How To Nail Social Media Marketing

“Ignoring Social Media Marketing is like opening a business and not telling anyone” – Anonymous.

In social media, visibility is the principal to successful marketability. The more accessible you get to your target audience, the better you position yourself in the market and in the mind of followers. While social media may seem all fun and games from the outside, the process of successfully marketing oneself could be backbreaking. Nonetheless, it is achievable if you keep yourself well informed and updated on the new techniques that will help you conquer this challenge.

Post consistently without overwhelming your audience

Don’t flood your subscriber’s home page with your promotions and marketing posts as soon as they follow you on social media. Excessive broadcasting of similar content on the whole, encourages an individual to unfollow the page and that is the last thing you would want. Consistency is the name of the game here, since you’re in this for the long haul. So pace yourself and your posts – you can always do so by scheduling your posts for a particular time, making a calendar for your posts or using third-party apps to help you to do so.

Take the analytics seriously

Facebook insights and Twitter analytics are tools designed to give you a complete overview of how well each post did. It gives a comprehensive summary of what type of content drives the most traffic to your platform and at what time during the day. Analyse the data and understand what works best for your business and work accordingly. Randomly posting content in a disorganized manner might not get you a positive response, so design a monthly calendar that includes engagement campaigns and relevant posts. Observe what excites your audience the most and create content around that.


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Be responsive

Make your followers feel worthy by quickly acknowledging and addressing their issues and complaints. Help them find answers to their queries and solutions to their problems. Be apologetic if the fault is on your end and never delete or ignore any comments to save your image because more often than not, it brings back a storm and feelings of distrust. Make every interaction count by going that extra mile to achieve goodwill. After all who doesn’t like being treated with respect and dignity? So keep your customer service strong.

Manoeuvre influencers to influence

Identify the potential influencers on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook and negotiate with them to advertise your brand. This way you will easily be visible to their followers and your brand’s popularity will improve within them. It’s a regular business now because “what is seen is sold”. This will help you position your brand or service in the mind of your target audience (with the help of the influencer.)


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Anticipate beyond the organic reach

A massive difference has been observed in social media reach ever since these platforms have changed their algorithms. The accessibility to customers has now become limited and one must be willing to invest in social media ‘boosts’ to achieve a favorable reach. Be ready to pay to play, especially when it comes to publicizing the important campaigns to audiences. Work on organic growth in full swing but don’t just rely on one method for growth.

Build Video content

Study shows that 90 percent of the people are more inclined towards watching videos than reading product descriptions. Since visual content is more expressive it helps in changing the decision of the buyer within no time. Consistently upload relevant videos on your social media handles to invite new viewers. Instagram stories, short videos on Facebook, Live videos are popular social media, video content strategies that brands use to get connected with their audience.

Increase Brand Awareness

The ultimate goal of being on social media is to increase the Rate of Investment by the day but it is advisable to not focus entirely on the sale of the product or service and ignore the brand altogether. Keep indulging the brand in quality and moralistic activities, that will make people remember your brand and categorize its positioning. Do campaigns that make audiences discuss your brand, which helps in creating an identity. Construct a catchy logo, brand tagline, and mascot. Repeatedly use covert advertising to make people notice your brand and turn your consumer into a customer.

Start with the basics and focus on quality while balancing the quantity. Get the maximum out of every feature that social media platforms offer. Experimentation is welcomed as long as it serves in raising the bar of your brand’s social media presence. At the end of every month, review the work you have done and analyze how your content is performing.


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Review your work

Evaluation is fundamental to successful social media marketing. Spend about 20 minutes everyday evaluating how your content is performing. Study content that gets instant likes, shares, comments and retweets. If you’re a beginner, study the few followers and their social media accounts – this will give you a better assessment of your target audience. Change the copy of interactive posts and concepts that are being loved by the audience but don’t do it more often as it shouldn’t look like spamming. After all, what is the point of aimlessly putting in hard work when you are not reviewing the results?


And finally, to keep the spine of your brand straight in the industry, explore the strategies that the top leaders swear on.


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