Huddle: The Most Affordable Coworking Space In Cyber City

COVID-19 has negatively impacted many businesses and many of them don’t have the necessary funds to run normal operations. As a result, they are looking for cutting their costs as much as possible. The one thing that tops most of the cost-cutting list is the rental for the big workspaces.

Not only that, due to the social distancing normal, nearly everybody working either from their home, or remotely. Companies see this as a means of saving their fixed rentals. Traditional workplaces are more costly and the rent is exorbitantly high on a place like Gurgaon. This is where the concept of coworking comes into play. Coworking spaces can offer suitable amenities and enhanced facilities at a lower cost compared to conventional office spaces. This leads to an increasing demand for coworking space in cyber city and other prominent places in Gurgaon.



Reasons for increasing demand for coworking space post covid 19

Remote jobs and work from home have become a buzzword in the current situation as businesses across industries are far more willing for remote working model to cope with the social distancing norms. Coworking spaces provide the perfect solution for this situation with their cost-effective and value-added facilities.

Not only that, since many workers now work from home, a very small proportion of their staff are active in the workplace physically. This also encourages growing companies to opt for coworking spaces. This reduces the cost of their infrastructure and space management. In addition, Flexi options and shared office space solutions in coworking spaces allow people to pay only when the use the facilities. This results in a further reduction of the fixed cost.

Also, coworking spaces are the hub for startups and lead to major community bonding. The startup community will play a vital role in reconnecting people, creating new connections and building credible networks.

Many new ventures, businesses, and start-ups are also expected to emerge after the lockdown, taking advantage of various government schemes. Such small and medium-sized organizations will need a cost-effective place to start their operations. In all probability, they will prefer coworking because of its cost, benefits, and added value.


Huddle: The Most Affordable Coworking Space In Cyber City

Coworking space in cyber city

If you’re looking for a coworking place with all facilities, then let me introduce you to Huddle. Huddle offers affordable and well-managed co-working space in the Cyber City Gurgaon. A combination of a business atmosphere and coworking convenience, this space is an ideal venue for remote working and working with others.

Huddle Cyber City has got excellent facilities and contemporary décor as well, which is vital for improving productivity. The coworking and shared office spaces offer a hybrid way of working that essentially helps you to break your monotony and encourages you to work for a longer duration.

It provides hot desks for normal members, and reserved desks for long-term members, and customized office for larger groups. This well-managed coworking space in cyber hub is not only economical but also allows you to concentrate on your work, with convenient access to restaurants, shopping centers, etc at nearby places.

Today, among the measures required to cope with the pandemic, social distancing is one of the most important ones.  Huddle also rethought the space layout and given a whole new approach so that you feel comfortable and safe when you walk into this wonderful coworking space.



Huddle is located at the most premium commercial location of Gurgaon, Cyber City. Cyber City is one of the largest IT parks in Delhi NCR and houses some of the major MNCs and Fortune 500 companies. You can easily travel to this place as the Phase 2 Rapid Metro Station is just 400 meters away.

Ground Floor, Tower B, Building No. 5 Epitome, DLF Cyber City (Get Directions)


Amenities offered by huddle

Amenities at coworking space in cyber city

Huddle the coworking space in cyber city has got several amenities to offer.

  1. Free fast wifi-In today’s world connectivity is the most important thing. Huddle gives you access to super-fast internet and other technologies that will help you to address all your networking needs.
  2. Free printing services- No matter how prevalent laptops, smartphones, and tablets become to save and share documents, sometimes you still need to print and copy your documents. Huddle Gurgaon provides an in-house printing and copying facility. So you don’t need to go out every time you have a printing or copying requirement.
  3. Free office stationary-Apart from the network connectivity, Huddle also provides you free office stationery as part of your space package.
  4. Meeting room-With Huddle, you can also get state-of-the-art meeting rooms. You can use it for your important client meetings, brainstorming sessions, and team reviews.
  5. Parking space-This coworking space in cyber city also offers ample parking space for your vehicle. So, in case you are planning to travel by your own vehicle, you don’t need to drive around to find a suitable parking space.


Pricing plans

Huddle is one of the most cost-efficient coworking space in cyber city. They are having multiple plans for diverse requirements.

  1. Hot desk: Flexible pay-per-use plan at INR 200/day
  2. Dedicated desk: Fully furnished space at INR 10,999/- per desk per month

You can also get in touch with the Huddle team if you’re looking for a customized space for you and your team.


Virtual office space in Gurgaon

You can avail all benefits of a physical office by availing the world-class virtual office solution provided by Huddle. Taking a Virtual Office will help you to start your business immediately with no waiting period. Under the virtual office service, they will provide you complete support for business registration & all in-office services along with prime location addresses, They also have flexible virtual office plans to match with your different needs.


The coworking and flexible office spaces can do an amazing job to help all individuals and companies to adapt to the world of remote working. With improved capacity planning and high-quality support services huddle is all set to become the most sought after coworking space in Cyber City. So whether you are a freelancer or startup owner Huddle enables you to coordinate, co-generate, and realize your dream company. Make a visit to this wonderful coworking space to get a first-hand experience.

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