15 Best Interactive Videos & How To Use Them In Your Strategy

The online shoppers of today want to engage with brands. They want to communicate closely with products and services prior to making a purchase. To get a feel for what it would be like to buy a product or service, they want to play around with various forms of interactive videos.

In spite of being seen in recent technology, interactive content has always been promoted in different spaces. Interactivity has been used extensively in game shows and reality shows for quite some time now. But the internet increased the level of interaction to an altogether different level.

It is important to be aware of this new opportunity for video marketing for those who want to remain up-to-date and continually innovate their marketing strategy. Interactive content is the fuel that brands need to thrive in the emerging digital marketing environment.

Read more to find out how to make interactive content work for your company.


What Are Interactive Videos?

interactive videos

Interactive video allows the user the ability to chat and even control the content while the video was being played. With simple motions such as clicking, dragging, scrolling, and hovering, interactive videos can be managed.


Also, it changes the way people view videos by making them more enjoyable, interesting, engaging, and most importantly unforgettable.


How Do They Help In Marketing?

Use of interactive videos in marketing

Interactive content is an important and indispensable element for creating a brand and engaging with the customer. Interactive video not only serves your marketing strategy but brings together several segments together in order to achieve the company’s key goals. Also, it helps to generate leads and increase the interaction and experience of the target audience.




We highlighted several points that illustrate how interactive video can help in the marketing actions:

1. SEO

You may already have an SEO practice in place. However, new-age practices like interactive content improve your SEO performance.  Interactive video increases traffic, therefore the ranking of your page got enhanced.

2. Gamification

Gamification has been gaining more room in the marketing world in the last two years. As a result, many individuals have already taken advantage of this technique. And in this tactic, interactive videos match perfectly.

3. Social media

Videos have been promoted on the major social media platforms for some time now, in various post formats. Not only that, there are plenty more spaces to interact with the customers using them through the integrations between the major platforms: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp.

4. Branding

Brand recognition in marketing plans still has a real ally in terms of interactive video. Remember, engaging with the brand or with a particular brand video would inevitably improve the likelihood of recalling it at the right moment.


15 Best Interactive Videos For Marketing

Now, the next step is to learn how to use interactive video for the marketing of your company.

 1. How-To-Do Video

Different types of videos for your businessA significant lesson that major brands should learn that content needs to be valuable and helpful. Consumers are wise enough to know details before purchasing anything. If you have put in place a quality interactive video about how to do it will help customers. In turn, you can gain their confidence, which can lead to better sales.


2. Company Culture Videos

A credible brand history can separate an organization from its competition. At the same time, it also empowers staff and encourages customers to purchase from your company. For this reason, one of the best use of an interactive video is showing your business culture. Also, these videos deliver an unforgettable experience that enables customers and potential customers to create a connection with your brand.


3. Vlog

Vlogs or blogs with videos are brilliant modes for the promotion of your business using interactivity. Vlogs provide a cost-effective model for your brand to create a distinctive voice and personable image of the brand that resonates with your target market. Shooting your smartphone or webcam with a simple script gives your interactive vlog content a connected, human quality.


4. Product Review Videos

An interactive product review, especially for clients who are in the consideration stage, is one of the most helpful types of video material. If you want to win the trust of your audience, videos of product reviews work best. You can answer common questions, dispel suspicions, and show viewers the specific advantages that your product provides with the help of interactive product review videos.


5. Testimonial Videos

Interactive video content can be of various forms like blogs, demonstrations, and product reviews. But, there is a smart way to take every interactive video content to the next stage. By concentrating on existing consumers, you will illustrate how satisfied are your customers with your products and services.

Meet your happy customer base to create authentic video feedback. You may need multiple efforts to collect these comments, but you can encourage participation by gratuitously offering free incentives to anyone who records a testimonial video.


6. Interview videos

Interview videos, for a variety of reasons, are ideal for brand authority building. They allow you to align the brand with a thought leader or an inspirational individual. They provide your audience with a one to one intimate experience where somebody addresses difficult questions related to your company or industry. The interviewees may also post videos through their platforms, expanding your scope to increase the traffic.


7. Webinar

In modern marketing, webinars are one of the most relevant interactive video content for educating the audience. Webinars give you practical advice and are an easy way to learn about the subjects. You can also use Facebook updates to push signups for your webinar. As a result, the traffic will increase which helps to create more leads and ultimately sell more goods or services.


8. Event Videos

What do you get by taking different types of video content and rolling it into a short but elegant film? The answer is a video from an event. Event videos are extremely common in the social media age. You can introduce the party to the individuals by making entertaining, exclusive event videos, reaching a huge audience that wishes they were there.


9. Brand Film

Many internet users have limited attention spans. But, there’s a much wider opportunity for taking audiences on a trip when it comes to interactive video. And that cannot be done any better than the interactive brand film. These video content styles dig into the brand’s vision and values. With brand history and growth, you can become creative to show your brand in the light that appeals to your customer. Brand Film content can be used in this way to encapsulate the core values of your brand and build a loyal audience.


10. Presentation Videos

Presentation videos have surged in popularity over the last decade to become a global forum of something for everyone. Although there are many fantastic speakers and endless interesting subjects, the real reason behind the popularity of the interactive presentation video is their ability to address the issues related to the customer. This helps you to reach an audience that is limited but the most potential one.


11. Animation Videos

Animated videos are a perfect way to try out interactive video content for small businesses on a budget, as you can build them for almost nothing on your laptop, even with free apps. Animated videos are a wonderful way of breaking up complicated topics and features into a format that everybody can understand. Therefore it is not surprising that animated videos are most commonly used in successful websites as informative videos.


12. Virtual Reality Videos

Forecasts predicting that in 2021, the VR market’s global revenue would top $21.5B. These immersive videos have put viewers in the center of the action so that they can look around the room with their smartphone. You should also use this form of interactive videos as 360° video content will also rise with live videos dominating in the coming days.


13. Live Streaming Videos

Live videos generate excitement, as we don’t know what will happen next. Also, we will have the feeling we are missing something if we do not tune into it. The fact that live videos connect with real-time communities is another unique benefit in this form of video marketing. As the interactive video unfolds, viewers will engage in the dialogue and even the broadcaster will answer it live on the air. As a result, this environment satisfies the intense urge for people to achieve instant gratification. That’s why live stream videos work so well for businesses.


14. Contest Promotion Videos

Speaking of competitions, you can use video marketing to promote social media contests. You can quickly share a presentation for spreading brand knowledge if you have great prizes and excellent interactive video content.


15. Video Emails

The word video in the subject line of your email will increase the open rate by 19%. Because it is impossible to disregard the catchy subject line that mentions the “video.” even in the most crowded box. So, you can make some interactive email videos with audience segmentation that you can re-use.


Final Thoughts

It is part and parcel of contemporary marketing to use interactive videos for quick engagement with the consumers. Different types of video content with personalization like this will put you on the path to success.


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