Meetings Rooms: The Heroes Of The Hour

2020 hands down has been one of the most challenging year we have ever encountered, causing unbelievable and irreplaceable effects on coworking industry. With such drastic changes occurring, the very philosophy of working has been changed leading to a waterfall of uncertainty. The big wave of digitization which is already knocking the door to the future, is it making meetings and discussions to be held through screens and muted mics only?

Our team at myHQ has been a enabler of both offline and online office experience and we can safely conclude that meetings and meeting rooms are here to stay.

Did you know that according to Forbes, 85% of the people say that physical meetings are necessary to form long lasting business relationships. So irrespective of the digitalization and the pros online meetings have over face to face meetings, the latter will always win when it comes to building a business or an understanding as these two are what business are built upon.



How Do Meeting Rooms Work?

Meeting rooms are places from where the office catch ups to the make or break of the companies happen. Equipped with facilities such as high speed WIFI, LCD, unlimited tea/coffee, printer and stationery, meeting rooms enables the user to have a wholesome myHQ experience with every partnered space they visit.

These meeting rooms can be used to host an event, have brainstorming sessions, interview candidates or to conduct training sessions and allows the user and his teammates to come out of the virtual cage that the lock down has imposed on them to form business relations the way they were intended and align the company resources towards the growth and common goals they desire.


What myHQ Meeting Rooms Offer?

Meeting rooms by the hour allow the customers to have the freedom and flexibility with the facility of pay-per-use in which the user only pays on hourly basis as most of the times, meetings don’t last more than 2-3 hours and this in turn saves the user from a dent on his wallet. Furthermore, on-the-go booking with myHQ app allows users the freedom to go through multiple spaces and select the most ideal co-working space which is nearest to them and their teammates ensuring a seamless work experience.

With the increase in the number of people working remotely, the trend has led to a growing demand of co-working spaces in almost every major city, customers are looking for a peaceful and productive environment. myHQ is helping its partner spaces increase revenue and profitability exponentially by providing the spaces with new and constant channels of revenue, decreasing operational costs.

One of the major challenges that coworking space providers has been facing is inefficiency in occupancy spaces leading to the space’s high operational costs. This is where myHQ’s meeting room model comes into picture and provides its customers with limitless flexibility with pay-per-use and at the same time reducing inoccupancy of inventory for its partners devising a win-win situation for the co-working space providers and users.

This has a snowball effect for workspaces with exposure and visibility driving in regular users to the space.


Revenue Growth For myHQ Meeting Rooms 2020-21

In 2020-21, myHQ has consistently generated high revenues month-on-month.  With almost a 125% growth in revenue from December to January, myHQ prioritizes profitability for its partner spaces. Post lockdown, myHQ has streamlined and created multiple profitable avenues for its partnered spaces like Flexi pass, Dedicated seating, Virtual Office, Cabins and meeting rooms.


myHQ meeting rooms

What Our Partnered Spaces Have Been Saying…

Our alignment with myHQ meshes smoothly with our growth plans. Being a Managed Office Space provider, our 80% revenue comes from Enterprise Clients. myHQ’s technology driven e-commerce capability to connect with our inventory, results in generating additional 20% revenue by virtue of promoting Meeting/Conference room, Flexi Desk and Dedicated Desk

– Umesh Uttamchandani, Managing Director Co -founder | DevX


“myHQ has been a great trusted partner. Being on myHQ has increased our brand visibility and has improved our capacity utilization. Highly recommended!

Rahul, Director | Spaced Out


With myHQ, the possibilities are endless. Each day we are helping our users to find the desired environment and workspace they always wanted and at the same time we are helping our partners with boundless \revenue and profits. Partnering up with more than 50+ spaces every month, myHQ is revolutionizing the coworking industry with seamless online and offline experience and onboarding new partner spaces with a promise of profitability and growth.

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