13 Best Marketing Books For Every Indian Marketer & Startup Founder

Reading is not something that you just did in your childhood days. Remember the staple words of your English teacher ‘Leaders are readers’? Well, it still completely holds true. Successful entrepreneurs are often intellectuals who are avid readers. They are always in the habit of reading life-changing books that have the potential to give your startup an edge.

Marketing strategies play a key role in determining the success of your business. Marketing intelligence may come from experience, mentorship, education and nevertheless, excellent reading materials.

So before you pull out some interesting reading material off your bookshelf, take a look at this list of 13 best marketing books that are highly recommended for every Indian marketer and startup founder.

1) Positioning: The Battle For Your Mind

Undeniably, Positioning was crowned as one of the best marketing book for professionals in the marketing sector. The book elaborately illustrates varied topics on product branding and services, in lieu of market practices. The authors of the book, Ries and Trout describe in this book how Indian marketers can reach out to potential customers in a crowded marketplace.

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2) The Art Of The Start

Guy Kawasaki is a renowned venture capitalist and marketing specialist who penned his understandings and knowledge in the book ‘The Art Of The Start’. Wondering how to transform your idea into a sustainable dream? This book pretty much answers such questions. From marketing and recruitment to building a community this book encapsulates all the wisdom needed by any startup founder.

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3) Marketing: A Love Story

For businesses to thrive building an emotional connection with customers is extremely vital. In his book Marketing: A Love Story, Bernadette Jiwa writes about the need for building up an emotional connection with your customers. The content of the book is adapted from Jiwa’s blog post and the material is quite engaging. A short book of barely 81 pages, this one rightfully finds its place among the best marketing books ever written.

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4) Permission Marketing

Rightfully crowned as the ‘ultimate entrepreneur of the Information Age’, Seth Godin needs no introduction. In this book, he pens down his strategy to win customers over. Published in 1999, Permission Marketing presents lessons for marketers to run a successful marketing campaign and also retain customers who show interest in your product and brand.


5) Dream With Your Eyes Open

Ronnie Screwvala’s book Dream With Your Eyes Open is among the list of best marketing books for startup founders. An investor and entrepreneur himself, Ronnie Screwvala here exemplifies his entrepreneurial journey of two decades and also pinpoints the lessons he learned. The content of the book is relatable to every Indian marketer and guides them to give form to their creative ideas.


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6) Start With Why

Simon Sinek’s Start With Why is one of the best marketing books that should find a place in your bookshelf. In the book, he explains the most powerful marketing platforms that inspire leaders and brands globally. Simon emphasises the use of ‘why’ while initiating communication with target customers. Most of the compelling marketing messages always begin with why. So, Why isn’t this enough to make you start reading it right away!

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7) Hug Your Haters

Most often customer service is overlooked as a marketing tool and it’s the reason why the most robust business ideas fail to kick off. Jay Baer in his book explains the importance of retaining your customers for developing your brand. Hug Your Haters highlights how you can give a ‘knock out’ experience to your customers while embracing their complaints.

best marketing books - Hug Your Haters

8) The Everything Store

The success story of Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos is an inspiration for many professionals who dream to make it big in this world. The book The Everything Store gives its readers a phenomenal insight into the building of the biggest technological giant, Amazon. It also elucidates Jeff Bezos marketing instincts along with the groundwork that went into making Amazon the biggest business on this planet.

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9) Every Business Is A Growth Business

Starting your own business is not enough. You need to be constantly moving up, in terms of growth. The book Every Business Is A Growth Business etched the pointers you need to follow to ensure profitable business growth every year. A respected business advisor, Ram Charan in his book writes about his own journey whilst he worked with top companies and CEOs for more than 35 years.


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10) Get Scrappy

The common perception about implementing marketing policies into your business is that it consumes a big chunk of money. However, Nick Westergaard’s book Get Scrappy defies this belief and presents the readers with successful marketing tips without increasing your budget. This is surely one of the best marketing books for startup founders and marketers.

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11) The High-Performance Entrepreneur

Running a business is nothing short of a roller coaster ride. While you enjoy the ride up, it is equally challenging to remain motivated during the lows. Most of the business miserably succumb during the period of crisis. Subroto Bagchi in his book The High-Performance Entrepreneur guides readers to start and manage your business. The book is a must-read for professionals ready to make the switch from a 9-to-5 job and are set to kick start their entrepreneurial journey.

12) Brainfluence

The title of the book may sound creepy with words like brainfluence and neuromarketing ringing all biological terminologies in your head. But to your surprise, the book is absolutely fascinating. Roger Dooley in the book Brainfluence explains how neuroscience and behavior research can be practically applied to target more customers. The application neuromarketing presents an understanding of customer’s decision patterns and addresses ways to influence them positively.

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13) Social Media Marketing

The importance of social media marketing in ensuring the success of your enterprise cannot be undermined. Startup founders especially need to get their crucial start on social media platforms. In the book Social Media, Mark Smith explicates the basics of Facebook marketing, Instagram marketing, and YouTube marketing.

These books are contemporary in approach and intellectually define the tactics and strategy of marketing needed for your startup. With this list, you will be spending your time on the best marketing books. Time to get reading, Marketers!

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