A Complete Guide To Start An Effective Email Drip Marketing Campaign

In today’s’ competitive world deploying robust marketing plans are essential to ensure success in any field. Newsletter, blogs, bulk messages are some of the known tools used by businesses to target potential customers and retain them. Do you want to increase your sales figure? Are you figuring out a successful marketing channel for your start-up?

Drip Campaign is exactly what you should watch out for. Drip marketing campaigns are sets of automated emails that go out based on user actions or pre-defined timelines to achieve specific results. They are also popularly known as autoresponders, automated email campaign, marketing automation or lifecycle emails. Email drip marketing campaigns are an effective tool used by businesses all over the world to increase engagement, retain customers and multiply their profits manifold.

Wondering how drip emails are different than the email newsletter that has been in use until now? The major drawback of using newsletter was that the users could only access the newest email announcements. The users, however, cannot view the older emails that have been previously sent out. Drip marketing is a cost-effective and easy-to-implement tool to interact with customers and generate sales for your business.

If you are a newbie and wish to implement email drip marketing for your business, you have landed yourself in the right place. Read on to learn the basics of drip marketing to implementing them in your business marketing strategy. Let’s get started now:

What is Email Drip Marketing?

Email drip marketing, defined simply, is a process of generating a sequence of emails that are scheduled and action specific. These emails are used to send ‘drip’ of relevant information to the prospects or lead to generate sales. The action can be anything from subscribing to the blog, registering for an event to downloading eBooks and making a purchase. The emails in a drip campaign can be scheduled to once every day or weekly for a certain period of time. Moreover, these emails are strategically planned and well-sequenced.

The emails in a drip campaign are automated and you do not need to write them manually. Every email generated comes from this queue. You can also personalize the drip emails with the company info, contacts’ name and much more.

To put it in a short, crisp way – email drip marketing is more like automated marketing. It’s like sending appropriate information at the right time to improve sales.

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Why is Drip Marketing Important?

It is an effective means to communicate with leads and customers for your business. The emails here generated depending on their behaviours and actions. This right nurturing of the leads helps them to turn into genuine customers. According to recent statistics, 79% of the marketing leads do not end up in sales, without a proper lead nurturing program.

How Does Drip Marketing Work?

Email Drip marketing is a more relevant and personalized email strategy to retain customers. It is time-bound and tailored to the prospective buyer stage. Every email (drip) generated is personalized and targeted to the specific needs of the leads to capture their interest and eventually generate sales. This is how it works –

  • Drip Marketing is trigger-based – Being trigger-based, drip marketing is easy to implement. Here you can specify the actions, behaviours and timelines that initiate the trigger for the email.
  • Drip Marketing is relevant – Emails in a drip campaign are more associable and to the point. It captures the lead interest, highlights the advantages of the products short-listed and present the deals in a not-to-miss manner to ensure customer retention.
  • Drip Marketing nurture leads – A recent survey concluded that businesses that nurture leads generate 50% more sales than their counterparts. Issuing drips on a timely basis –known as nurturing, brings the leads down your marketing funnel.


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How To Set Up An Email Drip Campaign?

Starting an email drip campaign is not as daunting as it may seem. Trial and error are indispensable for any successful campaign. Getting the right triggers and being focused on your goals can help to keep your prospects rightly informed and engaged. Here is how you should get it started:

  1. Define your Goals: Drip campaign is deployed to get specific results, so you need to be absolutely sure about the goals you desire to accomplish. Decide whether you want to use it to simply increase traffic on your website or want to generate sales. Goal-setting is the foremost step towards setting a successful drip campaign.
  2. Get Appropriate Content for your Mails: Initiating a drip campaign does not imply success. The content in the automated emails needs to be exceptionally good. Long and irrelevant content can turn the leads hostile. Present information in your emails in a way that’s more readable.
  3. Figure Out What Exactly is Required by your Leads: While framing content it is important to bear in mind what exactly is required from these emails. The information must be relevant to enable your leads to take the correct decision and move a step closer to realising your dream.
  4. Set Relevant Timing and Frequency: The next step after curating appropriate content is to set desirable timing and frequency for these emails. Remember that there is no universal rule that is applicable to all. The rule of thumb states to start off with higher frequency and then slow down with time. The emails can be timed to be set out daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually or as specialized holiday campaigns to keep subscribers interested in your product or business.
  5. Wisely Segment your Email Campaigns: Segmentation your emails also ensures successful implementation of the drip campaign. Create multiple parallel segments so that you easily tailor-made them to suit specific actions of the leads. The content in these segments can, however, remain the same.
  6. Keep a Track of your Success: While you implement email drip campaign be aware if the system is correctly functioning. Monitor the clicks and user action generated for a specific event and make the necessary changes, if required.

Advantages of Using Email Drip Marketing

The reason why businesses and startups are responding to drip campaign is –

  • Email drip campaigns provide the right information at the right time to appropriate subscribers to lead them a step forward in your sales channel.
  • Help to generate useful leads for your business.
  • Increases sales and revenue.
  • The automated emails in a drip campaign update customers about product launch, promotional event or store launch.
  • The auto-generation process in email drip campaign saves valuable time and resources.
  • Fosters long-term customer retention and encourages feedback from prospects and customers.

With the advent of a drip campaign, email marketing is definitely the best means to generate business. By the end of 2020, more than 257.7 billion emails are predicted to be sent per day. Now, that’s surely some numbers! It is definitely the right time to leverage marketing automation for drip campaigns and get an upper hand over your competitors. Start your campaign today!

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