Important Factors that You Should Establish Before You Choose a Meeting Room

Many significant business decisions are made through brainstorming sessions in meeting rooms. A good conference room or meeting room is essential in any business entity for thought-provoking training, meaningful discussions and even for a small, isolated celebration. However, in this day and age, not all offices have a spacious and convenient meeting room.

To help companies or individuals needing a meeting room or conference room for short periods or a few days, myHQ has launched their Flexi Cabins and Meeting Rooms. This concept allows individuals or companies to rent a meeting room for brief periods. Read along and learn more about myHQ Flexi Cabins and Meeting rooms and how they are the best space for your next meeting or conference.

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Factors to Establish Before Choosing a Meeting Room

The environment in which a meeting, training, or conference is conducted influences the outcome. There are several factors which are to be considered before deciding on a meeting room. 10 elements should be considered before choosing a meeting or conference room are:

1. Sufficient Floor Area and Windows

A meeting room should have open spaces and not be congested or crowded. The space should not be cramped up. Floor-to-ceiling windows will create an illusion of the space being larger than it is. Participants should not feel suffocated or claustrophobic during the meetings or training sessions. Hence, having sufficient floor area and proper ventilation is essential. Meeting rooms at myHQ have adequate floor area and ventilation, making the spaces seem free and lively. They offer meeting rooms with different capacities so the client can choose as per their requirement. 

2. High Ceilings 

Rooms with high enough ceilings are always preferred for meetings because they appear open, spacious and well-lit. Rooms with low ceilings may make the participants uncomfortable and appear smaller and darker. myHQ meeting rooms have incorporated higher ceilings to enable users to have open, free and comfortable meetings and discussions. 

3. Ergonomic Furniture

The meeting room furniture should be of good quality because members sit for hours for discussions, training and meetings. Therefore, good ergonomic furniture is a must in any meeting room. Desks and chairs should ensure that the members feel comfortable using them the whole day. myHQ has incorporated chairs and desks, which are top-quality and will ensure good posture for all their users. myHQ understands how essential furniture is to their business and has invested wisely to ensure all their customers are always comfortable and content.

4. Amenities 

Amenities and facilities are one of the most basic requirements for any meeting room. At myHQ, all meeting rooms are well equipped with all required amenities and facilities, such as high-speed Wi-Fi, snacks, tea/coffee stations, LCD screens, projectors, stationery, printing, a reception area and ample parking space. These facilities make it easy for companies and individuals to conduct their meetings, training and conferences seamlessly.

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5. Power Sockets

Meeting rooms require ample power sockets to connect various devices used in meetings, such as laptops, projectors, etc. At myHQ, all meeting rooms have enough power sockets so that all members can efficiently conduct their meetings and training.

6. Privacy 

Privacy is of utmost priority for meetings and discussions. The leaking of confidential information can lead to bigger problems and even compromise companies’ overall profitability. Renting meeting spaces was a practical step taken by many companies, but privacy and security were always a concern. To prevent such mishaps, myHQ has ensured that all their meeting rooms are soundproof and secure. Important calls can also be made in privacy because of the installation of firewalls and anti-virus software by myHQ for all the hardware devices and Wi-Fi connections. 

7. Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is a requirement in all meeting rooms, ensuring that all participants feel comfortable during the entire meeting, training, or discussion tenure. At myHQ, all the meeting rooms and cabins are centrally air-conditioned and adequately maintained. 

8. Connectivity 

Most companies nowadays either work from home or have less space because they do not have a meeting/conference room. With myHQ, you can now rent meeting rooms hourly or daily. Further, myHQ Flexi Cabins and Meeting rooms are set up in prime spots in every city, located near metro stations or train stations, which helps save travelling time. 

9. Flexible Workspaces

Meeting rooms are very subjective and require tweaks concerning their purpose. Training may require more amenities in terms of boards, stationery, etc., but a close discussion among colleagues needs only a small room with sufficient chairs. myHQ has thought about all these variables and has provided options for flexible cabins and meeting rooms. These can be customized per the occasion’s needs and come with various amenities and facilities. 

10. Clean and Comfortable Spaces 

Cleanliness is an aspect that applies to any space or environment. Meeting rooms should be clean and comfortable simultaneously to ensure maximum participant satisfaction. myHQ assures the highest cleanliness standards for all their meeting and conference rooms. They also adhere to strict covid guidelines to ensure that their customers are always safe and hygienic. 

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FAQs on What Must Consider When Choosing a Meeting Room

Learn more about the factors you must consider when choosing a meeting room with these FAQs.

What are some benefits of opting for a rented meeting room?

Some of the substantial benefits of using a rented meeting room are as follows: 

  1. Increased privacy and confidentiality
  2. Better focus and concentration for the group
  3. More space and better amenities
  4. Creation of a good first impression on staff and clients
  5. Greater flexibility and additional support services

What is the price for the Flexi Cabins and Meeting rooms offered by myHQ?

The Flexi Cabins and Meeting rooms offered by myHQ in India guarantee the lowest price for all customers. The prices start at just INR 250 per person per day and may vary depending on various amenities and functionalities opted for.

Which locations do myHQ have Flexi Cabins and meeting rooms? 

myHQ currently operates its Flexi Cabins and meeting rooms in the Indian cities of Delhi, Noida, Mumbai, Bangalore and Gurugram. They plan to extend their services to other cities in India in the years to come.

Name some companies which utilize the services of myHQ for seating their personnel.

Companies such as OYO, BharatPe, Magicbricks and Toppr use myHQ Flexi cabins, co-working spaces and meeting rooms.

How does myHQ maintain high cleaning standards in their Flexi Cabins and meeting rooms?

myHQ is determined to provide the utmost safety for all its customers. myHQ maintains cleanliness by ensuring increased frequency of cleaning rooms and cabins, providing sanitizers, masks and wipes for all customers and staff, daily temperature checks of the team and mandatorily complying with the wearing of masks by staff and customers.

myHQ Flexi Cabins and meeting rooms are one of the best spaces to conduct meetings, conferences, training and discussions seamlessly and effortlessly. The meeting rooms are highly functional and designed to satisfy every requirement of a great meeting and conference room. So, the next time you need a great space for your meetings or training, book a myHQ meeting room.

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