10 Types of Meeting in an Organization and in Company Law

A meeting is the process of working together in a coordinated effort. They are crucial for a business as they often become a turning point when presented with an appropriate platform for success and synergy, giving the company a new lease on life.

Meetings are all about working together in which tasks and information are exchanged, decisions are made, and each person’s contribution is essential to achieving a goal or developing a novel concept and helps us stay on top of our game.

The productivity level, collective effort, and network-related activities during a meeting increase when corporate teams are provided with a working environment that has a flexible and collaborative ambiance with other inclusive amenities. Here, individuals can network with intelligent and creative professionals.

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Why Are Company Meetings Significant?

Corporate meetings are an essential business tool because they provide the ideal platform for open communication with all organization members, facilitate the collective sharing of ideas for the organization’s growth, and open the door for discussing issues and potential solutions.

The process of meetings is essential, as they are used to discuss a project or announce a new product.

How to Make Meetings Work?

A successful business meeting is one that keeps us interested, educates us, makes a collective decision, helps team building, and provides us with a plan for achieving our objectives.

When facilitating a meeting, there are several things we should make sure are taken care of.

  1. You must ensure that we’ve established goals and expectations that keep everyone on the same page.
  2. Meetings should be kept shorter and more focused on punctuality.
  3. The meeting should be agenda-based.

10 Different Types of Meetings in a Company

There are various kinds of meetings in corporate culture, from informal discussions to formal presentations. A small group meeting, for instance, can be used to plan a week’s action item or come up with project ideas, like brainstorming meetings. Kick-off meetings are an example of a larger meeting that can be used to plan out an entire marketing strategy or discuss a big project.

1. Large Meetings in Company

Some of the large meetings in company are given below:

Shareholders Meetings

Both public and private businesses are required by law to hold shareholder meetings. These are basically administrative meetings between the company and investors that adhere to a predetermined format.

 It includes

  1. annual general meetings
  2. Statutory Meetings
  3. Extraordinary General Meetings
  4. Directors Meetings

In the director’s meeting, the Board of Directors meets to make crucial decisions, establish the company’s general policy, direct the business, ensure that the concerned officers carry out their responsibilities effectively, and give directions to shareholders concerning dividend distribution.

Status-Update Meeting

Status update meetings are held to inform teams or departments about the current state of the project and bring them into line. It starts with contributions from each participant and ends with a group discussion about how to solve problems, make decisions, and discuss the work assignment.

Check-in Meetings

A check-in meeting is a powerful approach to distributing information and initiating joint efforts and decision-making with colleagues and partners. Since it is the best method for keeping specific projects on track, it is essential.

Its fundamental goal is to make decisions that will allow the projects to be finished on time and within budget while still meeting the requirements and goals.

Kick-off Meetings

A kick-off meeting is held before any project is officially carried out practically. During the meeting, the team members decide what the project’s mission is, what their roles are, and what their work schedule will be to help the project succeed.

2. Small Office Meetings

Some of the large meetings in company are given below:

One-on-one Meetings

Managers and employees can communicate openly and meaningfully during one-on-one meetings. Regular one-on-one sessions allow managers to get to know their junior team members better and give them direction and input m

Its point is to:

  1. To guide development and performance, identify action plans and provide and receive feedback.
  2. Continue to get to know the employees personally to help them connect with the organization’s larger goals, purpose, and mission.
  3. reduce obstacles to success and assist in overcoming challenges.
  4. Brainstorming Meetings

Meetings for brainstorming are short and essential for developing new ideas and fostering a collaborative atmosphere. It is a great way to strengthen team unity and amplify concepts in a non-judgmental setting.

3. Information Meetings

In formal business settings, these are small meetings with two or more people discussing a particular topic.

Quarterly Planning Meetings

Meetings for quarterly planning take place every three months and are essential to maintaining a successful business. During these meetings, participants discuss the events of the previous quarter and make plans for the upcoming one. They also talk about opportunities for the company’s growth.

Decision-Making Meetings

The goals of this meeting to make decisions vary depending on the decisions being made, but the main goal is to agree on a plan for the future. These meetings are held to plan the best ways to carry out the decision that has been made.

The previously mentioned small meetings can also be done virtually, where the conversation happens on the web. Additionally, in virtual meetings, also known as videoconferencing, the participants can join from a distance and interact face-to-face.

Many businesses and organizations have turned to virtual meetings to keep their staff informed of business-related matters after physically closing their offices or reorganizing their operations. Such companies can use the facility of a virtual office. A virtual office comes with a mailing address and GST registration and is a very cost-effective concept.

How to Get These Meetings Right with MyHQ Services?

The growth and nurturing of any organization are greatly aided by the work environment in which its employees work. By providing an ambiance and a collaborative workplace, workspace-provider companies have thus revolutionized the business world.

The number of workspace providers has grown exponentially over the past few years, removing startups and businesses from the significant stress of setting up new offices and meeting rooms for success.

One such workspace provider is MyHQ, where you can quickly access various meeting rooms and workspaces.


The following are some frequently asked questions about meetings and MyHQ.

What is myHQ?

It is a platform that offers a single solution for various workspace requirements, such as fixed desks and cabins, virtual offices for meetings, on-demand desks for employees, private cabins for teams, and so on.

How is the brand beneficial for me as a freelancer? Who else can avail themselves of the services of myHQ?

One of the highlights for freelancers and remote workers is the virtual office. It is a service that provides an office address as well as GST and company registration without the need for a physical office.

Other users are start-up businesses, business travelers, bloggers, independent professionals, home entrepreneurs, project teams, YouTubers, remote and mobile teams, and other sales and marketing teams.

Does myHQ have separate meeting rooms for meetings with my important clients?

Yes, professional meeting rooms for clients are available for Rs 99 per hour.

Why should we choose myHQ instead of other service providers?

  1. The company guarantees its lower pricing policy with an additional 5% discount.
  2. The company has an expansive network to provide services in ten cities in India.
  3. If the workspace is not as desired by the client, there is a 100% money-back policy.
  4. A hassle-free solution to our workspace problem

Does the company offer a free trial before availing of its services?

Yes, myHQ offers free trials once we get registered on their official website.

coworking space


You can use myHQ’s services to get swift entry to a variety of meeting rooms and workspaces at our desired location, which will improve the efficiency of your meetings. Our meetings seamlessly integrate myHQ services.

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