10 Company Swag Ideas For Employees To Celebrate Corporate Anniversaries

There is nothing worse for an organization than unmotivated and unhappy employees. Every employer or Team Leader wants employees to connect with their brand and the organizational values. Sadly, that doesn’t always happen. That is why companies try to woo their employees with corporate gifts. 

The issue is that most of them are excessively general and debilitating in nature. To put it simply, they lack the imperative swag. And that’s where the requirement for creative company swag ideas for employees arises. Company Swag is the giveaways or free stuff provided by Team Leaders to their employees as a technique to motivate them. The Swag is Company Swag stands for ‘Stuff We All Get.’ A high-quality and creative swag can build a strong company culture and improve engagement among the team members. 

In the era of social distancing, virtual meetings and remote work, there’s a undeniable need of connecting employees with the organisation. And using company swag creatively would allow you to do just that but before we get into the company swag ideas for employees, let’s discuss the different situations for using company swag. 



– General Celebrations

From special weekends to festivals like Diwali, company swag ideas for employees mentioned below can be used on every celebration. 

– New Onboarding 

It’s essential to make a new employee feel special and at home. As a team leader, you can achieve this by using the company swag ideas for employees in a customised way. 

– Anniversaries 

Company swag ideas for employees can also be used for company or employee anniversary. It’d bring your employees closer to the brand. 

Now that you know the different situations in which company swag ideas for employees can be used, let’s address the elephant in the room. If you’re an HR professional or a team leader, here are a few creative company swag ideas for employees that you must consider. 

10 Out-of-the-Box Company Swag Ideas For Employees To Include In Your Company Culture

1. Fitness Gear

company swag ideas for employeesThe fitness boom isn’t going to stop anytime soon in the country. So why not use it to your advantage? You can encourage and support the fitness journey of your employees using innovative and personalised fitness gear.

Employees already on the fitness path will appreciate the extra swag, while ones who need motivation will value the support. In the era of work from home, exercising every day will boost the mental health of your employees. And fitness gear is all the encouragement they’d need.  


Our Pick: Yoga Mat and Case

2. Coffee Swag 

Nobody can work optimally without being caffeinated. It’s 2021, and coffee is a big necessity. Who doesn’t like the aroma and extra energy that it provides? Moreover, with most employees working from home, coffee consumption has grown immensely. Your employees will be more than grateful to receive some premium quality coffee and accessories. 

Our Pick: Asobu Cold Brew 

3. Sneakers 

Let’s admit it. All of us love sneakers. They’ve comfortable, stylish, and all things trendy. A little shoe swag can take you a long way. Not only will they make a fine impression on your employees but also provide them with a humungous burst of company pride. Plus, at times, the way to someone’s heart is through their feet. 


Our Pick: Vans Slip Ons

4. Portable Chargers 

One of the most annoying things in life is when our beloved device runs out of juice. So why not gift your employees something they’d cherish for a very long time, i.e. a portable charger? So whether they’re commuting to work or out on a Sunday, it’d ensure they don’t run out of battery. It is one of the most fun and creative company swag ideas for employees. 


Our Pick: Square Charger 

5. Custom T-Shirts 

The one form of apparel that everyone adores and wears in everyday life are T-shirts. As long as they are high-quality and well designed, you can never go wrong with them. It would be super cool if your employees receive customised T-shirts with quirky logos on them. 


Our Pick: Triblend Crew Tee 

6. Flower Pots 

Even though most employees are working from home, at the moment, you shouldn’t trivialise the need for a designated workplace. Most employees don’t have an allocated workplace. Why not change that by giving them a pot with vibrant and high-spirited flowers? It’ll motivate them to get a cute little work spot and provide them with some positive vibes. 


Our Pick: Mueller Plant and Flower Pot 

7. Premium Subscriptions 

Who said company swag ideas for employees should only include tangible options? It’s 2021, and content is all around us. Lately, times have been tough, and we’re constantly seeking comfort in TV shows and movies. So why not gift your employees a premium subscription to OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hotstar? The offering of binge is a worthwhile one. 

8. Eco-friendly Water Bottles 

Most employees like to keep a water bottle on their desk while working. After all, hydration is vital for the human body. So why not gift them customised water bottles that match the colour of your brand? In this way, you’ll also promote environmental awareness.

Plus, it’d make life easier for those who don’t keep a water bottle around while working. This must-have accessory is one of the best company swag ideas for employees. 


Our Pick: Borosilicate Glass Water Bottle 

9. Mini Erase Boards 

While notepads and google docs can be used for jotting down important dates or schedules, erase boards have their own charm. Gifting Mini Erase Boards is one of the best company swag ideas for employees as it showcases a good company culture.

Moreover, it’s a great way of pushing the employees to note down anything that’s even remotely important. And not to forget that such boards are super fun to use. 


Our Pick: Contempo Magnetic Dry Erase Board  

10. Headphones 

For making WFH successful, having a potent pair of headphones is a must. Apart from using them to attend virtual meetings, your employees can also utilise these for listening to songs between work. Many experts believe that listening to music to rejuvenate increases productivity and creativity. And who doesn’t want that for their employees? 


Our Pick: Skullcandy Wireless Buds 


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As an HR Manager or a Team Leader, it’s essential to have a good rapport developed with your employees and competitors. Company swag will allow you to do that. Plus, it’d promote strong company culture and increase engagement within the team members.

The swag ideas mentioned in this article are out of the box and easy to incorporate. So the next time you’re looking to use company swag for employees’ anniversary, new onboarding, or general merriment, don’t forget to utilize these. 

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