Having a website is no longer an option for most small companies; it is a must to succeed. And you need a decent web host for a great website. Using free websites such as blogger.com can make your business appear unprofessional to potential customers. A good web hosting in India can have useful features such as e-commerce setup, blogging, e-mail addresses, security, and more.

There are several hosting service providers available for efficient hosting of your website. However, you have to specifically address your core issues before choosing a web hosting in India. In reality, the volume, control, technical know-how, server speed, and reliability of your site varies depending on the server.



Different Web Hosting Formats

Check out some of the most common web hosting formats that businesses use most frequently:


1. Shared Hosting

In case your business is just entering the online space than shared hosting of the website is perfect for you. This package helps you to host your website with other websites on the very same server. Both domains share the same host services, including RAM and Central Processing Unit, through a shared hosting package. The shared hosting costs, however, are relatively small as all resources are distributed, making them an excellent choice for website owners in their early stages.

In the majority of instances, new entrants find this as the most convenient way of hosting their website. There are also various useful tools for collaborative hosting activities such as creating websites, hosting WordPress, and the ability to link to customers.

While shared hosting allows website owners a simplified solution, it is a compromise that you share the server with several other website owners. This entails the potential effect of spikes on your website’s user experience. For website owners who do not generate a significant volume of web traffic, shared hosting plans are perfect.


2. Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated server hosting gives you absolute power to control the website after hosting. Because you rent the server and get exclusive space for your website. This ensures that you have access to full root, admin, security and operating system for easier control. However, this type of hosting is costly if compared with other available options.

They are basically used by high-level website owners and those who need complete control of their servers. Furthermore, the server can be implemented and managed only with a high degree of technical ability.



3. VPS-Virtual Private Server Hosting

A Virtual private server hosting plan is the ideal combination of shared and dedicated server. It is best suited for the website owners who want more control without a dedicated server.

VPS hosting is very popular because individual website is hosted inside its own space on the internet, although the physical server is the same. VPS hosting offers more customization and storage space for website owners. However,  they are still not able to manage extremely high traffic levels or usage spikes, which means that other sites on the server will still impact the performance of the site.

VPS hosting is usually used by website owners who do not have the necessary technological expertise but want dedicated hosting. It is the perfect option for professional users and others who wants installations of complex software and packages.



4. Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is the most current concept in the technology industry. It means that many computers function together in terms of web hosting, running applications utilizing shared computing resources. It is a hosting solution running over a network that enables businesses to use the device as a resource.

Under this model, the resources being used are distributed over many servers, minimizing the probability of any downtime due to a malfunction of the server.

Cloud-based hosting is flexible, which ensures that your site can expand over time, use as many resources as it needs, and pay only for what the website needs.


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What Small Businesses Should Keep In Mind For Web Hosting?

Different formats for website hosting

While web hosting is a matter of selecting a package that matches your needs, many different choices can be made based on your requirement. Each plan meets the requirements of various groups and you need to ensure that you select the right plan for your company by understanding the exact requirement for your website.

The main features that you should consider when selecting a web host include the type of your website, facilities offered, budget, and expected traffic. Here’s a short rundown on the advantages of each form of hosting:

  • Shared Hosting: The most cost-effective choice for websites with little traffic.
  • VPS Hosting: Ideal for the website owner who doesn’t want to spend much, but wants better control
  • Cloud Hosting: It works best with rapidly increasing websites and needs scalable features
  • Dedicated Hosting: Expensive option for big websites where you need to manage all technicalities


Best Web Hosting Solutions In India for Small Businesses

Here are some of the companies to consider if you are looking for the most popular web hosting in India


1. GoDaddy


GoDaddy, probably the biggest hosting name, is ideal for organizations who want an all-inclusive solution. Hosting, field names, e-mail addresses, and online marketing resources are all available from the same platform. So, even though it’s not the most attractive price-wise, it can be a good choice for companies looking to keep things easy.


2. Bluehost


Bluehost is another hosting company that provides quick hosting solutions that are suitable for organizations that don’t want to spend loads of time setting up the website. It offers 24-hour support so you can easily get the system starts and working.  It also offers fast integrations with WordPress, Google’s advertising apps, and WooCommerce.


3. HostGator


HostGator offers a variety of hosting options, including web hosting, VPS, cloud, and shared hosting all available in many tiers. So, as long as you are intelligent enough to decide which choice works better for your business, you can essentially build the strategy. However, pricing varies greatly due to the availability of various choices.


4. Sitebuilder


In case you are a beginner, a tool like a Sitebuilder will make it simple for you. It makes your website easy to run with templates and drag-and-drop design features during the initial step. It also helps you to make minor changes to your site quickly, but as your company expands, you will probably want to move to a more complete hosting service provider.


5. Amazon AWS


The AWS platform from Amazon provides a range of resources to help companies and people create their websites and web hosting in India and across the world. You need some technical skills to pull it together. But this can be a good choice if you want something that is truly tailored for your company and usually reasonably inexpensive.


6. Wix.com


Wix is a popular web hosting platform. It is having one of the drag-and-drop editors that are particularly helpful for small businesses and startups. The free plan comes with a Wix domain, but it’s not exactly a perfect match for companies who want to look professional and make it easy for clients to access their website.


7. DreamHost


DreamHost offers web hosting services for WordPress, VPS, and many more. It offers hosting solutions in the shared, dedicated and cloud formats. It provides simple web application installation, dedicated support, and a tool for designing a unique Internet site.


8. Liquid Web

Liquid Web

Liquid Web is a managed dedicated server hosting provider. A variety of applications and other add-ons are provided by the company so you can create the site you want. However, you require some technical know-how to use this web hosting service provider.  And because it’s more robust than many of the others, it also appears to be a little more expansive.


9. SiteGround

Site Ground

SiteGround provides hosting solutions using the latest technologies to keep the speed of the website high and make it secure. It also provides several options for cloud hosting and shared hosting too.


10. 1&1 IONOS


1&1 is a company that provides web hosting for online companies. It also provides domain names, related services, and cloud servers with the hosting solutions. Plans for small businesses are reasonably inexpensive on this hosting service provider.


11. Just Host


Another low-cost alternative to the free website hosting firm is Just Host. They have perfect shared hosting plans to build a starter website. Each plan includes a free domain name, limitless email addresses, multiple websites, and 1-click installation for CMS applications.


12. WordPress.com


WordPress.com is a popular website for free hosting, providing a special WordPress flavor. It offers a free website hosting plan that provides you with a subdomain of WordPress.com (i.e. your website.wordpress.com), 3 GB of storage, and access to your free templates for your website.

On your website, this free plan shows advertising. You may change their paid plans to get rid of ads using a custom domain name and access extra features.


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