10 reasons why your company should shift to remote working

To really experience the advantages of remote working; it is important to note that remote working does not mean (just) working from home. It means not working from a common headquarter.  To reap the actual benefits of remote working; teams should crack the balance of meeting once in a while, & work remotely (solo) the other days. Since going entirely virtual can also have a few of its own disadvantages; its important to explore the true meaning of remote & let your team catch up once in a while, be it sometimes in teams of two. Find out our partner space COO Coworking

Without further adieu here are ten reasons why you should ask your company to shift to remote working already:

  1. Takes away a lot of stress

    Most of your office stress is actually a built of factors such as being socially present, inefficient breaks turned to small talk, traveling long hours, looking good, sitting good, etc. Remote working is bound to take away a lot of these micro inconveniences, making work feel a lot lighter than before. The same freedom then transpires into your team’s productivity.

  2. Costs much lesser

    Remote work costs much lesser for both the employers & the employees. For employers; most of your big expenses such as property rent, overhead costs & operating expenses disappear with remote working. The same goes for employees; wherein their travel time, ordering-in & other miscellaneous spending related to retail therapy go down.

  3. Remote venues are prettier & there is diversity

    By far the best benefit of remote working is the choice to work from anywhere. With that, comes the benefit of exploring cooler-looking cafes, exploring the city you live-in, creative coworking spaces and the freedom to catch up with your teammates at different locations.

  4. Benefits everyone’s health

    Remote work benefits everyone’s health including that of your environment. The reduced stress has a great impact on the over well being of your mental state. It keeps your mood upbeat. More importantly, it does the same for your environment when so many professionals choose not to burn fuel twice a day, instead, they work from cool locations near their homes.

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  5. Brings flexibility to life

    All of us wired individually & have our own product peaks in a day. Remote work allows us to explore ourselves & our potential, so we can work in a way & at a time, that suits us. Remote work allows you to look at errands, attend family matters & yet keep work-life at bay.

  6. Let’s you explore global talent & bring diversity to your team

    A team that’s accustomed to remote working gets to higher from different cities & different countries. The added diversity further adds to your team’s cultural values & in general, improves their work experience exposing them to different realities.

  7. Increase employee retention

    Multiple studies believe that remote workers are less likely to quit their jobs than those who report to a headquarters. The reduced stress might be one benefit, but that on its own gives way to multiple advantages such as a decrease in attrition rate.

  8. Reduces interruption, increases productivity

    With multiple effects coming into play such as flexibility, better-mood, reduced distractions; the overall productivity of the team is bound to increase & become efficient. One of the clear distinction between office breaks taken at an office v/s those taken while working remotely is the quality of the break taken & its effect. Taking breaks while working at the office doesn’t end up feeling like breaks because of constant small talk chitter & lack of personal space to disconnect.

  9. Remote work decreases sick leaves

    People working from the comfort of their homes by default are less susceptible to falling ill therefore causing lesser leave requests from your time. And because most of the remote working feels like a vacation, teams also tend to ask for lesser time off.

  10. It’s the only way forward

    While remote work has been around us for a long time, the covid days definitely grew remote working exponentially. With so many traditional companies also shifting to remote working; traditional one venue headquarter is almost passe.

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