Swimming with Success: The Best 12 Shark Tank India Products

The Desi version of the famous American TV show, ‘Shark Tank,’ has become a sensation among Indian viewers. The show follows the same captivating format, where young and innovative entrepreneurs from across the country showcase their business ideas and models to a panel of investors. The entrepreneurs try to win over investors and secure funding for their ventures. Dive into the article to look at the innovative Shark Tank India products that made it big on the show!

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Top 12 Shark Tank India Products 

Given below is the list of best 12 Shark Tank India businesses:

1. Get-A-Whey 


Two engineers and their mother embarked on an experiment that resulted in a remarkably healthy ice cream brand called Get-A-Whey.

This brand is crafted using whey protein and lacks added sugar, ensuring that we can indulge our sweet cravings while also taking care of our health. 

In under two years, this small kitchen experiment blossomed into the nation’s first ice cream brand that is both healthy and delicious.

2. Beyond Snack 

Beyond Snack

Beyond Snack is proud to offer its customers an authentic snacking experience with its Kerala Banana Chips. These chips have become a staple in many households, loved for their crispy texture and unique flavour. 

Beyond Snack is committed to providing its customers with the highest quality products made with superior raw materials and maintaining the highest hygiene standards.

In addition to the traditional flavour, Beyond Snack has expanded its line to include exciting new flavours such as Peri Peri, Salt & Black Pepper, and Sour Cream Onion & Parsley. These new flavours offer a twist on the classic banana chip, allowing customers to try something new while still enjoying the familiar taste they love. 

Beyond Snack takes pride in offering its customers a snack that is not only delicious but also meets its high standards for quality and hygiene. With their authentic Kerala Banana Chips, customers can enjoy a tasty and satisfying snack they feel good about.

3. In A Can 

In A Can

In A Can is a unique and innovative brand created by Sameer Mirajkar and Viraj Sawant. The idea was born out of a common problem faced by many during the pandemic: a lack of access to high-quality drinks due to bar closures. 

As cocktail connoisseurs, Sameer and Viraj refused to let this obstacle hinder their enjoyment of their favourite whiskey cocktail.

With their extensive knowledge and expertise, Sameer and Viraj decided to create a solution that would allow them and others to enjoy premium cocktails from the comfort of their homes. 

They picked up their bar equipment and got to work, perfecting their recipe until they achieved the perfect blend of flavours and ingredients. 

The result was In A Can, a brand that offers high-quality, pre-mixed cocktails in convenient and portable cans. Each cocktail is expertly crafted using premium ingredients, ensuring a delicious and satisfying experience every time.

4. Livofy  


Livofy (earlier Keto India) is a leading Keto Consulting Company in India, founded by Sahil Pruthi. The company’s mission is to assist individuals with chronic health conditions such as Thyroid, PCOS, Diabetes, and more by implementing dietary changes that support a healthy lifestyle.

Livofy successfully secured the highest offer at Shark Tank India, with an investment of 1.6 Crores. The impressive pitch garnered interest from four out of five sharks, further validating the impact of Livofy’s services. 

With over 3,000 patients across the globe assisted to date, Livofy has established a reputation for providing top-notch consultation services, aiding clients in achieving their health goals. 

By implementing a keto diet, patients have reported significant improvements in their health outcomes, including weight loss, improved energy levels, and better blood sugar control. 

5. Bamboo India 

Bamboo India

Bamboo India is a Pune-based startup founded by Mrs Ashwini Shinde and Mr Yogesh Shinde, who are dedicated to promoting a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle. 

The company seeks to change the perception of bamboo from a “Poor Man’s Timber” to a “Wise Man’s Timber” by offering a range of innovative and sustainable bamboo products.

Their collection includes numerous bamboo products such as toothbrushes, desk organizers, travel kits, and more. 

These products are not only stylish and functional but also eco-friendly, making them a splendid choice for those who are conscious of their impact on the environment.

Bamboo India’s commitment to sustainability goes beyond just its products. They work closely with local communities and bamboo farmers to source their raw materials, supporting the local economy and promoting sustainable farming practices.

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6. Auli Lifestyle 

Auli Lifestyle

Auli Lifestyle, a company founded by Aishwarya Biswas, has made significant strides in the skincare industry. With a focus on cruelty-free, ayurvedic skincare essentials, Auli Lifestyle has been able to capture the attention of investors and consumers alike.

In particular, Auli Lifestyle caught the eye of Shark Namita Thapar, who recognized the brand’s potential and provided the necessary support for the company’s retail distribution. Since then, Auli Lifestyle has experienced impressive growth. 

Auli Lifestyle’s success can be attributed to its commitment to providing high-quality, cruelty-free skincare products that are formulated with natural, Ayurvedic ingredients. 

By prioritizing these values, Auli Lifestyle has been able to build a loyal customer base and establish itself as a prominent player in the skincare industry.

7. The Nomad Food Project

The Nomad Food Project is all about making jams and spreads that are unique and drool-worthy. A mix of bacon and the age-old condiment of Maharashtra, Thecha, is what these spreads are made of. Aditya Rai and Advaith Inamke are the founders of this brand who are college buddies as well as bacon enthusiasts. Additionally, the Nomad Project is one of the most successful Shark Tank India products.

Earlier they used to earn Rs. 5 Lakh/month but, after Shark Tank, their revenue increased to Rs. 19 Lakh/month.

8. Organic Smokes

Organic Smokes has to be on the top shark tank India brands list with regard to the unique concept it has. It garnered lot of support and love because it has a deeper meaning and a positive motive behind it. It helps people who wish to stop smoking by providing them to smoke nicotine-free and tobacco-free cigarettes. So, you can ‘mock smoke’ by smoking herbal cigarettes as they have been called.

9. Skippi Ice Pops 

Skippi Pops

One of the most famous shark tank India products is the Popsicle. But not just any popsicle but healthy popsicles. 

Skippi Pops is a Hyderabad-based startup that aims to revolutionize the Indian market with its all-natural popsicles. Founded by Ravi Kabra and Anuja Kabra, Skippi Pops is India’s first popsicle brand made of 100% natural flavours. 

By avoiding artificial flavours and colours, Skippi Pops provides an alternative to unhealthy ice candies and encourages healthier snacking habits. 

Skippi Pops offers a variety of flavours, including orange, lemon, and cola, all made using natural ingredients. By doing so, they aim to provide customers with a nostalgic experience of enjoying a delicious ice lolly while promoting a healthier snacking alternative.

10. The Sass Bar 

The Sass Bar

The Sass Bar is a unique soap company that offers artisanal soaps in the form of cupcakes and ice creams, providing an aesthetically pleasing experience to customers right from first glance. These soaps are made with high-quality ingredients and are designed to be both functional and visually appealing.

The success of The Sass Bar can be attributed to its innovative product offerings and ability to tap into the growing demand for unique and visually appealing personal care products. 

By providing customers with soaps that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, The Sass Bar has carved out a niche for itself in the highly competitive personal care industry.

11. Hammer  


Hammer is a brand that specializes in smart gadgets and speakers. In addition to speakers, Hammer also offers a range of other products, such as electronic toothbrushes, smartwatches, and grooming tools.

Since securing a deal at the show, Hammer has been improving its technology and expanding its team. 

As a result of these efforts, the company has seen a substantial boost in its monthly sales, increasing from Rs 70 lakh to Rs 2 crore. This success reflects the brand’s dedication to delivering high-quality products that meet the needs and expectations of its customers.

12. Farda Clothing 

Farda Clothing

Farda is a customized streetwear brand that seeks to showcase the richness and complexity of Indian design, art, and culture to a global audience. Their collection targets individuals who value self-expression and aren’t afraid to make a statement with their clothing. 

Farda’s approach to fashion is unique in that they view it as an art form, and they strive to create pieces that are not only stylish but also meaningful and representative of their wearers. 

Their collection of jazzy and quirky streetwear for both men and women is a testament to their commitment to innovation and creativity. In addition, they offer customization services that allow customers to add a touch of art and punk to their wardrobe.

Best Shark Tank India Pitches & Costliest Deals

  1. ZOFF– Zone of Fresh Food is an innovative and out-of-the-box pitch that wooed attention of 4 out of 5 sharks. It’s USP is “Zip-lock packaging” or four-layers packaging in order to deliver fresh spices to people. Aman Gupta invested Rs. 1 crore at 1.25% equity with a valuation of 80 crores.
  2. Dhruv Vidyut– This unique initiative is one wherein in less than 20 minutes, a regular bicycle is converted into an electric cycle. In a quite unexpected encounter, Dhruv Vidyut asked for 100 hours of judges’ time instead of money.
  3. Snitch– A D2C men’s apparel brand caught the attention of all the sharks and closed the valuation of Rs. 100 crore where everyone agreed to invest Rs. 1.5 crore with 1.5% equity.
  4. Hoovu– A flower handling, storage and delivery brand that is listed on various platforms like Milk Basket, Zepto, Big Basket, Amazon and Flipkart. It caters to the traditional flower market which meets the daily needs of people for pooja and other decoration requirements. Peyush Bansal and Aman Gupta invested Rs. 1 crore for 2% equity.
  5. Padcare– Padcare is a brand that impressed the LensKart founder Peyush Bansal so much that he gave the entrepreneurs Ajiknya Dhairya a blank cheque.
  6. Neomotion– A motorized wheelchair that cracked the deal with Peyush Bansal who decided upon investing Rs. 1 crore for 1% equity, valued at Rs. 100 crores.
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FAQs on Shark Tank India Products

Listed below are some of the frequently asked questions on Shark Tank India Products:

What is Shark Tank India?
Shark Tank India is an Indian version of the American TV show ‘Shark Tank.’ It is a platform that allows entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas and products to a panel of investors or “sharks” who decide whether to invest in the product or not.

What makes the top Shark Tank India products stand out?
The products stand out because they are innovative, address unique consumer needs, and offer sustainable solutions. They have the potential to make a significant impact on the Indian market and beyond.

Who are the judges of Shark Tank India? 
The names of Shark Tank India judges include Aman Gupta, Namita Thapar, Peyush BaWnsal, Amit Jain, Anupam Mittal, and Vineeta Singh. 

Can I buy these Shark Tank India products?
Some of the top Shark Tank India products are already available for purchase, while others are still in development. You can check the respective company’s website or social media pages for more information on how to purchase these products.

Who is the richest shark in Shark Tank India?
The richest and No.1 Shark in Shark Tank India is Amit Jain who has a net worth of Rs. 2,900 crores.

Who is the youngest shark in Shark Tank India?
The youngest shark in Shark Tank India is Ritesh Agarwal, CEO of OYO Rooms who just joined as a judge in Shark Tank India Season 3.

Which company got the biggest deal on Shark Tank India?
Unstop, a HR Tech Startup landed the biggest deal of Rs. 5 crore at 10% equity. The CarDekho founder, Amit Jain wished to invest, however, it was denied saying that it will dilute a lot of his stake. Later, the deal was settled at Rs. 2 crore for 4% equity.

From eco-friendly clothing to natural popsicles, these Shark Tank India products have not only addressed unique consumer needs but have also provided a platform for entrepreneurs to showcase their talents and drive for success. 

As the show continues to gain popularity, it is clear that the innovative ideas and products presented on Shark Tank India have the potential to make a significant impact on the Indian market and beyond. 

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