Do I Require an Address in India to Start a Company? | Requirements and Documents

One of your first choices when forming a limited company will be the location of the registration office. Although choosing a registered office may at first appear like a minor element of business incorporation, it is vital to give it significant thought.

As a company director, it will be your duty to see that statutory registers are preserved at the registered office you keep for the term of your company’s existence. Additionally, all correspondence from your company, such as letters, emails, webpages, and promotional materials, must include your registered address.

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Is an Address Required in India for Starting a Company?

Yes, opening a business in India requires having an address. The address must be listed as the company’s registered office and address for official correspondence. All correspondence from the government and other regulatory organizations will be sent to this address. The location of the address must fall under the purview of the Registrar of Companies (ROC), under whose purview the business was incorporated.

However, a company can now register itself with something known as a virtual office address. Virtual does not refer to an online location. It merely denotes a business address that can be utilized for all mail and correspondence related to business. Today, virtual offices are quickly gaining popularity if a company uses virtual addresses to have numerous office locations in different states, making them ideal for small businesses trying to expand their reach.

Company Registration Requirements for Registered Office Address

The term “registered office” describes a company’s principal business location. All communications from the company will be sent to the office address, which is registered. The organization’s office may be transferred from one place to another within the existing state or even from one region to another after fulfilling all legal requirements.

The corporation should also display the address and the name of its registered office outside each office or place of business. Additionally, in its business correspondence, bills, and other official publications, it should provide the address and name of its office.

When forming a new business, there are two options to record the Registered Office Address:

1. Temporary Address

You can use an area as your provisional business address for registration and file the paperwork confirming your permanent address within 30 days of the company’s registration.

2. Permanent Address

At the time of registration, provide the firm with a permanent address. In this case, no more paperwork is required.

The address listed on the forms related to registration must be included on the Registration Certificate in both situations. The Incorporation Certificate will not reflect any address changes made following the Company Registration.

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The Documents Needed for the Registered Office Address

You may require some documentation below to start your company in India. 

1. Temporary Address

Any document displaying the temporary address may be provided as the address proof, together with a no-objection letter from the owner of the document since the address must be utilised for 30 days following the date of incorporation.

2. Permanent Residence

The following documents must be submitted with the registration form or up to 30 days from the date of incorporation to support the permanent residence.

(A) If the individual is the owner of the address, such as a director, shareholder, or another person:

  • A copy of the premises’ electricity bill for the registered office.
  • A letter of consent from the holder of the address, named in the electricity bill, allows the company to use the address as its registered office.
  • Further documents, including an Aadhaar card, a driver’s license, a passport, or a voter identification card in the owner’s name, should also be produced if the address on the electricity bill still needs to be completed.

(B) If a different company or LLP holds the address:

The following documents attest to the holder of the address and the lack of any objections to its use:

  • Electricity bill with the building’s address and owner’s name.
  • Resolution approving the use of the address as the company’s registered office.

(C) If a third party owns the Address but leases it to the digital/shared office service provider.

The following documents attest to being the owner of the address and the lack of any objections to its use:

  • Electricity bill with address and building owner’s name.
  • Valid rental or lease agreement between the building’s owner and the virtual office service provider, with particular authority to sublease and to issue letters of authorization for the use of the address of the premises as the registered office address for purposes of the Companies Act or the LLP Act.
  • Letter of no objection from the virtual or shared office service provider. 
  • A board resolution or power of attorney gives the signatory the authority to issue.
  • A No-Objection Certificate for the use of the address as the business’s registered office is required if the virtual/shared office service provider is a corporation or LLP.

(D) If the new company rents the address (only for complete registrations with a temporary address). If the new company rents the address after registration, the supporting documents as mentioned below are required:

  • The rent agreement document notarized.
  • A copy of the rent receipt.
  • Copies of paid taxes or electricity bill receipts bearing the owner’s name
  • The rental contract in the name of the owners or directors of the intended firm will not be considered address proof if they have previously rented the address.
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FAQs on Whether an Address is Required to Start a Company in India

Read the following questions and answers carefully to learn more about starting a company in India.

How can I register a business without address proof?

With a registered office address, a corporation can be registered. If you decide to amend it later, you must notify the MCA and pass a special resolution of the shareholders.

Can a company be established at a home address?

The residence address may be used as the company’s registration address, according to Indian law and the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Therefore, for incorporation purposes, the registered address can be any address.

What does the company’s address proof involve?

You can provide the registered office’s electricity, telephone, water, or gas bill as evidence of the business address. When submitting the bill to create the Certificate of Incorporation (COI), the bill cannot be older than two months. If it is less than three months old, a bank statement or statement from another financial institution may also be used as proof of residence.

Do business addresses matter?

Since many sole proprietorships and partnerships utilise a residential address, they will pay closer attention to your company’s legal structure. More than just a physical address for receiving mail is involved with your business address. The proper address increases credibility and establishes a bridge between the company and the owner.

Why do businesses require addresses?

For credibility and professionalism, businesses need an address, as well as a physical mailing address, which does more than help your business appear suitable and increase brand awareness. Furthermore, it demonstrates to current and potential clients that you are a reliable business, indicating that you are entirely committed to your company.

Finally, establishing a business in India requires having an address. Therefore, by law, everybody who wants to register a corporation is required to have a registered office. The address’s primary function is to give the business a location to receive official communications from the government, along with a registered address for sending legal notices and official mail. 

It must be a complete postal address in the same state as the company’s registered office. It is designed to hold legislative records for inspection purposes and to receive official mail.

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