10 Low-Cost Content Marketing Strategy For Early Stage Startups

We all have heard of the statement, content is king. Marketing this content helps us find and build an audience that would help you reach your business goals and get better revenue or customers. When you are looking for a content marketing strategy,  you need to ask yourself why you are producing a certain piece of content and who is your target audience.

Further, you need to figure out how lucratively you can scale your startup with your current content marketing strategy and how to get the best out of it.

Here are 10 low-cost content marketing strategy for startups:

1) Build More Targeted Landing Pages

Good content helps you drive traffic to your page and advanced guides and topics help you retain that traffic. What you can do is create targeted landing pages on each of these topics with each page having a specific audience.

These pages, in turn, will guide traffic to your main page and separate landing pages with each having a specific topic will make your traffic more authentic – just make sure you optimize the applicable keywords well and don’t mislead your audience.

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2) Segment Audience To Increase Engagement

Any smart content marketer will tell you that as a good entrepreneur you need to segment your audiences and divide them based on the product they need.

When you segment your audience, you are not only able to understand their needs better but also manage them better. Thus, it is crucial to segment your audience while making content marketing strategy and dividing your blogs accordingly as well.

content marketing strategy - segmentation

Thus, remember that your buyers and readers are different and you need to treat them differently as well. While some of your readers’ are buyers, others are just readers who can be potential buyers and thus needs to be segmented separately as well.

3) Create Customer Personas

You should always know your audience and what they want, be it as an entrepreneur or as a content writer. So even before you start writing your content, understand your audience and write your content accordingly.

To create a successful, engaging and overall great content, get to know your audience and offer them what they want according to their demand and need. Along with great content, research your keywords well and make sure they are aimed at discovering what your ideal customers are looking for.

Always remember the more you know about your readers and their needs, more precise your content would be and more focused you can be towards their demands.


4) Target Millennials & Use Adaptive Content

Majority of your audience these days are millennials who not only use the internet for the majority of their work but also have access to other, comparatively “older” form of content.

When you think content and marketing strategies, keep them in mind and use adaptive content to target them. The content you write should speak to the needs and values of the millennials and should be adaptive in nature.

Adaptive content is simply the content that supports meaningful interactions across different platforms and adopts accordingly. This means that it should suit the platform that one is reading it from – like a content written for the computer will not suit mobile format and one written for print or handout format would look out of place online.

content marketing strategy - millennials

5) Use Native Ads, But Don’t Be Deceptive

With regards to advertisement based content, use native ads but make sure that you are not being deceptive or misleading your audience. Native advertising is a form of online content marketing in which the “ad” content matches the platform on which it has been published.

The concept of native ads has been around for a while now and is nothing new, but where you need to different is that you don’t deceive your audience and serve them exactly what they are looking for.

When people think native ads they automatically assume they are deceptive as they  “don’t look like ads.”

But native ads are much more than that and are also much more effective as it can still offer value than just be a promotional piece. So use native ads, but without deception and misinformation. The best place to use native ads is app platforms where your audience will notice them most.

6) Get on the Local Platform

Remember, content marketing isn’t just for the international audience and the majority of your audience will be in the area you are posting it from as they would prefer local products and quicker services.

Thus you should dictate part of your content marketing strategy to local platforms and not just international platforms.

7) Create Emotionally Driven Headlines & Text Copy

The headline is one of the key elements when it comes to content and thus needs to be created with utmost thought.

The best way to create magnetic headlines is to use emotional keywords. By doing so you will supercharge your content as people will not only read it but will be inspired by it and motivated to share it on social media and other platforms.


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8) Learn From Topic Training Modules

content marketing strategy - online courses

When it comes to content and content marketing strategy, it is an ever-changing process and needs constant learning. In this day and age, you don’t need to head back to school or college to update your knowledge. You and can do it sitting at the comfort of your home and in few cases even free through online blogs and courses.

Almost everything is available online and portal like YouTube, Udemy, Upwork among others and can be used to update your knowledge and be in the current. You can also follow bloggers like Neil Patel to have a deeper first-hand insight into it.

9) Fuel Your Passion With High-Quality Content

No one likes substandard work and thus wants to read high-quality content. High-quality content creates a good image in front of your client. It also drives them to come back for more and share it with others.

The above in turn fuels your passion and motivates you to churn up even better content and maintain the high standards that your readers and clients are expecting.

10) Give Your Audience a BTS Experience

When it comes to content, the audience likes to be wowed and feel part of the team. Thus it’s a good idea to provide them behind the scenes experience and how things are done.

Depending on the platform and mode, build your content and share it accordingly. This will make them understand that you are also human, and just like them.

This will also make them feel part of the team and value you more.


Keep these pointers in mind and add to them as you grow. These will help you grow as an entrepreneur and as a content marketer.

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