?

Because search engines consider the quantity and quality of backlinks to indicate authoritativeness and endorsements from other websites, they help your rankings. As a result, your website can rank higher for search queries the more backlinks it has.

What Makes a Strong Backlink?

A high domain authority website that is reputable with both search engines and users is where a quality backlink should come from. In other words, the website is trusted by real people in addition to robots.

How to Get Backlinks for Free?

Here are a few lists of actions that are beneficial for getting backlinks for free, summarising the above-written article:

  1. Request backlinks. Contact the website owner when you discover them using your website references, and then you can request a backlink.
  2. Send out guest posts.
  3. Build connections with other websites and ask them to mention your content link on their website. In return, you also provide them with backlinks.
  4. Share your testimonial.
  5. Constantly produce excellent content.
  6. Include your website in reputable directories.
  7. Ask influential bloggers or vloggers to review a digital or physical product you want to promote.
  8. Make use of social media. Mention links on your social media sites like Quora, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.

Internet content is significant if it can be accessed by Internet users. If great content cannot be accessed by users, it is of little value. Therefore, search engine ranking is significant. Backlinks continue to hold a substantial amount of significance despite several changes to Google’s ranking algorithm. Contrary to popular belief, backlinks continue to be important for SEO.

You may affect your site’s natural page ranking while guaranteeing customer satisfaction by offering quality content and giving careful consideration to backlinks from trustworthy websites. However, a backlink’s quality and usability are also influenced by its relevancy, placement, and other factors. Though they won’t materialise immediately, the benefits of backlinks will be well worth the wait.

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