Take a look around at the products and services you are currently using and surrounded by. Why are they there? Well, it’s because they are solving a problem or filling a need you would otherwise be experiencing.

This is how all great inventions and startup businesses are born – from a problem or need. From electricity, to the telephone, to the Internet, and more recently to PayPal and Facebook, great businesses are built on big problems.

Are you planning to start your own business? If yes, then you’ll love this startup handbook. We have created an exhaustive guide to help you start up, right from idea inception to getting your first customer.


Startup Handbook: Build A Business From Scratch
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What’s Inside

This startup handbook is a step-by-step framework to make your entrepreneurship sail smoother. It contains:

  1. A brief overview about startups and Indian startup ecosystem
  2. Different types of businesses you can register in India
  3. How to register a startup in India
  4. Different startup business models
  5. Anything and everything about starting a startup in India

Hop on!

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