In 2015, Sugam, Parinay & Nisschal, huddled together in a small cabin at a coworking space to solve logistical problems faced by e-commerce sellers; having tackled several such pain points being sellers themselves. It was then they birthed the idea for Shyplite- an aggregator for logistics services for businesses. 

Shyplite started with a vision to eliminate any hassles businesses face in their shipping needs. The logistics aggregator envisions to become a one-stop solution for all business shipping. Shyplite embarked on their journey by providing a single-window shipping platform integrated with multiple carriers to sellers and users in November 2015.



The Shyplite Story

In about a year, with positive response from their users rolling in, the founders hustled to expand both their business and team. Soon after shifting to their own office, they found themselves managing the administration of a demanding office space.

As Sugam recalls fighting literal fires in their first office due to faulty A/C external units, Parinay remembered the pressing needs to look for dedicated admin services to manage their day-to-day operations in 2017. 

With extensive hiring and aggressive business volatility that is usual to a start-up, the three founders and their small team could not afford flustering distractions like unavailability of power back-ups, the cleanliness of the space, miserable washrooms and daily changes in plans to accommodate their growing staff.

Post their first office-space breakthrough in 2017, the team shifted to a beautiful coworking space to rid themselves of the perennial headache of managing their own office. The woes of the team, however, weren’t completely solved.



Parinay remembers one particular night where their washroom got flooded and the team dropped everything to chase after plumbers at 8 PM in the night. With the burdens of office space management adding up, Sugam, Parinay and Nisschal  realized the long term solution to putting out office fires and floods was to have someone to take care of these problems for them.

Shyplite helps businesses ship their products without having to run after and co-ordinate with hundreds of vendors saving both time and money. The hassles of finding and going through different carriers was a similar burden like finding and running their own office. In 2017, the logistics aggregator met the new coworking aggregator, myHQ and found their fix for a managed office space.


Quick Thinking & Prudent Cost Savings Help Businesses Grow Faster

Back in 2017, myHQ was a team of 4-5 members and Shyplite found their first myHQ space in Hauz Khas for a team of 15 people. Slowly as the company scaled up in terms of headcount and revenue, the office admin impediments started to disappear.


Taking up a managed workspace in a coworking unit not only helped Shyplite save money by paying no fixed costs, they also found a structure to assign accountability should something go wrong during their office day.


“As a logistics aggregator, we live and breathe on the internet. At any given point of the day, we cannot afford to go offline. In hindsight, I do remember a day the myHQ team rushed to fix our internet issues and by the end of the day, we had all hotspots myHQ owned in our possession, only to ensure we do not hit a snag with our connectivity and that is the kind of responsibility we were looking for, from our space representatives.”

– Parinay Itkan | Co-Founder, Shyplite


In 3 years of its association with myHQ, Shyplite did run into admin issues, as is true with any other business, but the fact that the management could sit back and focus on the real problems and objectives of the business rather than running after vendors and handymen was enough for Sugam, Nisschal and Parinay to scale Shyplite to where it stands presently.


Shyplite’s Current Office Ecosystem

As the team size bolstered to 28, Shyplite moved to their current location in WOLK, Nehru Place in 2018. 

WOLK Coworking – Bakshi House is a beautiful property in Nehru Place, South Delhi for start-ups and growing businesses to work and flourish. The space offers spacious, well-designed workstations with comfortable seating and end-to-end management of the needs of different teams.

Check out WOLK Coworking here.


Leadership’s Experience With Identifying & Estimating Business Needs Correctly 

The team currently stands at a proud headcount of 100 employees with one of their first hires celebrating her 5th anniversary in the company. Parinay remembers taking up a small area in their current office space and slowly occupying the entire floor, a huge accomplishment for a 100% bootstrapped business that did come with its own sets of office fails and water-cooler stories.

Their current setting helped them expand without worrying about the maximum occupancy of the space, clustering the seating arrangement, more chairs, more staff, more workspaces. In hindsight, the journey of the start-up from an owned office to coworking spaces and finally fully-managed flexible spaces was quite a learning experience for a team that has put up with power outages, internet interruptions, ant infestations and even office fires!

The management has always envisioned a lean structure for their business. Shyplite has a robust tech team running a large number of automated processes. Saving costs by maintaining a lean and efficient team structure and their outsourcing office occupancy and management needs has been an integral part of Shyplite’s growth plan.


“The best part about someone taking care of your office needs is how you’re never out of options. When we wished to move out of our Hauz Khas office, there was a very small perimeter of the area we were looking to relocate to- and myHQ helped us with options so we could take calls based on price efficiency. Remember, we’re a startup with no outside funding!”

– Sugam Jain | Co-Founder, Shyplite


Shyplite’s Journey Since COVID-19

The COVID pandemic in 2020 brought new challenges for the team. Shyplite was on a stellar scaling and growth trajectory that completely halted for a couple of months, as it did for most businesses. The founders remember their struggle to stay afloat- co-ordinating operations in the middle of containment zones and movement restrictions, adapting to a work-from-home model and recovering to business-as-usual as the e-commerce industry found its feet in the post-pandemic world. 



The recovery was quick for online businesses as lockdown restrictions eased nationwide and the team re-started their office commute in August 2020. While the team only comes once a month, they are reassured by the safety and sanitization norms followed by their office space without intervention from the management. 


“There are times someone in our team runs into internet connectivity issues while working from home. We simply offer them a myHQ pass to work out of a location nearest to them.”

Parinay Itkan | Co-Founder, Shyplite


The team beat the pandemic lull and is now excited to be back to their workplace. The founders look forward to launching new products by early 2021 and doubling in revenue and team size by the end of another year. Shyplite positions itself as a one-stop solution for all business shipping and is excited to become a shipping gateway leader in the future.

myHQ wishes their best to Sugam, Parinay, Nisschal and the entire team of Shyplite!