In today’s fast paced world, social media has become the very crux of development.  The paradigm shift in terms of technological development has generated innumerable employment opportunities for the youth. Apps like Instagram and Twitter have become a social hub for millions of people around the world. 

#CoupleGoals: Instagram and Hashtags

In order to get more engagement and traffic, Instagram uses hashtags. Hashtags are a vital part of digital engagement, allowing people from many social networks to unite around a common theme. 

Instagram generates millions of photos every day, in the form of reels, IGTV videos, stories, and posts. As a result of which, Instagram thrives on a hashtag system that customizes and filters content, and effectively delivers the right content to the right people. 

Hashtags are words, headlines, or phrases that help you send a powerful message. Hashtags help you categorize your message, increase engagement, draw followers into specific niches, strengthen your brand image, and help you reach your target audience. The value of a simple Instagram hashtag should never be underestimated  in increasing your reach manifold.  

Popular Niches on the ‘Gram and their Most Happening Hashtags

Instagram employs a hashtag system that caters to different niches. Influencers, content creators, and popular Instagrammers with millions of followers use these hashtags to draw people to their content. 

Here are some popular niches on Instagram, and their corresponding most popular hashtags:


Instagram is a haven for fashion enthusiasts looking for outfit inspiration and latest trends, as well as brands and influencers to promote new styles and pieces. 

Popular Instagram Hashtags for Fashion: You can increase your reach and engagement tenfold by using the right hashtags such as #styleinspo, #ootd, #outfitoftheday, #whatiwore, #shoppingaddict, #beautydoesnthavetobepain, #currentlywearing, #instastyle, #lookgoodfeelgood. 


During the pandemic, many people went on to explore their culinary skills, experimenting with new recipes, and giving the existing ones a pleasant or whacky twist. Dalgona coffee, banana bread, and pancake cereal became a household thing and trended on Instagram for months. The food lovers and enthusiasts received a lot of love and admiration from the average Instagram user. 

Popular Instagram Hashtags for Food: As a food enthusiast, if you want to make your recipe a viral sensation and a trend that rules Instagram for months you may use hashtags such as #instafood, #omnomnom, #foodporn, #food, #foodie, #organic, #healthyeats, #goodeats, #vegetarian, #vegan,  #glutenfree,  #hungry , #homemade, #madefromscratch. 


People often like to share their personal stories, stories of their growth, their struggles and subsequent success so that they can inspire others. 

Popular Instagram Hashtags for Inspiration: Some popular inspirational hashtags that creators of this niche use to get their content trending are #inspiration, #goals, #success, #selflove, #inspire, #mindset, #positivity, #believe.


Music triggers powerful positive emotions via autobiographical memories and unites an inexhaustible number of individuals together, giving them hope in such grim times. Music is known to spark joy and reduce stress. Needless to say, such creators have a wide array of options to play around with. 

Popular Instagram Hashtags for Music: Popular Instagram hashtags to use when posting in this niche are  #bts #listeners. #listeningtomusic, #listentothis, #lovethissong, #music, #musicismylife, #musiclife, #musiclovers, #musicmaker, #billboard, #musician, #musicianlife, #musicvideo, #musicians, #newmusic, #newsong, #radio.


Stepping into the world of fiction, this is the area where you share your carefully curated reading lists. To increase engagement for such posts, you need to make sure that they are visible to the audience interested in your content, and this is where the hashtags come in. 

Popular Instagram Hashtags for Books: Some of the popular Instagram hashtags to use when posting about books are #classicbooks, #bibliophile,  #bookworms, #bookaddict, #bookshelf, #goodreads, #reads, #bookaholic, #reader. 


Travel has truly helped us better understand ourselves and our world. It has made us more compassionate, empathetic, and less afraid of our inherent differences. Not only does it make us happy, but also, helps us focus better. Many content creators on Instagram like to document their travels and experiences to help fellow travellers get a better deal- and if not, if not travel vicariously through their pages. 

Popular Instagram Hashtags for Travel: Popular hashtags to attract audience to travel related content are  #travel, #landscape, #travelphotography, #holiday, #travelgram, #trip, #wanderlust, #vacation.

Top Hashtag Generators 

If you are hoping to increase your number of followers, and boost the engagement that you receive on your posts, you will have to use appropriate hashtags to increase the visibility of your digital activity. 

Furthermore, you need to be consistent with posting your content to make sure that your hashtags perform better and increase the number of people who see your content. The key here is to not only keep posting, but also post according to what the algorithm likes. If the Instagram algorithm is pushing reels over posts- cash in!

However, it may be difficult to keep a track of the changing hashtags and determine which ones are performing well. It is also difficult to determine how many hashtags to use, what topics are popular, and which hashtags are most likely to be used by your target audience. 

Ergo, to help you save time, energy, and analytics, we have listed some hashtag generators to keep you at the top of your social media game: 

1.Task Ant


Task Ant is one of the best Instagram hashtags generating tools, as it produces the most relevant and catchy hashtags. It analyses your content and all relevant performance numbers using data from the official Instagram API. This means that they are aware of the current and changing trends on Instagram. Task Ant gives you the best ideas to boost your Instagram profile’s outcome. It assists you in creating Instagram hashtags that will increase your reach by increasing views and followers, as well as increase engagement by increasing likes, comments, and shares. Make sure that the information you share is relevant, as it helps the generators curate a list of the most appropriate hashtags that the users are more likely to engage with and follow you. 



SISTRIX helps you create hashtags that are relevant to your target audience and content. They’ll propose up to 30 hashtags linked to your search in one go, giving you a great number of options to choose from. It’s not the most comprehensive list you’ll discover, but it’s an excellent place to start. You can conduct up to 25 searches each day with SISTRIX. SISTRIX’s results are based on billions of potential hashtag combinations, and its system has over 7 million hashtags in its database. You won’t be able to see stats or build lists, but you will be able to search for relevant hashtags to get your profile rolling. 

3.Display Purposes


Display Purposes is a very basic tool; in fact, it is more of an auxiliary tool that you may use in addition to your primary hashtag generator. It is a good idea to double-check your hashtags now and then, and Display Purposes can help you in this regard. With their search box, you’ll be able to find relevant hashtags for your Instagram posts. Display Purposes screens out spammy hashtags, and you won’t have to worry about them being featured previously. The hashtags generated by Display Purposes can be used on any social media platform. Display Purposes includes famous hashtags while also including a balanced mix of hashtags that are more particular to your content and specialty. It has been reported that users have been able to increase their engagement with the hashtags generate by Display purposes. 



Tagboard is a one-of-a-kind hashtag generating tool that functions in a unique way. You’ll be able to see every single post that has been made using a particular hashtag at a glance. This assists you to not just figure out what kind of material corresponds with a hashtag, but also provides a number of ideas for your own content strategy. These boards can also be saved for future use. After that, you can create a hashtag list and utilise it in your message. Tagboard is one of the most unique ways to design your hashtag strategy and track your results, thus its cost may be justified based on your needs



Instavast helps you look for hashtags based on photographs, posts, or phrases. However, Instavast is one of the most basic hashtag generation apps available. Instavast will provide you with a number of options, but you won’t be able to store any of them. It’s a simple tool, but it provides fresh ideas depending on your search query. Instavast’s main service is an Instagram bot that focuses on increasing your Instagram followers, therefore the hashtag generator tool is really a bonus. 

Each of these apps has its own platform and user interface, and they are amongst the most popular and well-developed hashtag generation tools available to help you boost your engagement stats on the ‘gram.