Responsible business ideas for 2020 & ahead

It’s very likely that the person who first introduced plastic did not know about its repercussions & his entrepreneurial sprint was in all likelihood ‘celebrated’ for finding a low-cost substance to carry your things around. A philosophical logic indeed; however it has something for us to learn from. In the name of entrepreneurship we may find ourselves doing just about anything that gets us recognition & money; but does it do any greater good to the world we live in? So what are some responsible business ideas the world today is telling us to take up instead?

  1. Refurbishing electronic items

    E-waste causes a lot of damage to the atmosphere. When electronic waste is thrown away in landfills their toxic materials seep into groundwater, affecting both land and sea animals. Most electronic wastes are caused due to concerns relating to the motherboard, wiring, cracked cords etc. Start a business that refurbishes electronic items & give your atmosphere a slowdown in e-waste.

  2. Organic e-commerce or store

    Chemical-free has been doing its rounds for a few years now. Make products that are completely organic & made by natural ingredients. With every next business indulging in organic products; showing your consumer the backstage make-in-progress content will give you that edge over others.

  3. Eco consulting

    Assist business on how to become sustainable & help them in implementing systems within their business model that are friendly to the environment. Especially now more than ever, every entrepreneur in the making would need a consultant who could do educate them about how they can make a business without hurting the environment in the long run. Besides there are other benefits of businesses going green such as reduced costs, risks and liabilities, and increased employee retention and productivity.

  4. Renewable energy systems

    Solar panels are easy to use & hardly produce emissions. Businesses across different fields need a green power source to make responsible decisions in building their respective startups. In fact, not just business societies & residential complexes have quite a demand for solar panel installations as well; as they also save up a lot on the electricity bills.

  5. Refurbished furniture & decor

    There’s massive potential in starting a refurbishing business in home furniture & decor. You can either start a business that sells antiques; or rebuild good looking & modern furniture & sell it at a more affordable rate to those who believe in sustainability.

  6. Packaging Solutions

    With more & more local stores going online; the one concern on every responsible entrepreneur has on his mind is; how does he become a responsible shopper while making sure he or she isn’t supporting mindless plastic packaging. Starting a business that aids the eco-friendly packaging solutions can indeed turn out very helpful in today’s day and age.

  7. Zero waste & bulk stores

    What’s better than eco-friendly packaging solutions? No packaging at all. Zero waste & bulk stores haven’t seen the rise they deserve; therefore all the more reason to establish entrepreneurship in this category. Figuring out how can communities & residential complexes that depend on store-to-store shopping; buy in bulk using their own packaging material; ensuring minimal waste at all costs.

  8. Apps & software builders

    Nothing tops the need of tech supporters in building tech solutions for bringing implementable ideas on the table that help businesses or individuals with environmental initiatives. Develops apps that guide users on finding refurbishing stores, recycling centers, or learning daily practices to incorporate in our lives.


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