How to Make a Viral Meme With Free Template Online?

The memes are supposed to be funny, say the right thing, and be used at the right time. Due to the increasing popularity of online meme generators, it has become effortless to just snatch the free templates from around the internet; however, creating your own ones is also perfect. Though they can be painfully awkward, they’re sometimes hilarious. The meme generator allows you to quickly create amusing memes.

And they’re literally everywhere! It’s implausible that anyone with internet access has never seen a meme. You can see them in blog posts, on dedicated image sites, and on social media.

You know what? They’re not supposed to be used for funny tweets only. You can also use them for your work communications. But how did these memes come into existence? What are they exactly? And how can you use one or make one at your workplace?

No worries! We have got you covered! Keep reading the blog and learning about internet memes and how to make a viral meme yourself.

What Exactly is a Meme?

An evolutionary biologist named Richard Dawkins first mentioned the term “meme” in one of his books, “The Selfish Gene,” published in 1976. He said they’re one of the ways for people to pass along cultural ideas and social memories to one another. Appropriately, a meme is a short term for one of the Greek words mimeme, which means “imitated things.”

Most memes are mostly captioned photos that are supposed to be funny, and they are one of the ways to mock human behavior on a public platform. Memes usually spread through social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, where people see and share them.

In recent years, advertising, public relations, and various marketing professionals have adopted them as viral marketing. They’re easy to create, hilarious, and, most importantly, a perfect package for grossing shares on various social media platforms. In a time when about 350 million pictures are posted every day on Facebook, humorous and compelling photos and videos could become one of your best shots when it comes to earning engagement and standing out.

A Few Tips to Create Astonishing Internet Memes

A few tips to create astonishing internet memes are as follows:

Endeavour before and after memes

Before-and-after memes are thought to be the most amusing.One of the great examples of this kind of meme is expectations vs. reality. You can always get inspired by pop culture sources because they never get old.

Always try awkward shots

Do you know why bad luck befell you?Brian became so popular? It’s only because of his awkward smile. Then come Evil Kermit, Scumbag Steve, and the Success Kid. So, if you have a one-of-a-kind meme-worthy expression, don’t be afraid to use it.

Consider using Meme-maker templates

Meme generators can make your life easier, and you can create hilarious memes in just a few clicks. In addition, you’ll get a ton of templates from which you can pick and customize further as per your needs.

Be original

Do you know the most common thing that all viral memes have? They’re stunningly unique and, of course, original. About 30 billion images are shared daily on Facebook, and more than 60% of the web population is responsive to memes. So, if you also want to get noticed, start making amazing memes and get your creative juices flowing.

Follow the trends

If you’re out of creative ideas, you can always look up the latest trends and go for them. It’s one of the clever ways to build a large following and gain shares.Another pro tip: while starting, always use readable, simple, and large fonts. Since your audience doesn’t have a significant attention span, always remember to create witty pieces.

Make it cringy

A cringe meme has the propensity to stand out. However, if you want to increase and are open to new ideas, you can consider trying out this strategy. Initially, you might have a lot of angry or sad reactions, but the opportunity of a growing business can be capitalized on gradually.

Plan before you act

Never use meme generators to create only random memes.Think about your target audience carefully. If you’re using some online templates, they must match your target audience’s taste. Do your research on what your target audience prefers and make memes accordingly.

How to Make a Meme with an Appy Pie Design?

Whether you’re creating a meme for your workspace or just for fun, we’ve got your back! With Appy Pie Design, there are only a few steps necessary to create an astonishing meme. So, let’s dive in!

Come up with an innovative idea

Usually, when you create a meme, you have an idea in mind. However, if not, try to think of something amusing.

Choose your template

Will you write down your own caption or use it from the existing template? Choose from the many ready-to-use meme templates and make further improvements if you want.

Personalize and add your text

Add appropriate text to your template. In memes, bold, white capital letters with a black outline are typically used. You can further play around with placement and text size to get it done precisely the way you want it.

Upload and save

Save and download your final meme to your email and other social media platforms, and share it with your friends and coworkers.

So, sign up with Appy Pie Design now and make your own meme. Happy Designing!

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