11 Effective Lead Generation Ideas That Every Startup Should Try

Startups require marketing to bring their products into the limelight effectively. It is crucial, and entrepreneurs need to cash in on various marketing funnels to let their product(s) reach out to a massive audience. With the help of marketing funnels, you can utilise a large number of lead generation ideas that would boost your product sales and increase the overall value of your products.

It is essential to find different lead generation ideas that add more value to your product and brings in more sales for the startup. If you’re advertising and using various models of marketing, yet you’re not reaching your lead targets, it is a waste of resources. A proper lead generation technique always brings in more leads for the startup.

But before we dig deep into the various lead generation ideas and strategies, let us learn a thing or two about lead generation.

What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is the approach of getting strangers interested in your product or service. Lead generation is the marketing process of inciting and obtaining an interest in a product or service to develop a sales pipeline. In the process, it attracts and converts a person to gather interest in your product/service without having prior knowledge about it.

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For instance, blog posts, live events, online content, etc. are examples of lead generators — these help in bringing in leads to the products or services that you sell.

It is possible for startups to sum up a lot of leads with various lead generation ideas mentioned below. These not only provide ample amount of value to the products but helps your startup to bask in success by pushing leads to buy your products.

11 Effective Lead Generation Ideas For Every Startup

1) High-quality blog content

Startups usually lack the big budget for advertising and promoting their products. And with content marketing you can write high-quality blog content, ensuring that it gets more traffic into your website while creating more inbound sales leads. 

Blog content helps you in giving raw materials to educate your customers regarding your product or service. They act as the backbone of the website of a startup and are the best source of lead generation. Writing high-quality blog content works in favour of the startup as you create meaningful and engaging blogs for visitors. 

It adds to the credibility and lets people know about your products and services. With catchy headlines that reflect the content of the blog, you attract a lot of potential leads into your website.

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2) Promotion through Facebook Ads

People are intensively active in their social life, and one of the best places to find a huge gathering is Facebook. Above all for startups with budget marketing, it is where you should place your marketing ads. 

With the increase in the number of people using social media, promoting and marketing through Facebook Ads is one of the best lead generation ideas. In fact, it is a definitive source of leads and has a high return on investment. With the help of various call-to-actions(CTAs), promoting the products and services of your startup on Facebook is a victory situation for you.

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3) Optimising landing pages

With the help of SEO best practices, you can optimise the landing page of your startup. It is one of the efficient lead generation ideas you need to pay attention to get the best results.

Some of the key points to look out for in this idea are the implementation of customer testimonials, engagement signup form, etc. These help in converting more visitors into leads. With great content that focuses on your product, you can use this idea to create full eye gazing results.

Similarly, it is necessary to update your landing page content regularly as it brings in more value and helps with higher conversion rates.

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4) Give free trials

Free trials serve the purpose of getting leads for your product. It helps in giving value to your product or service. If the trial proves worthy, leads would most likely purchase it online and become customers. Startups create a free trial to do selling and encourage buying in a low-pressure way. 

Trial offers like “free signup and utilisation of the featured product for 14 days or 30 days” work indeed and often helps in capturing more leads.

5) Retarget marketing

Retarget Marketing works wonders and enables your startup to tag site visitors. The ads follow nomad visitors on your website for weeks after their first visit to your website. It works by the placement of code on your website, and these attach with cookies of every user that pays a visit to your site.

Every time they browse elsewhere your cookie triggers the ads. And, it shows up on the current website opened in their system. By positioning your product in front of the nomad visitors, you amplify your chances of making them a lead and a future customer.

Prospects who weren’t ready earlier might get convinced to buy if the brand stays in their mind. It is one of the aggressive lead generation ideas you can utilise for your startup.

6) Gmail Ads targeting competitors’ customer base

Another brilliant way of generating a massive amount of leads is through Gmail Ads. A powerful tool, Gmail Ads helps in getting your product/service right in front of your target audience. 

You can target your AdWords campaign only ever to reach people who receive emails from your competitors. It gives you direct access to people that already are using similar products. Further, it might become a prospective lead for your product/service.

You can do it many ways, but the best-found way is to sign up for your competitors’ email lists and take note of the words and phrases that they use frequently. You can add these target keywords into your campaign and then see the way it works for you. It lets you reach the same audience that you’d reach with search engine marketing campaigns but with a fraction of the cost.


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7) Provide better offers

Providing lucrative offers helps in getting a 3x or 5x conversion rate on your website. When you give unique, compelling offers that provide real value to the visitor, you lure them into becoming a customer.

You can try out different offers to find out the best possible offer that gets you the highest conversion. For instance, if you’re selling an editing software, giving a spell checker with it for free helps in getting more purchases and better conversions. 

Giving offers is one of the proven lead generation ideas and is very useful. Optimising your offers to reach your target potential conversion rate depends on the offers you give. So, try it out and help yourself!

8) Hosting joint webinars

Joint webinars are amongst the latest lead generation ideas. Try to host webinars with related brands who have a similar audience as yours. It increases your target audience base. It has low effort and zero cost but helps in generating a large number of leads for your startup. As a startup founder, you need to look deeper into this segment as it is new and is very useful.

lead generation ideas - webinar

Offering 1-to-1 list sharing with the other brands regarding the pool of attendees for the webinar gives you more target leads for your product. Likewise, you can try out various hosting ideas for the venture. And with the help of social promotions and cold emails, you can have a high count of the target audience.

It is a very new concept in lead generation and is useful at the same time. It gets your startup a considerable list of leads from your co-hosting brands.

9) Connect with thought leaders

Another prominent lead generation idea involves influencer marketing. Look out for the thought leaders in the niche you’re looking out for and connect with them. Ask them to promote your product through their channels and make way for getting more leads for your product.

In fact, as a startup founder having thought leaders on your side helps a lot. Build a good relationship and keep authority over the connection. You can then ask them to promote your content when you need the thought leader’s audience.

In addition, thought leaders are the influencers that can create an aura about your product as people follow these influences daily. A blog post or podcast shoutout with show notes mentioning your website link on it or even an e-book does wonder in getting you more leads.

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10) Write answers on Q&A sites and forums

Promotion of your startup is a must, and it helps in getting higher conversion rates. With answering on forums and Q&A sites, you build a platform for your brand and put your product name in front of those seeking relevant solutions to the problems they have.

Quora is one such medium, indeed. It is a beautiful site where you can find a lot of target leads for your brand. By giving answers that are reliable in solving their problems you attract them to your website. And, every visitor that comes in becomes a target lead for you.

Investing time and money into writing and solving queries and problems for the target leads is an excellent method. Trust builds better relationships and helps you in generating more leads for your brand.

11) Charm of giveaways

It is one of the most successful lead generation ideas and helps startups in generating a lot of leads. Thus, by hosting giveaways, you create an atmosphere that enables you to gather a massive number of leads.

The trick to having a proper giveaway is simple. You need to find out the real wants of people. Furthermore, giving them something valuable for free helps you win their trust and gets you more leads.

High performing ideas are hard to utilise unless you’re always on the go. You can implement the above, but it will require a great deal of effort. It is necessary to commit to utilising these ideas. You’ll eventually see your conversion rates increase.

Furthermore, if you have suggestions that work like a charm for getting more leads, do write it in the comment section.

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