How To Scale Your Team? A Guide To Remote Hiring In India

Numerous hiring managers and organisations are relying heavily on remote hiring in India . Though hiring remotely offers a diverse range of benefits, it’s not a smooth ride for the recruiters. They must deal with the constant curveballs that get thrown at them. 

Remote hiring poses many obstacles for hiring managers. From understanding the skills that the candidates must possess, techniques for luring talent to managing a remote workforce, the challenges are never-ending. 

Additionally, they must also find the ideal remote hiring techniques and be active on the best platforms to find quality candidates. Given these challenges posed by remote hiring in India, recruiters must rethink their hiring techniques. 

In this blog, we’ll talk about how recruiters can ensure that company values remain intact while hiring and attracting the right talent. In addition to that, we’ll also cover the best platforms and tools to enable remote hiring in India and tips and quotes from experts. 


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Ensuring that company values remain intact while hiring 

1. Understand why you’re hiring 

remote hiring in india

All the recruiters must ask themselves the ‘why’ of hiring. Before taking the plunge, take a minute to document your process. Not understanding what you’d like the person you’re hiring to achieve can be a big failure. Being clear about the job description and understanding what the new hire would serve is essential. 

2. Communicate your culture and values 

While remote hiring, recruiters must search for candidates who share their values and ethics. Establishing the ground rules before candidates are of utmost importance. 

Communicate what is expected of them in terms of work and collaboration. You can include these in your job description to attract the right candidates. 

3. Use Pre-employment assessments 

Apart from analysing their core skills, use personality tests and cognitive tests while assessing the candidates. These measures would help you in understanding your potential employees better. Moreover, they’d allow you to pick candidates who’re better suited for the position and share the same beliefs and values. 

4. Use value-based techniques while interviewing 

While shortlisting candidates, you could also use value-based techniques like roleplaying and follow up question game. These techniques would allow you to identify candidates who fit your company culture and share the same values. Moreover, it would help you in understanding their thought processes. 


Attracting the right talent while Remote Hiring in India

remote hiring in india

A great way to earn an employer reputation is by having a potent online presence and building a strong brand. It helps in both attracting and retaining qualified and talented people.

Candidates tend to rely on your digital presence to learn about your company.

That is why it becomes, all the more significant that you build a brand reputation online for a wider reach. While remote hiring, clearly illustrate your company’s culture and help the potential candidates picture themselves as a member of your company. 

Another important aspect is to come across as trustworthy by creating attractive social media accounts and informative pages. Here are a few ways in which you can plan and strategise your remote hiring process. 

1. Describing how you work 

Everybody knows that remote workers like to make their schedule. Despite that, they still want information about a job and the obligations attached to it. That is why explaining the flexibility you offer becomes vital.

Providing them with a glimpse of a typical day in the organisation can help them understand the work-life balance you offer. 

2. Try including employee testimonials 

Another powerful way of attracting the right talent is employee testimonials. To do this correctly, ask your remote workforce to share their experiences at the organisation and why they chose to work there in the first place. Storytelling can do wonders for inspiring people and more so if they’re already half-way there. 

3. Presenting your culture and values 

As a recruiter, you’re looking to work with like-minded individuals; people who share the same values as you. That is why you must communicate the same to your candidates. Make them understand what you’re looking for, along with what matters most to your team. 

4. Display in-person meetings 

Every organisation attends conferences occasionally. It could be an annual meetup or an occasional one. Displaying such in-person meetings using videos and photos can be an effective way of attracting the right talent. 


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Platforms and Tools for enabling Remote Hiring in India

remote hiring in IndiaWhile hiring remotely, it’s essential to use potent tools so that things go smoothly. Equally important is finding platforms and collaborating with them for advertising your jobs. 

Here are some platforms and tools all recruiters must consider for the varied stages of the remote hiring process. 

1. For Tracking Applications 

Some well-known application tracking systems include: 

  • Workable 
  • BambooHR
  • Lever 

However, these can be excessively costly. So you can instead opt project management tools like Asana or Trello. Another option is to set up folders in your email clientele and form responses. 

2. For Video Conferencing 

Interviews are a vital part of the remote hiring process. That is why you shouldn’t settle for average platforms. Some of the best options in the market are Zoom and Appear. 

3. For creating surveys and questionnaires for screening 

Every recruiter deploying remote hiring must create surveys and questionnaires. Apart from providing information about the candidate, they’re also a practical tool for getting feedback. 

Google Forms and Typeform are some of the most reliable tools. 

4. For Timezone management 

Many candidates could be operating from different time zones. As a result, you’ll need to manage and convert timezones while scheduling interviews. Worktimebuddy, Everytimezone, and Spacetime are some of the tools you must consider. 

5. Team Communication 

While remote hiring, internal team communication plays a key role. Discussing the new hire or the one under consideration with the hiring team should be a smooth sailing process. You can create a channel using Slack for the same. 


Tips & Quotes from Hiring Managers who’ve switched to Remote Hiring 


1. On conveying your remote culture while recruiting

The Case Of American Express

 Some individuals like working in remote setup but their ways are more suited to the traditional setup. Try asking them questions which make them self-aware about their style of working, interests, and personalities. 

The Case of Coalition Technologies 

Try conveying your company’s culture as a whole to prospective employees. Emphasise the importance of continuous communication between staff and management on chat windows and google hangouts. 


2. On conducting interviews for remote jobs 

The Case of Buffer 

All our remote hiring interviews get conducted on Zoom. Our mantra is to host at least three interviews with a candidate. After gathering a pool of talented candidates, our interview and review phase begins. A lot of emphases gets placed on cultural indicators and specific experience. 

The Case of Dell 

As we know that candidates are busy creatures, we use video interviewing technology. Not only does it permit us to have in-time video interviews but also pre-recorded ones. It allows the candidates to reply to us on their convenience. 


3. On traits to look for in a candidate for a remote job 

The Case of 

Our search is for self-motivated employees who’re also good at communication. Moreover, they must be excited about the freedom provided by remote work. 

The Case of Edgar 

As we mostly communicate using text in remote jobs, written communication holds a lot of importance. Candidates should also have a natural inclination for collaborating with a team closely as our structure is team-oriented. Also, being self-motivated is essential. 


4. On conducting onboarding for remote workers 

The Case of Blossom 

Rather than having a defined onboarding process, we let our workers come to us with questions. It gets done to push our employees to be self-starters. They can just get started and ask questions on the way. We provide them with all the information and knowledge using google hangouts and occasionally even let them work with other workers.

The Case of Referral Rock 

We assign an experienced team member to lead the training course. It allows new workers to learn all about our products and customers. We use Videos and projects to assist in the onboarding process. Usually, it takes a few hours every day for two weeks. 


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Remote hiring can save time and lead to increased productivity. It also gives recruiters access to immensely talented individuals and when compared to traditional hiring methods, saves costs as well. 

However, it’s vital to approach remote hiring carefully. If that doesn’t happen, your workflow might get disrupted, resulting in less productivity. Recruiters must successfully relay why they’re hiring & recruitment objectives and communicate their company values and culture to the candidates.

If you’re a hiring manager, you can use the tips and tricks by experts mentioned above to optimize your remote hiring techniques. In today’s work environment, remote hiring in India offers countless opportunities which every recruiter shouldn’t miss out. 

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Startup Handbook: Build A Business From Scratch
Get instant access to this ebook on building a business from scratch worth $19 absolutely FREE!
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