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Today, almost every business needs software applications and platforms that match its vision while solving its core problem. To fulfil this requirement, they often hire someone who can thoroughly see through their software needs and develop a platform around it. That’s exactly what Software Architects do. They create an elaborate architecture of the desired system. Not just that, they also mention in advance all the rules to abide by during the development process. 

As Software Architects lead a defining role in developing software for an organization, they are highly rewarded for the cruciality of their work. To jump into the world of software architecture and make the most of this lucrative career, you should first learn what it takes to be a skilled Software Architect. 

Here’s the ultimate guide to thriving as a software architect and landing a high-paying job.

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Software Architect Salary

Outlining a blueprint of software solutions that meet the organization’s goals and technical requirements takes serious effort and knowledge. As Software Architects are trusted with this job, they are highly paid. Let’s walk you through average software architect salaries in different parts of the world.

LocationAverage Software Architect Salary(per annum)
IndiaINR 26L
United Kingdom£76155
IrelandEuro 80-100K
CaliforniaUSD 130K-140K
United StatesUSD 130K-140K

The average salary of a Software Architect is higher than many other jobs in the IT Industry. Companies pay you for the amount and kind of value you add to them. To have that edge in your career as a software architect, gaining good industry expertise, years of experience, and relevant educational background should be your foremost priority.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Software Architect

Software Architects usually help organizations design the basic layout of almost all kinds of software for the developer team to create a perfect platform. Here are seven major responsibilities software architects are entrusted with:

  • Discussing all the business requirements in detail. Right from the platform’s performance to its security, a software architect is expected to have a fair idea of all the functional and non-functional requirements.
  • Developing a relevant solution and presenting a basic structural outline with the components and their interactions. 
  • Being an active member of the development team and explaining what the development process should look like. 
  • Monitoring all the development process areas and working on the ones that need attention and extra effort for improvement. 
  • Constantly brainstorming and suggesting new plans for developing a better, more customized, and adaptable application platform. Their ideas should be such that they make the business grow multifold. 
  • Working with various developers and projects and adhering to deadlines. 
  • Effectively communicating with different teams of the company. 

These are the typical duties of a software architect in a company. However, their scope of work often differs depending on the project, as no fixed development process is followed. The designing process is moulded according to the needs, time, cost, and business goals. So, if you have the necessary skills, you’ll effortlessly perform all of them.

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How To Become a Software Architect in India?

An adept software architect owns a relevant degree, has hands-on experience in the field, and is backed with an extremely promising resume. Let’s understand in detail how you can bag a high-paying job as a software architect in India.

1. Start With the Basics

Firstly, to work in the field of software architecture, you need to start building a foundation on which your career will rest. And that should be unwaveringly strong. So, after you finish high school, start gearing up and opt for science with computer applications. 

2. Pursue a Relevant Degree

As a science pass-out, you’re eligible to pursue B.tech or BCA. So, get admission to a good university and prep well to get your basics strong. During your bachelor’s, enrol in certificate courses in programming languages to be well-versed in software design and development. 

3. Get Hands-on Training via Internships

After you have a fair knowledge of how software works, you need good hands-on training to understand the application of your knowledge. For that, you can take up certain internships. That would also help you know what companies expect from a software architect.

4. Expand Your Horizons of Knowledge With a Master’s Degree

Although a master’s degree is not necessary to build a decent career in this field, you must pursue one to strengthen your industry-specific knowledge. That, in turn, will instil the right skills in you. And being eligible for top companies that sometimes ask for a master’s degree to trust you with the job is a cherry on top. 

5. Build an Outstanding Resume

Make your resume such that it portrays your skills and experience in the best light. Mention every certification you’ve taken and the skills you have learned. To remain ahead of the competition, customize your resume to match the requirements of the company you’re giving an interview for. 

You will be all set to apply for jobs in this field. Hone your skills and remain confident about how you are the best fit; no one can stop you from getting the job of your dreams. You must head to Linkedin or Naukri to start applying for jobs. 

8 Crucial Skills of a Software Architect

Looking forward to becoming a Software Architect and owning your space in the corporate sector? If yes, you should be confident in these eight skills: 

  1. Unified Modeling Language to effectively design and represent a system’s structure.
  2. Programming languages–Java, Python, Ruby, Javascript.
  3. Processes and methods of Software architecture.
  4. Practical ways of application development.
  5. Database design
  6. Be aware of all the major DevOps practices necessary to create a DevOps environment.
  7. Ability to create software development plans effortlessly.
  8. Soft skills–Decisive leadership, quick problem-solving, effective communication, and observational skills.
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FAQs on Software Architect Salary

Here are some frequently asked questions on the Salary of a Software Architect:

Are software architects paid well?

Yes, the average annual salary of a software architect in India is INR 26L, which is higher than most IT industry jobs today.

What does a software architect do?

Software architects are trusted with the job of designing a blueprint of a software application or platform for an organization.

What is the highest salary of a software architect?

The highest salary that a software architect can earn in India is INR 47.4L per annum.

Does a software architect do coding?

Software architects do not usually write the codes. However, they must deeply understand all the major programming languages to lead the developers’ team well. 

Is software architecture hard?

No, it is not hard. As software architecture is a core technical field, it requires the right knowledge and consistent efforts to develop the required skills. When you do that, designing a software architecture will become a piece of cake for you. 

According to TeamLease Digital, Software architects are among the top earners in the industry. This is the best time to dive into this field and earn a decently high software architect salary. So, what are you waiting for? Start today. We hope our guide helped you out.

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