12 Podcasts That Every Indian Entrepreneur Should Listen To

Podcasts are one of the most brilliant inventions of time. We live in a time of major time crunch and our generation is rappelling with so many things at once that an audio podcast serves just the right. With a sea of more and more people taking up the road to entrepreneurship in India, podcasts have become one of the most loved sources of real inspiration and information.

1. Foundr

Nathan Chang was a 9–5 rebel who wanted to be an entrepreneur but had no clue on where and how to start up. Hence started his quest of prodding shining entrepreneurs of their dirty starting grounds and their whirlwind journey of reaching the top. This gave birth to “Foundr” digital magazine whose first interviewee was Richard Branson. Its podcast, with almost 178 episodes till date, reflects the same essence of unearthing the layers of entrepreneurship through inspiring real-life stories.


2. Asian Entrepreneur

Even in these times of globalization, the business scenario in the western countries is quite different when compared to the homegrown Asian businesses. Hosted by Rajiv Unnikrishnan, a veteran in leading multinational innovative teams, this modern business podcast specifically includes Asian entrepreneurs, incubators and startups spilling their wealth of valuable insights and stories.

“This is a source for understanding the Asian business mind and marketplace. If you foresee or are currently doing business with the Asian community then listening in may give you insight that you won’t get from books. It’s a look inside what really makes and drives the Asian businessman or woman. It’ll help you stay ahead and gives you the skills to relate to the Asian way of business” reads Rajiv’s website The Asian Entrepreneur.

Listen to their podcast on iTunes.


3. Self Publishing School

Self Publishing School runs a dedicated podcast platform, targeted mostly to authors, writers and content professionals.

They cover all the topics like marketing, storyline etc. to have a successful writing career.

Check their podcasts here.


4. The Home Entrepreneur Show

Hate the 9–5 drill? If you’re someone on the escape of the mundane existence of cubicle life and would like to know more about freelancing or perhaps make a transition from freelancing to business, this podcast is for you. Jyotsna Ramachandran is the bestselling author of “Job Escape Plan”. This compact podcast is a nice listen to explore the possibility of starting small, making big right from your home.

Find The Home Entrepreneur Show on iTunes.


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5. The Millennial Entrepreneur

Hosted by Bryant Burciaga, The Millennial Entrepreneur is a show that features interviews with “world-class CEO’s, entrepreneurs, VC’s, and creatives with the ultimate goal of helping the young, millennial entrepreneur audience elevate their personal ventures to the next level.” Oozing with lots of energy, the show picks up unconventional stories to help the young and ambitious trace their paths.


6. Breaking The Border

A podcast from the perspective of an immigrant in the US, Breaking The Border by Rohit covers a large spectrum of Indian entrepreneurs who fought the odds to kickstart their dream life in a foreign land. Right from Indian Instagram favourite Bruised Passport to Coupon Rani and 9 Tail Studios, the podcast features a variety of interesting brands, each with a story of their own.

Find them on iTunes.


7. London Real

With one of the finest talk shows out there, Brian Rose is a powerful host, to say the least. Entrepreneurs, activists, scientists, authors and fighters have divulged their raw, amazing startup journeys to Brian in his unedited, uncensored talk show. An ex-investment banker, Brian’s story of discovering London Real is in itself a story to seek inspiration from.

You can listen to it on YouTube and iTunes.


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8. Rocking Entrepreneur

Rocking Entrepreneur is an Indian podcast hosted by Tushar Sharma, an IIT alumnus who went on to do PhD in the US and worked in Portland until a cafe escapade had him realize the wonderful power of podcasts. Hence started the community of Rocking Entrepreneurs which has divided its podcast into Grow Series and Inspire Series.


9. Being Boss

One of the top-ranked podcast, Being Boss is hosted by self-proclaimed “business besties”, Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson. A vibrant podcast series, this podcast covers everything from the launch of a business, to work and being a boss in work and life. From Brené Brown to Ramit Sethi, the podcast has up to hundreds of episodes since 2015 with its kickass weekly appearances.


10. Smart Passive Income

A wise man always has Plan B. Smart Passive Income is a resource run by Pat Flynn, to teach people to optimize their business to generate smart passive income. His podcast is an insightful show to hear him take weekly interviews and discuss exciting strategies and advice for building a successful online business.

Listen to this podcast on iTunes.


11. A16z

A podcast dedicated to bold entrepreneurs backing up the next major technology invention, A16z is one of the oldest podcasts for enthusiastic tech geeks and entrepreneurs. The podcast is an expertise haven on topics like AI, Data science, fintech, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, bio, etc.


12. Startup

Hosted on Gimlet Media, this veteran podcast is now 6 whopping seasons old. Scratching the basic of kick-starting a business to every tiniest detail of it, ‘Startup’ is one of the most interesting and addictive podcast to listen to as an entrepreneur.


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