myHQ is now part of the ANAROCK Group! #StrongerTogether

Dear Reader,

We have news from our workstations!

Your love, support, and dedication towards your work has helped myHQ become India’s leading flexible workspaces platform! We want to take a moment and give you a BIG shout-out for your belief in us and your contribution in making us what we are today. Without YOU, this would not have been possible 🙂

It is our constant endeavour to offer you the most seamless work experience possible and an ever increasing network of beautiful workspaces. With our vision to become the largest provider of flexible workspace solutions in India and beyond, we are very excited to share with you about us becoming an integral part of, one of the biggest and most trusted real estate services company – ANAROCK Group.



ANAROCK is India’s leading independent real estate services company with presence across India and the Middle East. As one of India’s leading tech-enabled real estate services companies, ANAROCK has a portfolio of prop-tech products and solutions, which enables them to cater to a diverse range of user real estate needs. They share the same enthusiastic belief in the growth potential of flexible workspaces as a category as us and that makes them perfect partners for the journey ahead!

As a team, our vision is to enable every single user & team to make magic at their work everywhere and everyday! We do this by providing users and their organizations’ freedom and flexibility to choose the way they want to work by giving them a seamless way to search, discover and find their ideal workspace and a standardized working experience across the largest network of workspaces in the country. We truly believe that this merger will help us live up to these promises at a much larger scale in all possible ways and serve you better.

For our users, it only gets better!

The same team will continue to build and develop myHQ further for you. While you continue to use our products and services, we will be working hard to bring to you:

• An increased range of flexible workspace solutions
• Larger Footprint across the country and the globe
• Ease of flexibility & scalability
• A commitment to ensure a seamless and standardised working experience


Be rest assured that our commitment to serving you tirelessly only increases and so does our excitement about possibilities of growth as the world moves to adopt new hybrid model of work. We will soon be unveiling a new and exciting brand identity to resonate with the excitement for this new phase of growth. Do watch this space closely and stay tuned.

We hope we can continue to count on you for the same love and support as we march into this new and exciting next chapter!

Read More About myHQ Workspaces- Anarock Here!

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